Ways of Welcoming Abundance into Your Life

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8 ways to attract abundance into your life

Ways of Welcoming Abundance into Your Life

I find abundance fascinating in life, why do some people barely scrape by week after week, and others have more abundance than they would ever need. Its been a subject that I have studied extensively, and I feel passionate about it, which is why I write and teach about it a lot in my courses.

Today, I wanted to share some ideas on how you can start to welcome abundance into your life, because on my own journey, I realized that, while I wanted money, I blocked it from entering my life, because I didn't feel that I deserved abundance. The fear of big money was a very real fear that I had, and I worried that when I had lots of money I wouldn't know what to do with it.

So in this post, I am going to go over eight things that will show the universe that you are ready for abundance, and are open to receiving it.


1. Know that you are worthy and deserving of abundance.

This is a big one, which is why I put it first. We often feel like we don't deserve abundance, and if we receive it, then that means someone else goes without. But this is not true at all! There is more than enough abundance to go around for everyone, and you becoming an abundant, wealthy person does not take away from someone else's abundance. The more you have, the more you give, so really playing small, and not feeling worthy of abundance is the first thing to change, because you are worthy, and deserve all the abundance you can imagine, so start dreaming, and know that you are worthy of it!

2. Know who you are, and WHY you want what you want.

Discover who you are, and why you even want the things you want, its okay to want things, but when you start asking why you want something in the first place, your mind being powerful as it is, will start to come up with ways of bringing you that which you want. IF you want more money, ask yourself why you want more money, is it to pay off your debt, buy a house, or go on vacation? Figuring out your why will help you keep pushing forward, even if you want to give up.

3. Go deep inside and discover what abundance will bring into your life.

This is fun to do, but often we don't do it, because we have better things to do than daydream, but here is your permission to dream, and start to visualize all the things you will be able to do when you are living an abundant life. Start to really feel it, taste it, and smell it. What does your abundant life look like? Who are you with? Where are you? This is fun, and it's your chance to really create the reality you want!

4. Examine your beliefs, and what you have learned about money.

From the moment we are born, till this point in your life, you have been bombarded with beliefs and opinions from others. Now depending on your childhood, this is where most beliefs form, and for myself, I was raised by a single mom who worried a lot about money, and showed it. "Money doesn't grow on trees," "money is hard to get," "you have to work really hard to make a lot of money"; these were just some of the beliefs that were instilled into me, and from my own studies, I have learned this is all too common for humanity. So go back, examine what you were told about money, and see if those things are actually true, because I bet you that most of them are not. While money doesn't necessarily grow on trees, they are in fact printing more money daily, so its not like there is a shortage of money, and one really doesn't have to work all that hard for money so long as they are loving what they do, and have learned how to monetize it.

5. Be grateful for what you already have.

Being grateful for the things you have in life is utterly powerful, even if its just the little things; the cup of coffee you had this morning, the bed you sleep in, the food you eat, the clothes you wear. We often take the things we have for granted, not realizing that, if those things were taken away from us, we would very quickly miss them greatly. So showing gratitude is like rocket-fuel for abundance, and if you can be grateful for the abundance you already have, its showing the universe you are grateful, and would like more of that thing you are grateful for.

6. Face your fears!

Decide what it is you are afraid of when it comes to abundance. Maybe you are afraid that you will make a whole bunch of money, and then lose it all, or maybe you are like me, and are afraid of getting too much money you don't know what to do with it. The fear of big money is a very real fear, especially for those of us who have never experienced big money—it can be a scary thing to think about. But when you can learn what your fears are, and then take away the "fear of" at the beginning, you realize it's just big money, and that's not that scary after all. Even like the fear of spiders, it's the fear of that is scary, spiders in general aren't that bad, but when we put that fear into the mix, they are terrifying. SO face your fears, and realize that its not that bad after all, even the fear of losing all your money, and being homeless. So what? You know that you can always bounce back, and you can always create more abundance!

7. Be willing to change.

This is a huge one, because I know so many want more money, but they are not willing to change their current life to get it. You have to be willing to change if you want to bring abundance into your life. Its really not so bad, its a day by day occurrence, that is slow, but overtime you will look back, and notice great change. If your life currently is not set up in a way that would allow abundance in, then start to change those areas to make way. Maybe clear out some clothes in your closet to make room for new clothes you can buy with your abundance that is on its way now into your life, and how quickly that comes is based on how willing you are to change.

8. Give more.

The more you give, the more you receive, I am sure you have heard this before, and I hear you, it's hard to give when you can barely take care of your own needs in life. But giving doesn't have to be about money. Giving your time and energy can be just as, if not more powerful for someone else to receive. Even something as simple as giving a smile to someone on the street, can literally make that person's whole day! You must trust that you will always have more, and there will always be more than enough in your life. You don't wake up each day worrying about running out of happiness, because each day we get more opportunities to be happy, so why is abundance any different? Wake up each day knowing that it's another day to create and attract abundance into your life!


There we have it folks, eight ideas that will help you welcome your abundance into your life. I hope this helps, and if you wish to learn more, please check out my website where I have some guided meditations, e-books, and even courses, all designed to help you welcome abundance, create the life of your dreams, and become the badass you were born to become!

My website is worlddreamerz.com

Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed this, and it helped you, please feel free to show some gratitude, and leave me a tip, so I can keep writing and helping humanity with creating their own abundant lives!

With Love and Light.

Lindsay @ World Dreamerz

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