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Wonder and Majesty of Our Moon

Earth’s Neighbour and Companion Through the Darkness of Space!

By Diane Mary MarkeyPublished 7 months ago 5 min read
Wonder and Majesty of Our Moon
Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

GranapathyThe moon is a loyal compa

When we are looking at the moon, we see the purest reflection of our own beauty and magic, which is why we love the moon so much. Debasish Mridha MD

Always remember we are under the same sky, looking at the same moon. Maxine Lee

Earth’s neighbor and faithful companion, our moon.

Is less than perfect. Her craters speak of many impacts and catastrophes. Her explosive birth resulted from an impact of a mini planet with Earth. Still, she is majestic and mysterious.

She is an essential element for all life on Earth.

Her allure and splendor have been sung in folklore and written in prose and verse. Our moon has been praised for as long as mankind has walked on the Earth.

She has been worshiped in ancient and contemporary cultures and tribes.

A full moon, on a cloudless night, shines and lightens your world. She brightens your heart with gentle rays of hope.

Earth’s companion through the darkness of space is truly elegant and grand. She has a singular charm and refinement. Silently craving for you to spend time in her gentle grace.

She, like you and I, has phases. She changes what faces she allows you to observe.

Like our moon. You too, go through phases in your life. Exciting and sometimes scary changes. Allowing you to develop and grow.

Our moon shines her light on your life. By simply spending time in her presence. Illuminating your possibilities. Your future dreams.

You are never alone when appreciating her beauty. When you gaze up at Earth’s companion, our moon. Know this and believe it. So are many, many others. They too are having the moon shine her light into their hearts.

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Since mankind still lived in caves he has been intrigued and enamored by our shining neighbor.

The moon’s changing faces and phases affect not only coastal tides. But human emotions. Some even go as far as saying our romantic side as well.

Why and how does our shining companion make all this wonder happen?

The moon is the right size and the right distance from our Home, Earth. To pull on our tides in our oceans and seas. As we too are comprised mostly of water. (Well, not me, I am all heart, spirit and soul). How about you? The moon impacts us in such a way, also.

Do you feel more loving and compassionate at times of New and Full Moons? I will have to check this one out! This should be fun!

Has mankind always been intoxicated by the moon because she is a loyal companion, ever-present? Yet, ever-changing.

Every day you are a little different from the day before.

Wonder at Earth’s companion — our ever-changing-ever-loyal moon.

How many nights do you step outside to visit her? Do you notice that she is a slightly different rendition of her beauty and splendor than the previous time?

She appears as small and dark one night. Yet at other times strong and full of light.

Does she somehow understand you? As you gaze up wondering. Understand in some magical and mysterious way what it means to be you. To be human.

As she floats through the darkness of space with her friend and companion, Earth. Does she somehow understand your feelings of uncertainty and lonesomeness?

How can this be, you ponder. She is merely a rocky satellite orbiting our Home, Earth.

Yet, still, people have been inspired by her for millennia.

Her silvery light glistens on the still waters of your favorite lake. God painting His glory for your eyes to behold.

The moon rises each evening. Painting our world with her magical and silvery rays. Producing images of things that appear just a little more phenomenal.

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In contrast to the glare of the sun’s rays. The silver and gentle light you are gifted from our moon comforts.

The Earth and her companion float alone in their orbit through our Solar System. It appears a dark and lonely place.

But as you peek through your curtains out of your bedroom window. On a cloudless night. You feel you can see forever. Back in time and space. In distance beyond comprehension. It seems to your eyes and mind without an end. So vast and dark!

Then you pause and remember our Home. Earth has a loyal and faithful companion, our moon. Never leaving or forsaking us. Always at the right distance to perform her miracles. Yes, Earth’s companion and friend in the immense expanse of our Solar System is faithful and true.

On days when you feel alone and lonely. You too have a friend or family member who is loyal and true. He is there for you as a loyal and faithful companion. Travelling with you as you journey through your life.

His love shines rays of light on days of darkness.

His love gently glints days of magic into your life.

He is loyal and true.

When you are sad. All you need to do is reach out. He is there for you.

Constant and true.

Just as the moon is always beside our Home. Your special someone is always beside you when needed.

Do you on nights when you find it hard to sleep? Step outside, warm mug of milk in hand. Look up in adoration at our wonderful neighbor.

Even if you feel alone. You are not alone. God the Father has placed her there for your comfort and solace. She silently listens if you wish to speak your lamentations and wishes. She listens, simply listens.

I have whispered sweet nothings to our moon. Yes, fully realizing she is only a lump of rock. But I still whisper. After all what harm will it do?

She is a gift from God the Father. I know this. It is only a whisper. Not a prayer.

If, and when, you whisper your secrets. Can you feel yourself relax just a little? Her silver rays seem to penetrate deep within. Soothing and calming. She is delicately touching your heart. Enlightening your home and family in her silver burst of mystic light.

Philip Myrtorp took this photo from

Do you feel her mysterious and magical power? Do you agree that gazing up at her simple grace and beauty enriches your life?

Another touch of the miraculous.

Every single person on our precious planet. When they gaze at our moon. Has to LOOK UP! So, in this magical way every person is connected in some way.

WOW! Now that in our lonely time of dis-disconnectedness. Is a true miracle.

So, pause for a moment. Ponder on this next time you are gazing up at our wondrous moon in complete awe.

There is someone, somewhere also looking up. Also gazing at our moon in complete wonder and awe.

Our moon is Earth’s companion and loyal friend. Together they float through the darkness of space. Spinning and orbiting through the Milky Way together.

She is ever-present and ever-changing. Faithful and true. A gift to us from God the Father. For our esteem and tribute.

You have friends and family who are faithful and loyal and true. Who can be called upon when needed.

The moon has been, praised, sung about and worshipped for thousands of years.

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