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Cats Will Inherit the Earth Once Human Civilization Falls [Part 2]

By Burn BookPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Top Story - January 2023

Greetings! Shoutout to my 16 followers. You guys are some real G’s and are greatly appreciated. Oh, and if you want anything from the gas station just let me know. It’s on me.

So, today I’m back at it again with another article praising our divinely designed feline companions. If you haven’t seen PART 1, I suggest checking it out as a prelude to this article.

As I’m scrolling through TikTok, also known as the cat video utopia, I often think about how truly a strange and peculiar species cats are. From their ability to make more than 100 different sounds (which is more than what most humans are capable of), to their superhuman vision in the dark, it’s no wonder that these mysterious creatures have captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world. And if you thought you knew everything there was to know about cats, think again! Here are five interesting (and somewhat bizarre) things you probably didn’t know about our internet heroes.

1. Cats have a knack for landing on their feet, no matter how they fall. It’s been said that a cat can survive a fall from as high as 32 stories (that’s around 320 feet for those of you keeping track). So the next time you see a cat perched atop your bookshelf or scaling the bannister on your stairs, just remember that they’ve got it all under control. Or maybe they’re just trying to get a better view of their next prey (it may or may not be you). Either way, you can rest assured that they’ll land on their feet.

2. Speaking of prey, did you know that cats can see in the dark up to six times better than humans? That’s right, these nocturnal creatures have some seriously impressive vision. So basically while you’re stumbling around drunk in the dark trying to find the light switch on the wall in the apartment that you’ve already lived in for a year, you’re cat has a perfect view of you and is silently judging you. For any cat parents who hate bugs this is a game changer for you. If they happen to catch a glimpse of a creepy crawly, well, consider it a midnight snack. They’re natural insecticides. Gone are the days of spiders living in your house rent-free. Now, it’ll just be your cat.

3. Cats are known for their athletic prowess, especially when it comes to jumping. When I saw cats have mad hops, they have MAD HOPS. Like … Air Bud could never. These agile animals are capable of leaping up to five times their height. If you ever think you’re putting something out of reach of your cat, think again. Like Liam Neeson in Taken, your cat will see (even in the dark) and commandeer the object. An annoying but equally impressive skill.

4. Contrary to the myth that cats have an aversion to water, they are, in fact, quite skilled swimmers. I mean, they may not enjoy getting wet as much as some other animals (let’s be real, who does?), but they have been known to paddle their way through the water with much ease. So, if you happen to spot a cat lounging by the pool don’t be shocked if they decide to take a dip. Hold off on calling the fire department. Bella is just trying to beat the heat.

5. Cats are quite the chatterboxes, with the ability to make over 100 different sounds. This is in stark contrast to dogs, who can only manage a measly 10 sounds. How embarrassing. Anyway, if your cat is always meowing and making weird noises, it may just be trying to tell you something. Like, for example, maybe they want cuddles or maybe you’re 15 late getting their breakfast ready and their litter box needs to be emptied you lazy human. Either way, you’re cat will make it loud and clear to you what they want.

In conclusion, cats are truly fascinating creatures, with a wide range of incredible abilities. From their impressive vocal range to their superhuman vision and athletic prowess, there’s no doubt that these fluffy felines have earned their place as some of the most beloved pets in the world. So the next time you see a cat lounging in the sun, take a moment to appreciate all the incredible things they’re capable of. Or just enjoy the acrobatics show as they chase after a laser pointer.



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Die-hard cynic and sarcasm aficionado. Home of long form shower thoughts and unmedicated psychosis. Enjoy.

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  • Dana Crandell9 months ago

    A great read, even though I prefer dogs!

  • Mariann Carroll9 months ago

    Could not resist a cat story

  • Hi, I have added this to our Community Adventure in the Vocal Social Society on Facebook. Would love you to join us if you are on Facebook.

  • Nalison Razafimanjatoabout a year ago

    Woww, cats are fabulous creatures. Thank you for this post

  • Serena about a year ago

    Cats are amazing creatures. Period. Thank you for another well-written post.

  • Angelina F. Thomasabout a year ago

    Great job. Keep up the excellent work. I'm proud of you. This story is totally hilarious. Laugh out loud.

  • Kayla Maneenabout a year ago

    Cats > dogs all day every day and praise this article for saying it 😄👌🏼

  • This comment has been deleted

  • Sukunaabout a year ago

    You can read my take also Link :-

  • Sukunaabout a year ago

    Cat fans assemble

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