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Best Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

If you adore cats, but can't stand the allergies that come with them, then you might still be able to own a pet of your own — all thanks to the best hypoallergenic cat breeds out there.

By Ossiana TepfenhartPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

When I was younger, I had a majorly bad allergy dealing with cats — but I loved them. In fact, I was obsessed with them. (I still am, so I like to think of my childhood as a moment of "Crazy Cat Lady" training time.) I wanted a cat so badly, but unfortunately, my allergies prevented it until my parents finally caved in.

Though I sniffled and sneezed daily, I had my pet cat and we had fun together for years. However, the allergies part of it didn't have to happen. Later on, I found out that there are hypoallergenic cat breeds out there and that they actually do well with families, too.

If you have allergies but want a cat of your own, you're not alone in that respect. Trust me on that. That's why cat breeders have managed to make a few hypoallergenic cat breeds you can buy or adopt.

For families who have people with allergies, this list of the best hypoallergenic cat breeds will be a godsend.


Though they may have one of the fluffiest coats you'll ever see on a feline, this long-haired cat breed is actually one of the best hypoallergenic cat breeds around. Siberians release little to no dander, which in turn makes them allergy-friendly for most people.

Siberians are great cats for families who live in outdoor settings, and are known for their majestic appearance. Cats from this breed are great mousers, and tend to have very calm, sweet demeanors. That being said, they're pretty big cats. So, if you love big fluffballs, this is the cat breed for you.


No list of the best hypoallergenic cat breeds would be complete without Siamese cats. As one of the most well-known and easily recognizable cat breeds out there, the Siamese cat has definitely cemented its solid rep as one of the most popular cat breeds out there for good reason.

Siamese cats are more like dogs than cats, in many ways. They love to "bark" and talk with their owners, so if you love chirpy cats, this is an excellent pick. They also love to play, often to the point that some might call them hyperactive. Despite their elegant appearance, they also have an incredibly goofy side to them — so expect some laughs out of this breed.


These furry little babies are very similar to Siamese cats, and were originally bred to be a long-haired version of them. However, over the years, Balinese cats ended up becoming a breed of their own.

Much like Siamese cats, Balinese love attention, are pretty energetic, and are known for being vocal. Unlike Siamese cats, they have longer coats of fur, more powerfully built bodies, are more muscular, and tend to just have broader bodies.

They are considered to be one of the best hypoallergenic cat breeds out there for families who want an active (but not hyperactive) cat. Look into their big blue eyes, and you'll end up being charmed by them, too.


If you love the idea of having a little tiger in your home, we have some great news for you — Bengals are hypoallergenic. These adorable kittens and cats are most commonly known for their wildcat-like stripes. However, there's so much more to them than just their exotic breed appearance.

They are incredibly playful cats that are brilliant mousers and are known for being super-affectionate with their owners. Though they're not quite a lap cat, they definitely will provide lots of love to the right person. As such, they're one of the best hypoallergenic cat breeds for loners and older people.

Colorpoint Shorthair

Colorpoint Shorthairs look almost identical to Siamese cats, however, they have different coloring options than a typical Siamese cat will have. They also tend to be slightly more slender than a Siamese cat will be — but aside from that, they're virtually the same.

Colorpoint Shorthairs are known for being very entertaining. In fact, they're often described as "clowns in cat suits" because of their demeanor. Though they love to play and make you smile, they also are very empathic. So, they also will be the cat breed that will comfort you if they see you crying.

Considering their awesome personalities, they easily rank among the best hypoallergenic cat breeds out there.


Burmese cats are beautiful, silky-soft cats that are known for their large, expressive eyes and their shiny smooth coats. So, if you like to pet soft things, this is one of the best hypoallergenic cat breeds you can adopt.

Burmese cats, much like Siamese cats, are not really cat-like in their behavior. In fact, they are way more like dogs than most other cat breeds are — especially in temperament. They love to play fetch, meow, and follow owners around the house.

Devon Rex

These oddly cute cats are mostly known for their fur — which is incredibly curly. Much like with hypoallergenic dog breeds, most curly-haired cat breeds tend to be hypoallergenic as well. This particular breed sheds very little and puts out almost no dander, which makes it one of the best hypoallergenic cat breeds for people who have heavy allergies.

Devon Rex cats are hard to find, but are often well-worth the search. They're known for being very sweet, affectionate, and caring animals that have lots of love to offer. Also, since they barely shed, they tend to be very low-maintenance as well.


While we're looking at unusual cats, it might be worth noting that the Ocicat is one of the best hypoallergenic cat breeds for people who want to have an exotic cat. This cat is bred to look like an ocelot, but has the regular demeanor of a housecat.

The end result of this awesome breeding is an intelligent, calm, and well-behaved cat that just happens to look wild as they come. Oh, and they also are as Instagram-worthy as cats get.

Cornish Rex

Cousin to the Devon Rex, the Cornish Rex is yet one more cat breed known for being hypoallergenic and for its trademark curly hair. Its unusual head shape and almost-alienlike eyes tend to make it look somewhat awkward. However, once you run your hands through its wavy hair, your heart will melt.

Cornish Rexes are known for being affection-seeking, fun-loving, and somewhat of a ham. If you want to give a cat affection and attention, a Cornish Rex will just soak it up. As such, they're one of the better breeds for cat owners that get obsessive.


Yes, Sphynxes always top the charts of the best hypoallergenic cat breeds — and the reason why is because they're hairless. They don't really produce dander, either.

Many people are put off by the Sphynx's wrinkly and bizarre appearance, but they shouldn't be. What this cat lacks in fluff, it makes up for in love, attitude, and hilarious stunts. They are natural acrobats, and some owners even call them monkey-like in agility.

If you are looking for a cat with a lot of craziness, the Sphynx is for you.


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