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Why Self Love is Important

Importance of self love

By Paras SharmaPublished about a month ago 3 min read

What is Self Love:

Self love is a way of being yourself to feel good and positive about yourself as like we do for others whom we love the most.

Why Self Love is Crucial:

There are various reasons why self love is necessary for all the humans.

1. Happiness:

Our happiness is directly link with how we treat ourself .If we do care about ourself then we naturally feel happy and proud on ourself because our self esteem will be high .

2.Mental Health:

self care is important for our mental health it is because with the help of self care we feel confident and our thought process is also working positively which are the key elements for mental health.

3.Personal Growth:

Self care also help in self growth .people feel happy and positive about themself and which thing also help them in their work and they try to become better person .It makes you see what you're good at and be okay with what you're not. It helps you keep learning and getting better.


We can only make our relationship stronger with other when we are positive about ourself and we are happy and satisfied with our life and with the help of self love people can get this thing so which eventually help them to make good bond with their love ones.

How to Practice Self Love :

There are various way how you can practise self love:

Practice Positive Talk:

First step is positive talk . Most individuals speak negative words in their daily life and with the time they become habitual of this thing but let me confirm you that universe listen us so what we thing about ourself and speak about ourself it become reality so try to use positive words about yourself and make it Habit.

Mirror Practise:

Best way to practise self love is mirror practise which i also use in our daily life .when you wake up then go to Infront of mirror and say to yourself that i am a best person in this world , i have everything in life , i am a confident person and other positive thoughts you can include try this activity acleast for 15 days and you will see the positive changes in your life.

Pursue Your Hobbies and Goals:

Another way of implementing self love is to pursue your hobbies and goals it means that you should do the things which make you happy and satisfied . Every person have their own interest and goals which not only help them to become a better person but they also feel happiness while doing their favourite tasks.

Live in Present:

Most of the people do not live in the present they always think about future and past which affect their mental health so to avoid that thing individuals should live in the present .They should think about the tasks which they do on a daily bases it is also a part of self love and care.

Seek Support:

If you don't feel happy or you are depress then don't be shy to take help .Its totally ok to take help from others whether they are your parents,teacher or friend .Most of the people attempt suicide because they can not communicate with others or tell their problems to other so try to avoid this thing and try to be most clear about your thoughts and share them.

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Practicing self-love is an ongoing journey. It requires patience, commitment, and self-awareness. By prioritizing your well-being and valuing yourself, you can lead a more fulfilling and balanced life.


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