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Best Breeds of Cats

by Ossiana Tepfenhart 2 years ago in cat

A crazy cat person gives the scoop on the best breeds of cats for every feline fan.

Best Breeds of Cats

Most people know a little bit about dog breeds. They can typically tell you what are the most popular dog breeds for families, which dog breeds are best for guarding locations, and which dog breeds shed the most. But, when it comes to cats, it's a totally different story.

Usually, asking a random person about cat breeds will cause one of three reactions:

  • "Why are you asking me about cat breeds?"
  • "Like, there are Siamese cats and Persians, and then the others are just cats."
  • "There are cat breeds?"

If you've ever wondered what kinds of cat breeds are out there, or which are the best breeds of cats for your particular situation, then allow me to fill you in with this handy guide.


Persian cats are one of the most easily recognized cat breeds out there, thanks to their fluffy fur and pushed-in noses. Though they might look like mean cats to some, they actually are very mellow and sweet cats that love to be pampered.

This is one of the best breeds of cats for supervillains who want a fluffball to pet, since their long, thick fur always feels amazing when you run your hands through it. They're also good lap cats, which makes for awesome supervillain shots.

American Shorthair

This is a relatively common breed of cat, and is actually one of the best cat breeds for people who want a very long-lived pet. With a lifespan of up to 20 years, this playful, easy-to-groom fuzzball will make sure to give you a lot of love throughout your life.

American Shorthairs are incredibly common, and in many cases, the cats that you find at the shelter may at least be partly mixed with this breed. That being said, they tend to have pretty spunky personalities — and are hilarious when left with the right toy.

Maine Coon

Currently, the Maine Coon holds the record for being the largest fully domesticated cat breed in the world — and it's also one of the fluffiest. They are very friendly, sturdy cats that look absolutely heart-meltingly adorable when they are kittens.

If you love long haired cats with gorgeous eyes, then Maine Coon cats will definitely be a hit with you and your family. Oh, they're also extremely playful, so they'll be a hit with kids, too.

Experts agree that they are one of the best breeds of cats for families who live in wide, open spaces because of their "farm cat" tendencies.


Abyssinians are one of the oldest breeds of cats in existence, and despite having been bred for centuries, they still resemble wild cats from the Middle East. These beautiful felines are known for being elegant, smart, and fairly lively cats.

For people who want a stately feline companion with a lot of spunk, an Abyssinian can't be beat.


Ragdoll cats are insanely adorable, and are actually many photographers' favorite cat to take pictures of because of it. Those beautiful large eyes, that fluffy fur... who couldn't love this incredibly beautiful cat breed?

Along with being incredibly pretty, these cats are also known as one of the best breeds of cats for people who want friendly, sweet pets. Oh, and the name of the breed? Well, Ragdolls are called Ragdolls because they'll go limp in your arms when you pick them up.

Ragdolls are so gentle that they actually are indoor-only cats because they won't protect themselves. So, if you're looking for a gentle cat for kids, this is a great pick.


Okay, admittedly, Sphynx cats are not one of the best breeds of cats for people who want something fluffy. This is primarily because they are hairless and wrinkly.

However, cat owners can tell you that this is a breed that will make you hard pressed to find any feline that's friendlier and sweeter than them. Besides, it was a Sphynx cat that played Mr.Bigglesworth in Austin Powers, so there's definitely a little Hollywood glitz there, too.

Exotic Shorthair

Want a friendly cat? Go for one of these cuties. Exotic Shorthairs are often known as the ultimate cuddleball breed, and will often follow around their owners looking for pets and snuggles.

Though they may look goofy, these intelligent cats are considered to be one of the best breeds of cats for therapeutic purposes — and work very well with the elderly because of their friendly, mellow disposition.


Perhaps the other "famous" cat breed on this list is the Siamese, and they're known for their famous fur pattern and bright blue eyes. As one of the best cat breeds for highly attentive owners, Siamese cats are highly energetic and tend to get lonely fast.

They also tend to be very "talkative" cats who have no problem yowling if they feel neglected. As a result of their very extroverted, energetic personalities, Siamese cats are one of the best breeds of cats for families with multiple cats or extremely attentive owners.


Havana cats are known for having dark brown, often black-ish, coats and brilliant, almost glowing green and yellow eyes. Speaking as someone who has owned two Havanas, they make amazing companions who are chock-full of personality.

They have a lot of funny moments, and they're incredibly goofy when playing. A little vocal and very affectionate, if you adopt one of these, you'll find that they're one of the overall best breeds of cats out there.

Savannah Cat

Though it's not technically a domestic cat breed, you can legally own this wild-domestic cat hybrid breed. They are a mix between regular cats and an African wildcat called a serval.

That being said, Savannahs do have a very strong wild streak in them that can make them pretty difficult for beginner cat owners.

However, they've basically been called dogs in leopard's clothing. They grow up to 3 feet long, can play fetch, enjoy swimming, and also can be walked on a leash like a dog. So, we're gonna say that this is one of the best breeds of cats for dog lovers.

Scottish Fold

These adorable, large-eyed kitties are known for having ears that are folded over — and for winning the internet a while back when someone posted an adorable video of them "dancing" to music.

Scottish Folds aren't just cute in appearance; they're also some of the most charming cats you'll ever meet. As one of the best breeds of cats for people who love charmers with sweet mews, you really can't help but fall in love with a Scottish Fold.

Pixie Bob

Pixie Bob cats are incredibly cute, thanks to their tiny, stubby little tails and their adorable faces. They're playful, inquisitive cats that require little attention, work well with people of all types, and just charm everyone near them.

Along with having a shortened "bob" tail, Pixie Bobs also have a very cute, chirpy voice that almost sounds like a baby when they decide to chirp. (Oh, and they also chirp, too.)

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