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Cutest Cat Breeds

You know the smartest cat breeds, and the most playful. Today, we're gonna let you get your "squee" on by showing you the cutest cat breeds ever.

By Ossiana TepfenhartPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

I love cats. Cats are my version of babies. They are adorable, fluffy, and I'm basically obsessed with them because they are so incredibly cute. All cats have a special place in my heart, primarily because the cute factor makes my heart melt whenever I see them.

That being said, even a cat fanatic like myself will be quick to admit that some cat breeds are cuter than others. Here are my personal picks of the cutest cat breeds out there — and a little info on them, too.


One of the cutest cat breeds out there has to be Siamese. Siamese cats have adorably large blue eyes, cute "pointed" fur patterns, and also have the added perk of being super playful and vocal, too.

If your heart melts from hearing a delicate cat mew, or you just get the warm fuzzies from seeing a cat do something goofy, then a Siamese cat is for you. They love to play, adore attention, and absolutely love to meow their hearts out.

Maine Coon

Main Coons are one of those cat breeds that people can't help but squeal over when they're kittens — but turn into massive fluffballs when they're large.

These long-haired floofs are known for being one of the largest fully domestic cat breeds you can get. Their adult form is also less kitten-y and more lion-like, thanks to their massive "manes."

That being said, they're also great cats that are packed to the brim with personality. They love to hunt, and to a point, have a wild streak in them that makes them a great choice for cat owners who want to have an intelligent companion.


Somali cats are known as one of the cutest cat breeds out there — especially among short-haired kittens. When young, they have deep blue eyes, orange-brown fur, and this adorably sad expression that makes you want to pick them up and give you all the love you can.

If you're a cat owner who loves having a pet that's active, stately, and perhaps just a little bit wild at time, Somali cats are a great cat breed to look into.


What could be cuter than a pint-sized, blue-eyed tiger of your own? Bengal kittens often steal the hearts and attention of everyone who sees them thanks to their irresistibly cute-but-exotic appearance. Even when they get older, Bengals still look adorable as ever.

They're playful and domesticated, so if you're looking for an exotic cat breed that doesn't require special licensing or care, this is a great option. Oh, and they also are super-friendly. Who'd have guessed this little tiger just wanted a friend, right?

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a cat breed that's pretty easy to recognize thanks to its cutely folded ears and large, expressive eyes. They also are known for being the subject of viral cat videos because they always seem to look curious — or like they're smiling.

Maru, one of the most popular viral cats in internet history, is a Scottish Fold. It's uncertain whether all Scottish Folds tend to enjoy boxes as much as Maru does, but it's definitely certain that they are adorable little snuggly wugglies.


Munchkin cats are not an officially recognized cat breed by many cat breeders — however, their distinctive appearance and popularity definitely makes them recognizable enough for our purposes. You see, Munchkins are basically the Welshi Corgis of cats.

They are most commonly recognized thanks to their super short legs, the fact that they are very roly-poly in nature, and their very playful demeanor. They have long bodies, chubby faces, and long tails, which makes their legs look all the stubbier.

Much like Corgis, Munchkins are just impossible not to get along with. They're super friendly, and love everyone, including other cats and dogs. They are one of the best cat breeds for kids, if you have gentle kids.


Siberian kittens look a lot like Maine Coone kittens thanks to their super downy, fluffy fur and large eyes. However, when they grow up, they don't get a lion's mane around their neck. They basically just turn into larger versions of their kitten selves.

For people who don't find maned cats to be that cute but still love long haired, Siberians are definitely one of the cutest cat breeds you can get. Those big, expressive eyes give them that "Puss in Boots" look, which also makes your heart melt a bit more.

Siberians are known for being good hunters, fans of cold weather, and also being very loyal to their owners. They also happen to be one of the best hypoallergenic cat breeds around. Shocking, right?


Ragdolls look a lot like smaller Maine Coons, mixed in with a dash of Siberian in terms of build and hair length. And, they also tend to have very distinctive markings and gorgeous blue eyes, too. Overall, by appearance alone, they are one of the cutest cat breeds around.

However, what makes them even cuter is their mellow demeanor — and the fact that they're known for going limp as a ragdoll when they're picked up by their owners.

Russian Blue

Russian Blues are one of the cutest cat breeds when they're adults, and when they're kittens. They aren't super long-haired, but they do have a very cute "chubby" build and have unusually large eyes. This gives them a very animated and baby-like face that's just irresistible.

These cats also have a very cute personality, too. They're exceptionally playful and affectionate. They also love attention and will soak it up as long as you can dish it. So, it's kind of like owning a very well-behaved, fuzzy toddler.


Love Siamese cats, but wish that you could find a cat breed that has a little more sass and a lot more fur? Birmans are your best bet. These are cats that are bred to be stockier, long-haired versions of Siamese cats.

Much like Siamese, Birman cats are very vocal and demand a lot of attention. Birmans are known for being very mischievous, and to a point, they can be a handful for owners. However, once you look into those big blue eyes, you'll be convinced they can do no wrong.


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