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Friendliest Cat Breeds

Are you wary of mischievous felines? Here are the friendliest cat breeds that are bound to melt your heart.

By Alexandra FreidlPublished 7 years ago 7 min read

While cats may be polarizing creatures among the general public, with all the crazy cat videos on Youtube, what else are we to think? However, cat lovers would beg to differ, and claim that their feline companions are just as loyal and loving as dogs. Here are the ten friendliest cat breeds that are sure to warm right up to new owners or perfect strangers.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon breed is affectionately known as the gentle giant, due to its long fur and large boned stature. These hardy cats are often compared to dogs and many even learn to play fetch and take walks on a leash. This is due to their routine behavior patterns, so they learn new tricks quickly and catch onto signals, such as waiting by the door for their walk. Owners enjoy bonding with these cats without straying far from their daily activities. Maine Coons may be playful cats, but they also are happy to just share space with their family, following humans from room to room or snuggling up with them in bed. This breed fits right in with the family and is great either with children or perfect for empty nesters.


This sociable cat breed has Thai origins and was best known for its copper brown coat, although it is now bred in a variety of different colors. These cats are best suited for anyone who is lonely and could use some company and snuggles. Burmese cats are famous for vocalizing, and meow so persistently, they give you the feeling that they’re actually talking to you! Owners also claim to lose a sense of privacy with these nosy felines around, so you may literally end up not being alone if you welcome one of these curious cats into your home. They are very energetic and playful with fine hunting skills, so they will love to discover every hideaway and tight spot in their new living quarters; it also is a great idea to hide toys for them to find while you’re away. Burmese cats need lots of attention and will even tunnel their way underneath the covers if you happen to sleep in.


Ragdoll cats are large, long haired and got their name for going limp like a ragdoll when held in your arms. This may give crazy cat ladies a false sense of maternity, since their warm bodies and dead weight is like cradling a baby. This breed is actually very friendly and affectionate. These cats not only love it when their owners dote on them, but they will persist to follow people around the house like a shadow. Just like with the Maine Coons, these cats may be large and low key, but they love to play and learn routines. Everything from fetch to mastering specialized tricks, these large cats are bound to impress you with their skill, especially if you get into the habit of rewarding them with treats for good behavior.


Siamese cats are descendants of their Burmese relatives and are famous for their unique facial markings, and come in a range of hues and colors. There is a good chance that only dedicated owners would consider these feisty felines to be the friendliest cat breed. It is only fair to give them a chance. Siamese cats mark the true definition of give and take relationships; you need to invest time and energy into these clever cats, but the love and loyalty you get back will be threefold. Highly intelligent, they need lots of mental stimulation and love brain-teaser activities and puzzles. If they are constantly left to their own devices, they will sulk and punish you for abandoning them. If you are up for the challenge, these cats will prove to be your best friend and reward you with their cuddly companionship.


The Sphynx is infamous for its hairless appearance and is often the feature to attract or deter human companions. Since the Sphynx looks naked, we would think its personality is just as severe, but these felines have proven to be one of the friendliest cat breeds. This breed demands attention and loves interacting with many people, making them excellent therapy cats. The Sphynx also has high energy and loves climbing and exploring high elevated surroundings for a change of scenery. The lack of fur is a highlight for anyone who loves cuddling, since this breed is bound to warm up to you to stay cozy. They do well with children and prefer to be in the company of another Sphynx or other pets as companions would do.


The Birmian has very similar traits and facial markings to the Siamese, but exact origins are unknown. They are thought to be a cross between Siamese and a long hair cat, such as the Persian or Angora. From its looks, you think it would be a talkative cat, but unlike its relatives, the Birmian is very quiet and docile. They are known to be friendly, intelligent and curious, but may get into mischief from time to time if exploring leads to off-limit areas. While these are cats that love their own freedom to roam around, it is unlikely that they will forget about their human companions, and will often spend time cuddling with you on the couch like a furry baby. This breed is bound to become your new friend and warm right up to its new family.

Russian Blue

As revealed by the name, Russian blues are known for the unique coloring of their short, dense coat. At first glance, they may appear to be all grey cats, but when they bask in the sun, the lighting may catch shimmers of a silver-blue hue. Their coat also gives their ears a larger appearance and with wide, green eyes, this breed certainly has a striking look. People say it almost looks like their smiling, which brings out their friendly personality. Once they get socialized with their family, kids, and pet siblings, they may come across as quiet and docile. These cats can also be very playful and energetic and love climbing up to high places where they can observe their surroundings. These lovable cats do well in homes where there is lots of interaction, but also need a routine, stable environment.

Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair breed has its origins in the Persian lineage, so it shares many similar traits, including its temperament. Exotics are characterized by their medium sized body, stocky legs and large, round head, with its most striking features being their doll-like eyes and flat face. They are relatively muscular and have lots of energy to play with other cats or children. Naturally curious, these cats need lots of stimulation and attention, and can get into mischief or become lonely if their owners don’t spend quality time with them. Although they are known to develop mouse hunting skills, they fare well as apartment cats for city dwellers. After tiring from play, these affectionate cats will gladly curl up on your lap and snooze away.


These precious fluff balls originate from present-day Iran and were imported to Europe in the early seventeenth century. They are most known for their fine, longhaired fur, stubby limbs, and rounded head and body, not to mention their famous flat face. Persians were the first cat breed considered to be exotic, but they are not only popular from their luxurious looks alone. Their cat loving owners claim their good temperament to make them the friendliest cat breed. They are sociable, loving and have a naturally laid back personality. This makes them the perfect lap cat and they relish cuddling and grooming sessions. Persians can be left own their own and will most likely spend the day napping while you’re away, but they will make it a habit to greet you at the door when you come home so you can shower them with love and affection.

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold has a very distinguished look due to its folded ears and stocky legs. Its ears are actually used for communication and this cat will liberally chirp back at anyone who strikes up a conversation. This breed has other unique talents such as splaying itself out on the floor in odd positions and striking poses when sitting or even standing upright. The Scottish Fold thrives on human interaction and loves to show off its intelligence by learning tricks or completing puzzle toys. This cat is less demanding than some other breeds, and will love any activity that involves its owner. Likewise, if the family can’t be with the cat throughout the day, it’s best to have other pets in the household so it won’t get lonely. The Fold’s lovable and sociable nature definitely makes it one of the friendliest cat breeds.


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