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You are Neo. You are the One

What the Matrix Taught Me About Myself

By Michael X ChristopherPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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I was recently watching the Matrix when I had a sudden realization.

I am Neo.

You are Neo.

We are trying to make sense of this world we are in. To see past illusion, and find the truth of ourselves.

This is a responsibility each of us has. To walk our own path, and find out the truth, that you are the one.

No one can walk the path for you. You have to walk it yourself. There may be others around you, but you are responsible for yourself.

The world presents us with many options. The world is selling to us all the time. It wants us to buy this, to do that, to think like this.

There is so much excess stimulation that it’s easy to get lost and live a life that is not your own. Instead, you live a life of another’s choosing.

This is akin to being lost in the matrix. But remember, you are Neo. Like Neo, you have to come to believe in yourself. Neo thought he might be the one, at first. He wasn’t sure. He also had his doubts. As we all do.

It was only through time, and experience, that Neo came to accept that he was in fact, the One.

It’s up to us to do the same. To realize that each one of us is a savior. Each one of us has tremendous power at our disposal.

But the world will test you. It will ask the question, who are you? Remember Agent Smith? Understand you will face challenges. When you live your truth people will doubt you, curse you, and tell you that you will never make it. Still! We March on.

The truth is the outside world needs us, to live our truth. Our truth not only sets us free, but others will see it, and will begin to believe, that they too are the One.

Your life lived will inspire others to live their highest truth. In that way, the quote:

The truth shall set you free.

Must be expanded upon. The truth that sets you free sets others free as well.

We need more people to wake up to who they are. We need to stop waiting for someone or something outside ourselves to save ourselves.

How could you, Neo, wait for someone else, to save you?

Like Neo, you have a choice. You can take one pill and choose to wake up to who you are and who you are created to be. Or, you can choose the other pill and remain asleep, waiting for someone else to come and save you. The red pill or the blue pill, that is your option.

Red, you wake up.

Blue, you stay asleep.

Neo choose to wake up. And it’s a choice we all have to make at some point in our lives. Do we face the truth? That we are responsible for ourselves and the rest of the world.

Or, do we continue to believe we are helpless, and need another, to save us?

May I suggest you take the red pill?

Life becomes exciting when you swallow the red pill, awakening you to your truth.

You understand that death is inevitable, and you choose to life your life in a remarkable way.

Memento mori

Remember, you will die.

What are you on earth to do?

What will you life for, stand for?

What do you believe?

Understand this, whether you like it or not, you are the One.

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