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By Samya MohammedPublished 7 months ago 93 min read
Hello , Welcome again y’all ❤️🥺🙏

“visual infestation”

how to visualize and manifest the life

of your dreams

by peter adams

narration by gordon forman


this book is dedicated to my loving wife

robin for whom i am truly blessed and

grateful to be lucky enough to have in

my life


first off i would like to say thank you

for opening this book

i have read hundreds of great works from

the ancient to the modern

and many are saying the same message

just in different ways

everyone has their own style of

expressing things and i will be doing

that in my own way through this book

what i have tried to accomplish in this

book is to give you a simple overview of

how i believe the universe works

from there my goal is to help you define

the life of your dreams

lastly i will give you the exact

techniques which i have used and from

which i have gotten amazing results in

my life

i have used these techniques to work

with the universe and i feel as though

my life is magical and truly blessed

everyone is in a different spot in their

lives and if you are reading this book

my guess is that you are looking for

some type of change with something in

your life

after reading this book doing the

exercises and using the techniques

you will have what you need to be do or

have anything you want in this life

there is a disclaimer to that statement

and that is that you must believe beyond

a shadow of a doubt that it is possible

to take that one step further

you are going to need to believe that it

already exists for you and that it is on

its way

the concepts in this book which i have

written about are universal and they are

true for everyone

i am not here to challenge anyone's

belief system challenge anyone's

religion or get into a debate about how

the universe was created

when i refer to the universe it may be

what you refer to as god buddha source

energy universal life force or whatever

you believe in

the important thing you need to remember

is that whatever you choose to call it

it is still true

if you are ready to start creating the

life of your dreams

let us begin

chapter 1

12 crazy goals

time for a change

i like many others got introduced to the

self-help industry as a result of being

unhappy with the circumstances that

existed in my life

i had been downsized as a result of a

corporate consolidation

and i was unable to find a replacement

job which paid anything near what i was

formerly earning

suddenly i clearly understood the

meaning of a relatively new term known

as underemployed

to make matters worse i was working in a

position that was not a spiritual match

for my soul

my job duties as an analyst for a large

for-profit hospital corporation

included explaining why the hospital i

oversaw had a good or bad month


what really bothered me was if we had a

good month

that meant it was a tragic month for the

patients and their families

it really hit home one day when i ran

into a neighbor of mine in the cafeteria

who told me that his mother had been

admitted and that she was not going to

be coming home again

the following month we had a great month

financially and i had to explain in my

report that it was because we had an


an outlier in hospital lingo refers to a

patient who has billed charges that


fifty 250


seeing my neighbor at the hospital and

knowing that his mother's prolonged

death was boosting our bottom line

i knew i had to get out of this business

when it was bad it was good was not the

kind of business i wanted to be in

being unhappy with my professional life

and simultaneously having financial

challenges as a result of being


i knew that i needed a major change

i don't remember how many times i could

not sleep at night and i would turn on

the television to see anthony robbins

infomercial for his personal power


i felt like he was really talking to me

when he asked are you ready to change

your life

what are you waiting for

the only problem i had was that i didn't

have enough money or room on my credit

card to buy his system

well the universe was not going to let

money get in the way of getting personal


the following morning i ran into my

friend ron on the beach and he told me

that he had just bought it and that he

would let me borrow it as soon as he got

through with it

now i was fired up and i remembered tony

saying that we needed to take massive

action on the infomercial

so rather than sit patiently and wait

for ron to finish the course

i got started immediately and went down

to the local library and checked out a

couple of self-help classics

one was the power of your subconscious

mind by dr joseph murphy

and the other was the magic of believing

by claude bristol

after reading these it was clear that we

could make massive changes in our lives

for the better through the effective use

of our subconscious mind

early one morning while sitting down on

the beach i meditated on the question

what should i be doing with my life

after a few minutes of meditating on

that question

a movie started playing in my head

it was crystal clear and it showed me

being a real estate broker who was very

active in charities and there were

pictures and thank you letters on the

walls of my office

i don't know how long the vision lasted

but when i came out of meditation i had

tears of joy in my eyes and my body felt

like it was buzzing from head to toe

whatever this was it was powerful to say

the least

over the next few days i pondered over

the idea that the universe was telling

me i should be a broker

was that right

at the time i saw myself as a real

estate investor and realtors were just

people who got in the way of making good


i also had committed to opening a real

estate investment company with a friend

of mine who was moving to florida

so i was going to make that my main


in the meantime the movie got tucked

away in storage

only to be recalled at a later date

ron finally finished going through

personal power

and as promised he let me borrow it

i thought it was amazing and i started

incorporating a lot of what i heard on

the audio cds into my daily routine

one of the things i really liked was

what tony called an hour of power

in his hour of power he talked about

getting up in the morning and spending

an hour alone and following a routine

which consisted of exercise meditation

and reading motivational material

i made some tweaks to his program and

each morning after working out at the


i would drive down to the beach and

spend 60 to 90 minutes on the beach

doing my hour of power each morning

before going to what i started to call

my temp job

in my hour of power i would get a cup of

