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Air France Group Booking Number: How to Make Bookings for Your Next Group Travel

Air France Group

By Air France Group BookingPublished 4 days ago 4 min read

Planning a group trip with Air France? Learn how to make bookings with Air France Group Booking Number and make your travel experience hassle-free.

Air France is a leading airline in the world, offering exceptional services to its passengers. Planning a group trip can be a daunting task, but Air France makes it easy for you to book flights for your group with its dedicated group booking service. In this article, we will guide you on how to make bookings for your next group travel with Air France Group Booking Number.

How to Make Bookings for Your Group Travel?

Air France provides a dedicated group booking service that allows you to make bookings for 10 or more passengers. Here are the steps to follow:

Visit the Air France website

Benefits of Air France Group Booking

Booking a group trip with Air France comes with a range of benefits that make the process easier and more convenient. Here are some of the main benefits you can expect:

Competitive prices

When you book a group trip with Air France, you can benefit from competitive prices that are often lower than individual fares. This means you can save money while still enjoying the same great service.

Dedicated support

Air France offers dedicated support for group bookings, so you can get help with everything from selecting flights to managing payments and making changes to your booking.

Flexible booking options

Air France group bookings offer flexible options for payment and ticketing, so you can choose the option that works best for your group. You can also make changes to your booking up to a certain point, which gives you more flexibility if your plans change.

Air France Group Booking Process

Now that you know some of the benefits of group booking with Air France, let's take a look at the process you need to follow to book your group trip:

Step 1: Contact Air France

To start the group booking process, you need to contact Air France directly. You can do this by filling out a form on the Air France website or by calling the Air France Group Desk.

Step 2: Provide information about your group

When you contact Air France, you'll need to provide information about your group, including the number of people traveling, the dates of travel, and the departure and destination airports.

Step 3: Receive a quote

After you provide the necessary information, Air France will provide you with a quote for your group trip. This quote will include the price per person, any taxes and fees, and any discounts that may apply.

Visit the Air France website and click on the "Group Bookings" tab. You will be directed to a page where you can fill out a form to request a group quote.

Fill out the form

Fill out the form with your travel details, including the number of passengers, departure and arrival destinations, travel dates, and any other information you want to add.

Submit the form

Submit the form and wait for a response from Air France. You will receive a quote from Air France Group Booking Customer Service Number team, which will include details of your flight, pricing, and any other important information.

Confirm your booking

Once you receive your quote, review the details and confirm your booking. You can make payment through the provided payment options, and your booking will be confirmed.

Benefits of Using Air France Group Booking Service:

Air France group booking service offers several benefits to group travelers, including:

Special discounts and rates for group bookings.

Dedicated support from the Air France group booking team.

Flexibility to make changes to your booking without additional fees.

Personalized travel experience for your group.

Access to Air France's premium services, including lounges, priority boarding, and more.


Q. Can I book flights for less than 10 passengers through the group booking service?

A. No, the group booking service is only available for bookings of 10 or more passengers.

Q. Can I make changes to my group booking after confirming it?

A. Yes, you can make changes to your group booking up to 7 days before your departure date.

Q. How do I contact Air France's group booking team?

A. You can contact Air France's group booking team through the contact form on the Air France website or by calling the dedicated group booking phone number.


If you are planning a group trip and looking for a hassle-free booking experience, Air France's group booking service is the way to go. With special rates, dedicated support, and a personalized travel experience, Air France makes group bookings easy and convenient. Follow the steps we have provided and make your next group travel with Air France a memorable one.


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