Are Table Scraps Really That Bad for Your Dog?

by Goran Kezić 9 months ago in dog

Think about long term health effects for your dog.

Are Table Scraps Really That Bad for Your Dog?

Let's be honest and fair. Even the most responsible dog owners gave their best friend from time to time something to eat that was previously in the plate of an owner. Since the time of the first domestication of dogs, we gave them to eat whatever we could possibly enjoy and all in hope that their stomachs will enjoy it just as much.

How far from the truth is it that they actually enjoy it? Is it even healthy? Or should we even give them the leftovers from our meals in the first place?

Your favorite holiday snack is not your puppies' too.

Ask any owner and he will tell you that his fluffy friend is not just simply an "animal" or disposer who needs to eat whatever falls on the floor. ComfortPuppy will provide you with neat feeders that your dog will fall in love from the first bite from it, but unfortunately for most of the dogs, the floor was the place to eat anything that their curious nose told them to eat.

Winter is the time of family gatherings, celebrations, and too many holidays to even mention. And we all know that such holidays call for an abundance of food that more or less never actually got eaten, so most of it finds its end at the back of the fridge, never to be eaten.

This is where many of dog owners make a huge mistake in giving their dog many unwanted treats in form of table scraps for their buddy to enjoy. You have undoubtedly already heard how chocolate can be deadly even in the small amounts for your dog's stomach, and who in the world would give that kind of snack to his dog?

But you would be surprised how many owners still make that same old mistakes in giving their dog fried foods or dishes with added salt and different spices. This can easily lead to severe health problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, and pancreatitis.

What to Especially Avoid

Surprisingly, onions and garlic or any food prepared with them can be unsafe for dogs and should never be given to him since it contains allium that damages your dog’s red blood causing them to burst which can easily lead to fatality. Other then that pay attention that you never ever give your dog packaged or processed foods since 99.9 percent of them contain artificial sweeteners that we don't even need further explanation.

Also, watch out for cooked bones (especially chicken ones) since they are easily flexed and can be stuck into your dog's throat before you can even see that he has a problem with chewing them. Just remember that no junk food should ever finish in his bowl as well.

And last but not least, remember that moderation is the key and the same can be said when feeding your dog with any leftovers that would otherwise finish in the trash can. Before everything, honestly ask yourself what are healthy table scraps to feed your dog, remember that both raw and cooked carrots are safe and good for your dog to eat. Carrots are low in calories and a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

This makes them very healthy food for your dog to enjoy, also a few pieces of fresh turkey or broccoli in your dog’s bowl can be an amazing everyday snack since feeding them any fresh food is a much healthier and a better long-run option for dogs than any kind of leftover that you would otherwise throw away. Your dog is not a trash can.

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