coffee at the local 7-eleven and drive

on to siesta key and down to turtle

beach which was at the southern end of

the island

i would then grab my folding beach chair

and a bag containing the books i was


a small copy of the new testament a

notebook for brainstorming and scripting

my vision book and my small notebook

that contained my written goals

one of the things i started to notice

was the fact that if it rained out and i

could not sit on the beach for my hour

of power i could feel the difference in

my energy level and mood

i would actually feel like i was mildly

depressed which was not how i wanted to

start my day

one morning while driving to the beach i

was listening to tony robbins talk about

traveling across russia on a train

and during the whole trip he worked on

setting goals

then rewriting them bigger and bigger

until he was at a point where his goals

seemed huge

when i arrived at the beach i decided

that it was time for me to make some big

goals which were going to stretch me out

of my comfort zone

i took out a notebook and i started to

work on goals which would cover business

health and fitness travel relationships

and my spiritual connection with the


when i got done with the list i had 12

goals written down which to me at that

time seemed absolutely huge

i knew that if these goals came true

i would have the life of my dreams

the next thing i started to do was to

work with my list of goals and try to

develop what each one would look like

and what it would feel like when it


i put a lot of thought into this as i

was serious about getting the results

that i wanted

what i did next was to create a small

notebook in which i included some


a few quotes from the bible about prayer

and a list of my goals and after each of

the goals i drew a smiley face or two to

represent happiness and gratitude for

its coming into my experience

goal number one

i am happy

the first goal was pretty

straightforward and it meant that i was

happy with all aspects of my life

when i would read this goal i would get

into a deep feeling of gratitude for how

great it was to be happy and i would

truly experience the feeling of being


goal number two

i have no consumer debt

the second goal was a real stretch for

me at the time because i felt like i was

being crushed by consumer debt

i had credit cards that ended up being

maxed out as a result of me trying to

subsidize my loss of income from the


i also still owed on student loans that

helped me finance my undergraduate and

graduate degrees

the payment on the student loans felt

like a car payment for a porsche that

would never be paid off

and the minimum payment on the credit

cards felt like a mortgage

between the credit cards and the student

loans i believe i owed roughly thirty

five thousand dollars

i wish that was all i owed but it was


we also had car payments

out of necessity we bought two new cars

before the downsizing as the ones we had

were breaking down frequently with major

repairs being needed

so add another twenty thousand dollars

to the mix

now we are up to roughly fifty five

thousand dollars in consumer debt and

that didn't include our mortgage of one

hundred thousand dollars the one word

which best described this feeling i had

at the time was hopeless

well tony said think big

so i was taking his advice on this one

to create the visualization for this

goal i would see myself going to the

mailbox at the end of the driveway when

i got to the mailbox i would open it up

to find it either empty or just

containing some junk mail

i would then feel how good it was not to

have any bills in the mail

at the time i set this goal i got a sick

feeling in my stomach every time i went

to retrieve the mail in the mailbox as

it would be stuffed with bills late

notices etcetera

if you are in a similar situation right


let me tell you that it is not hopeless

at all and that miracles do happen

read on

goal number three

i am a very successful full-time real

estate investor and self-made


when i wrote this goal i was in the

process of unwinding a real estate

portfolio of 10 rental homes which i had

bought with my former business partner

he decided to move out of florida and we

decided it was time to dissolve our real

estate investment company

creating the visualization for this

particular goal was easy as i was

already in the business part-time

for this visualization i would see

myself running through what my daily

routine would consist of as a full-time

real estate investor

i would see myself driving to the beach

for my hour of power in a white ford

f-150 pickup truck with an extra cab and

a tan interior

i would see myself grabbing my folding

beach chair my bag of books and the

daily newspaper to scour the classifieds

for potential properties

i would also see myself going to a

closing shaking hands with the buyers

and picking up a check for the profits

from a fix and flip

one of the weirdest things that happened

to me about twenty percent of the time

that i tried to run this scene in my


was that instead of driving a white

pickup truck

a pearl white lexus ls 400 with gold

package and chrome trim would show up in

my visualization when i was trying to

see the pickup truck

when this happened i would come out of

my visualization and wonder why the heck

a luxury car was coming into my


you can't haul sheetrock in a lexus so

how was i going to be a real estate

investor it didn't make any sense

the next day i would do the

visualization again and i would be happy

to see my pickup truck back in my mind

goal number four

i am fit and active

i would say i am fit and active more as

an affirmation than something that i

would visualize

at the time i had already completed

three ironman triathlons

an iron distance triathlon consists of a

2.4 mile swim

112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile full

marathon run

the training it takes to compete and

successfully finish one of these is

almost like having a second full-time


so my goal was to maintain my fitness in

the future

goal number five

we have newer vehicles owned outright

this i would say as an affirmation and i

would feel how good it felt not to have

any coupon books for car payments

goal number six

we have disposable money to have real


at the time i wrote this affirmation we

were broke and the only vacations we

could afford were to take time off from

work and have a staycation at home in


for this visualization i would see us

going on a ski trip to colorado and i

would see my wife saying how much fun

she was having

and i would have a feeling of gratitude

that she was happy

goal number seven

i am able to give a lot of money to help

