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Best Cat Breeds for Kids

With so many different types of felines out there, it can be difficult finding the perfect cat for your children. Fortunately, we're here to help with a list of the best cat breeds for kids.

By George HermanPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

When choosing a particular animal for one's child, it is important to note how each individual breed coalesces with the owner. When it comes to finding loyal and affectionate cats, this ideology can be a difficult contest, because there are innumerable varieties of breeds in America alone.

Choosing the perfect feline for your child, whether it be for cuddling, affection, playfulness, or simply for them to have a companion, can be time consuming and exhausting work. The following article points out the best cat breeds for your children to enjoy.


The Birman are big and fluffy. They love attention and affection, will give it back intrinsically, and are super easy to train. A friendly feline like the Birman isn’t hard to miss, because unlike other cats, it doesn’t run and hide when there's company. Kids love the Birman, because these cats are extremely playful, sincere, and loyal, especially with younglings. The Birman is accredited as the most loyal cat breeds, making them one of the best cat breeds for kids.


Mostly docile and friendly, the Ragdoll is one of the most popular domesticated felines out there, placing it high on the list of best cat breeds for kids. With a muscular build, blue eyes and a colorpoint coat, which comes in six different colors, this cuddly little feline is perfect for children. Well-known as having a ‘puppy-like’ temperament, the Ragdoll behaves placidly and affectionately, which is great for adopting a cat for a toddler.

Maine Coon

Probably one of the most popular domestic cat breeds, the Maine Coon has a longer, fuller mane, and the cutest face to boot. These cats are especially perceptive hunters. They are the largest domesticated cat breed, showing signs of adoration and connection to their owners, making them a great addition to the best cat breeds for kids. The Maine Coon is also the best to own, because they not only grow extremely close with their owners, but are very loyal to kids, as well.


Originating from Thailand, the Burmese cat can be either small or medium-sized, has shorter hair than most of its counterparts, and tends to be more of a people-person. Though originally found in only dark brown, this hypoallergenic cat has a whole variety of different colors to choose from now. These are the best cats for kids, because they exhibit puppy-like qualities, which means they are very fond of people, and are especially perfect for children. Burmese breeds are one of the most loyal cats out there.


The RagaMuffin is, as its namesake points out, a particularly sociable and friendly cat breed, perfect for cuddling. This furry feline will follow you or your child around the house, relay joyful meows to guests, and play along in any type of fun, such as tea parties or dress up. The RagaMuffin has such an outgoing nature that they get along with dogs, too. Who knew that was ever possible! The RagaMuffin is the best feline for cuddling, by far, allowing it to be exceptionally perfect cat breed for kids.

Exotic Shorthair

Also known as ‘the Persian in a petticoat,’ the exotic short hair obviously has much less hair than the others on this list, however it is important to note they shed a ton. Though they are mostly medium-sized, the shorthair has a thicker head and neck, giving it the cutest poofie headed detail. These cats like to sleep in cooler areas, which means cuddling is a no-go. Don’t let that take away from this breed's perfect qualities, because it is still super friendly and happy 24/7, making it one of the most affectionate and loyal cat breeds to own, and one of the best cat breeds for kids.


The Himalayan cat, an offshoot of the Persian breed, has blue eyes and shorter legs, making it particularly harder for them to jump like normal cats. With a slew of different colors to choose from, such as lilac, seal and red, this particular breed is perfect for kids, because they are extremely smart and sweet. Be weary though, some Himalayan cats can come down with Polycystic kidney disease, which comes from their Persian ancestry. Despite these health issues, Himalayan cats tend to show signs of sweet-temperament, intelligence, and companionship. These are probably the best cats for toddlers, because of their strength and particular loving nature.

Scottish Fold

One of the scarcer breeds on this list, the Scottish Fold, normally has a pair of folding ears, very short or very long hair, and can weigh around nine to thirteen pounds. With a cuddly and endearing expression, these cats also show signs of complete loyalty, growing quite attached to their owners, making them one of the best cat breeds for children. Though it may not be accepted in Europe, the Scottish Fold is certainly a cat worthy of any child's love and affection.


Siberian cats range between medium and medium-large, with particularly fluffy fur and a variety of color combinations. These cats are well-known as avid jumpers, typically strong and powerfully-built, giving them stockier aspects. The Siberian feline is extremely cute, but it also has a mixture of ruggedness to its personality, making them one of the best cat breeds for kids. Because of this added power and strength, the Siberian cat breed can keep up with high-energy levels of younger kids without being worn down or inadvertently injured, a recurring issue with many parents with pets.


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