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You are what you think.

by Dawn Earnshaw 4 months ago in celebrities · updated 4 months ago
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Gently sway yourself.

Solitude to think.

For many people, writing is what happens when you sit down and put pen to paper. But before we hastily jump into writing, we need to remember to listen. How can you create space for listening and inspiration before embarking upon writing? I can only describe that music teaches you how to reach new levels of listening by opening up to the whole of human experience.Artists and creators feel intimidated by all kinds of blocks. In this lesson of music 🎼 before writing I share in my belief that knowledge is endless and can share a way to access that knowledge, such as learning to draw from your dream world to find meaning. teaches the necessity of undoing beliefs that hold you back. Drawing on these principles will fortify you to work from an endless abundance of creativity.

Writing a poem of witness is an event in and of itself aside from the event that is being written about. In reading several types of poems, believe the view poetry of witness as essential to her political activism, the transformative power of telling the truth, and how releasing the bad can lead to a deeper understanding.

If traditional forms of poetry don’t resonate with you, explore other ways to tell your stories, I push myself to free my mind from existing structures and make up your own by using figurative language and forms that reflect who you are.

I move fluidly on and off the page—from poetry and memoir to song and music. I shares what inspires me to land on one form over another, my sense of discovery, and how I always try to takes time to play around from music 🎶 to imagination to poetry to realism writing.

Everybody confronts similar questions: What are we doing here? How did we get here? What’s going to happen next? The mystery of not knowing often brings us to poetry as a way to help us navigate those big questions and craft our origin stories. Writing teaches us to take a breath and honor our unique identities and memories by story gathering and using objects to tap into our personal mythology.

It encourages you to look at your favorite poems to determine your “poetry ancestors” and see how relationships to past poets emerge in your writing. Discover how everyone fits into the poetic tradition, and that there is an extensive web that includes all of us.

Serina Williams teaches sport tennis by writing . She believes Consistency is key in tennis. Experience the drills Serena’s father ran for her as a kid – drills she still runs every day as a pro. Serena starts a big match before she even steps out onto the court. Learn the physical and mental routines that take Serena to the Grand Slams over and over again, connection is everything when it comes to harnessing your power, and how movement is the foundation to everything we do in life—particularly when trying to unlock our true potential.Serina is a personal hero of mine ; I learned if you want to get anywhere in life you have to work hard ; play more and mentally win before you even go on that court in front of your opponents.

Swagger is basically another word for your self-worth. I break down how I can develop and finesse my own swagger, and how to channel that feeling of pride to unleash my true potential

Do not become distracted.

Good food is literally fuel to your body and it’s effect on your body and mind You may not know it, but what you eat and drink directly affects the mind-body connection. I shares a few of my favorite recipes—all designed to help me to fuel for greatness—and discusses ways to transform my eating habits.

Joy and mental positivity is another key factor , our daily life and talking about why finding and maintaining that joy is key to recognizing our dreams and potential.

You’re never too young to reinvent your story. Writing,music and a good metal attitude guides you on the art of personal reinvention as a way to feel stronger and dream bigger.

Once you have mastered the art of self awareness and control the more relaxed and an open flow of sleeping at night bones so much easier and you drift off and sleep like never before.

By Dayne Topkin on Unsplash


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Dawn Earnshaw

Loves writing short stories and poems - learning punctuation and Grammar.ADHD

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