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Duchess … my 1st Animal Angel

how my 1st pet helped me to accept my gifts. ⚠️ Trigger warning : discusses the loss of a pet 😇.

By Danielle DsEnlightenedEditsPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 5 min read

As a child, my “gifts” sometimes scared or confused me.

Being a natural born medium, spirit, angels, and beings of all kinds seemed to be everywhere. Since most were foreign to me, and no one else could see them, their presence tended to make me nervous or uncomfortable.

I certainly went through periods as a child, where I tried to hide or repress my gifts. At the ‘advisement’ of my family, I tried not mention who I was sensing or seeing. Sometimes, I could even forget that I was different; and pretending not to see, didn’t feel so very hard.

That all changed one night, when we had to put our dog down (side-note: I dislike this expression, but it fits, so we’ll go with it).

Duchess, was our 21 year old family Samoyed; and yes, that’s 21 in human years. My grandmother, had gotten her as birthday present, when she was just a pup … the soft, sweet, lovable runt of the litter.

As I had grown up with my grandparents, Duchess became my sister. And she was. From my earliest memories in toddlerhood, she was a sister, a best friend, my 1st in person animal angel and ally. With her, I explored telepathic communications; and learned so many things.

She taught me how to smell snow, how to know when it was coming. I’m convinced it was even she, who helped me to enhance and understand my clairaudient abilities. She always seemed to alert me when she heard something far away, almost to say “did you hear that too?”. Later, she would comfort me; and help me relate my ability to hear things others couldn’t, to her abilities of hearing “beyond the gates”.

Everyone in the family loved her. So much so, that no one seemed to mind the thick coats of fur she’d shed on a daily basis. I still remember my grandmother, sitting outside with her in our courtyard, brushing away clumps of white fluff. By the time she was done, she would have a bag full of the most beautiful white fur, always saving it, and saying “I should make something out of this”.

Its funny, being with her since I was born, and still being quite young when she passed, I have many memories, but most of Duchess are scattered. She was just always there; her sweet, warm smile always shining, with her large, dark, expressive eyes, and cuddly white coat.

When I was around 8 or 9, she became ill and started having seizures. She was over 21 in human years after all, a feat that everyone still marvels at when we mention it.

One night, the seizures got quite bad. I climbed into her bed with her, and held her close. We gave her some medication; but the seizures wouldn’t stop. As she was seizing, I was holding her tight, and her nail scratched my leg. It started bleeding, and before I even realized why, I began begging God for the scratch to scar. She came out of that seizure with concern for me and the cut she had caused; but she was still out of it, and in a lot of pain.

I knew that something was different this time. We took her to an all night vet, my mother, grandfather, and I. Of course the vet said that she was in a lot of pain, and it would be kinder to put her down. I remember the moments right before and after; but honestly, the moment of her passing is a blank. I knew then why I had prayed for the cut to scar … even at that stage, I knew she was leaving, and I wanted a piece of her with me always.

When we got home, I was the first one through the door when my grandmother asked for Duch. I didn’t know what to say; but I remember my facial expression, and her disbelief when she found out that our girl wasn’t coming home.

Ah but she was coming home … as it turns out, she was home already.

The next day, I was vegging-out watching television, on a small stool as I often did, when I felt Duchess tuck her head under my arms and snuggle up. Honestly, I was so engrossed in the program, and her passing was so new, that it just felt natural. In that moment, I didn’t even remember or realize she was ‘gone’. It wasn’t until the commercial, when I went to look down and pet her, that I remembered, and realized what was happening. In a flash, she disappeared; but her warmth and love were still there. I immediately told my family; and felt both a sense of comfort and vindication.

Over the next few months, she was everywhere. She even did a few tricks, moving her old toys around, and forming indents on the bed, to “prove” to the family that the things I was saying (and seeing) were real.

Duchess became the first spirit I accepted, because she was the first I had seen, who I’d really been close to, known and loved. Loving her, seeing her, feeling and understanding her, set the stage for me to accept that my gifts were real, and that they didn’t have to be scary.

Little did I know, that over 20 years later, I would be doing (spiritual) readings for people, connecting them not only with their passed over pets and loved ones, but also their spirit guides, other angels and energies, as well as helping them to heal and connect to the world of spirit, through Spirit Animal Medicine ™ ®.

Thinking back now, I know how much of that I owe to Duchess, making everything feel ‘real’ and safe.

I had experienced other animal guides; but she was the first who was mine, who made it all feel like family … because she was (and is) family.

My leg, by the way, did eventually scar. Through the years, its faded a great deal; but I know its there, and how special it is. Though it was put there in a moment of pain, it reminds me how temporary pain can be; and that I am still so loved, looked after, and connected – even in the roughest moments.

Over the years, Duchess’ in person visits have decreased, especially after we had gotten another dog, Lady, years later (- whom she gave her blessing to by the way); but her spirit, I know is never far.

Now when she visits, I am still filled with all the love I had for her as a child; and always, I am reminded how lucky I was (and am), to have a sister, such as her. May all be so lucky, and so well guided.

Thank you Duch … I love you … Be Blessed.

With LoveLight and Light Codes …

© your Sister ~ Danielle, #DAMCL ™ , @DsEnlightenedEdits ™ ®

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