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Best Dental Chews for Dogs

Be sure you're treating your pup with only the healthiest dental chews for dogs.

By Kelsey LangePublished 7 years ago 4 min read

When it comes to dental chews for dogs, there are a huge variety of products to choose from, but which is the best option for your best friend? We have come up with a list of only the healthiest choices that will not only clean your furry friend's teeth, but give them healthier skin and coats while strengthening their bones and joints.

Never worry about if your choice of treats is harming your dog with harmful chemicals or junk ingredients again. Plus, forget the concept of physically brushing your pups teeth; we can't imagine the nightmare that would be compared to rewarding your best friend with these tasty treats.

Greenies has established their brand in the world of dog treats in recent years. As one of the best options for dental chews for dogs, these dog treats will not only leave your dogs teeth squeaky clean, but provide them with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.

Both healthy and productive, give your dog these treats with confidence that they will love the taste and get something back from them. Greenies promote oral health, while also getting rid of that nasty meaty breath. Flavors include apple, carrot, and berry, as well as different size options, depending on the size of your pooch.

Frontline has created some of the best dental chews for dogs, simply due to the fact that they prevent plaque from forming on your best friend's teeth. To do so, the treat creates a coat of delmopinol HIC that will protect the teeth from any bacteria, calculus, and halitosis.

Plus, it will even break down any plaque that's already existing. Suggested for pups that are above six months in age, these treats are made with only the best ingredients for a healthy puppy.

Natural Balance Pet Food's dental chews not only helps with your dog's breath, but helps aid their digestive system, for a healthy and happy pup. Expect reduction of plaque as well as tartar with the help of vitamins and nutrients.

Feed your dog of over five pounds one chew per day and expect the best results. These treats are easy to digest, and can be used with dogs who might have a limited ingredient diet.

As one of the most appealing dental chews for dogs, these treats come in either chicken or beef options. Either choice you make, your dog will love to eat these sticks and you will enjoy each time you get to reward them with one.

Help get your pup's dental health up by reducing tartar buildup, as well as diminishing plaque. This product is designed for easy digestion for dogs that are of all sizes. Clean your dog's teeth as well as their gums with Pedigree Dentastix; they'll thank you later.

With flavors of either apple or carrot, and options for either miniature, regular, or large, these Z-bone Chews by Zuke's will be a hit with any pooch. The carrot treats are jam-packed with peas, pumpkin, herbs, and carrots. While the apple option is filled with alfalfa, fennel, and parsley. Each ingredient is hand-picked to be the most beneficial to your dog.

For healthy gums, teeth, and fresh breath, Blue Buffalo's dental chews for dogs are a great option. The brand promises that their treats are created with no artificial coloring, flavors, or preservatives, as well as no poultry or chicken by-product.

You can't get much more organic than a chew like this, and who doesn't want their pup's breath to be a little fresher? Plus, this treat will help promote joint health by the addition of Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

Created with a dual enzyme formula, Virbac makes one of the best options for dental chews for dogs. With a great taste, a natural antiseptic, and zero side effects, you can be confident in feeding these to your dog on the daily.

With a pack of 30 chews that come in sizes for petite, medium, large, and even extra large pups, this chew is guaranteed to freshen breath, while preventing unwanted plaque.

Created with essential vitamins and minerals, your dog is guaranteed to be happier, healthier, and have stronger bones with the introduction of this treat to their diet.

With a seal of acceptance by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, you can be sure that this is one of the healthiest dental chews for dogs. Plus, your pup gets the two in one solution to both bad breath and a dirty mouth.

Give your dog a daily dose of nutrition and vitamins with this natural dental chew by Ark Naturals Products for Pets. With ingredients like canola oil, honey, flour, rice, and flour, your pup's breath should be fresher than ever.

Advertised as a brushless toothpaste, this makes things a lot easier than trying to physically brush your furry friend's teeth on your own. Plus, they're super affordable.

To finish off this list of the best dental chews for dogs, we had to end it with one of the most high-quality brands. The Missing Link provides options for your pup that will strengthen either their hip and joint heath or their skin and coat quality.

With options like these, how could you say no? Besides being super healthy, they are also very appealing to any pup with rich flavoring.


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