others in need and i do

when i wrote this goal i knew that i

wanted to be a philanthropist

the reason i say that is that my wife

and i had become active in habitat for

humanity which is a great cause

habitat helps lower income people afford

a nice new home that they could not

otherwise afford

the homeowners who get these homes pay

for their down payment through sweat

equity which can often take them over a

year to complete

on one saturday morning i asked the

construction supervisor what types of

appliances came with the finished homes

he said that they just came with a stove

and a refrigerator

i told him that my wife and i were

moving from a house to a condo and that

we would not need our washer and dryer

and would like to donate them if we


the supervisor said that mary not her

real name

could really use them as she was a

single mother with four children we had

actually been working on her house

together that morning

i walked over to her and said that i

heard that this was going to be her


she replied with yes isn't it just


i then asked her if she could use a

washer and dryer for her new house and

that we had a set that we didn't need

i have a hard time describing what

happened next

mary screamed out yes in excitement and

then hugged me

when she hugged me this amazing feeling

of joy rushed through my body

it was as if my whole body was buzzing

i had never felt anything like it before

but if this was what being charitable

was like i wanted to have this feeling

all of the time

to visualize this goal i would see

myself being at the ribbon cutting for a

new home to be donated to a family by


i would see myself being called up to

hand the scissors and the keys to the

new family

i could feel that feeling i had from

mary's hug

and i could see people clapping in joy

for the new family

when i did this visualization i would

always end up with tears of joy in my


goal number eight

i live near the beach and have a

beautiful home

this i said as an affirmation and i

would have a feeling of gratitude for

how happy i was to live near the beach

goal number nine

i own a large real estate portfolio

i also said this as an affirmation to

reinforce goal number three of being a

full-time real estate investor

goal number 10

i am trusted by investors and have the

ability to raise large sums of money

at the time i wrote this i only had two

investors who were really close friends

i would say this as an affirmation with

the feeling that this was absolutely


goal number eleven

i have a great relationship with my wife

i would say this as an affirmation and i

would feel gratitude for having my wife

robin in my life

goal number 12

i have a great spiritual relationship

with god

i said this as an affirmation and i

would feel gratitude for everything in

my life for the things that were on

their way

what happened over the following three

years of writing out these goals is

nothing short of a miracle

writing this down and realizing that

this story happened to me

inspires me even today

i was there and i still feel a sense of

bewilderment as i relay the story and

sequence of events which came to pass to

make my dreams come true

without further ado here's how it all

played out on the universe's playground

i got a notice in the mail saying that

my real estate salesperson license was

coming up for renewal

and that i was required to take a

mandatory continuing education class if

i wanted to keep the license

i decided that it would make a lot more

sense if i took a few extra hours and

went for the real estate broker's

license and that way i could keep all

the commission and could work


it was at this point that i remembered

the movie that had played out at the

beach which had me being a real estate

broker who was active in charities

now that i was more spiritual i started

to wonder if this was what i should have

been doing before

i signed up for the classes and began

working toward my florida real estate

broker's license

with my broker's license i could open up

my own brokerage company

to adhere to the movie i decided that i

would give 10 percent of our gross

commission from each sale to charity

on a sunday afternoon in sarasota in the

spring of 2003

my wife and i were driving down to the

waterfront to have lunch at a restaurant

called marina jack

on the way i stopped at an atm to get

twenty dollars out

as we drove we started throwing around

names for the new charity-based

brokerage i was going to open

we finally settled on the name

benefactor realty and we went into the

restaurant for lunch

after lunch we decided to walk along the

waterfront park which had a number of

large sculptures on display

as we walked down the sidewalk a man

came up to us and asked us if we could

spare any money

he needed eight dollars so that he could

sleep at the shelter and get a meal and

a shower

i put my hand in my right front pocket

and pulled out two dollars

i apologized to him for not having more

but he thanked us graciously

as i walked away i remembered that i had

gotten the twenty dollar bill from the

atm and that it was in my back pocket

i turned around and went back to the man

and saw that another good samaritan was

handing him a five dollar bill

telling him that his luck was changing

and now he was two for two i gave him

the twenty dollars i had found in my


there was something different about this

person he did not look like the many

homeless i had seen before

he was dressed in the clothes of a

tradesman and he had the clearest blue

eyes i had ever seen

as he started to walk along the

waterfront with us he told us this story

of how his girlfriend had hurt her back

in a car accident and how she had gotten

hooked on pain pills

he said that he had tried to take the

pills away from her and she had called

the police on him and filed a

restraining order saying that he was


now that he could not go back to his

home he was worried that he was going to

become homeless

to give him hope i told him about the

story of augmentino

ogg was at one time in his life a

homeless and hopeless alcoholic

ogg started to read self-help books at

the library and turned himself into a

millionaire a best-selling author and an

incredible motivational speaker

i also told the man that he should get

his hands on a bible

at that moment he reached into his

pocket and pulled out a small brand new

white covered version of the new


i don't know how i did this but i went

to look for the verse from the gospel of

mark that i read every day on the beach

and as if by magic i hit the exact page

on my first try

i read him the verse

i then went to find the verse from

matthew that i read in my hour of power

and again i hit the exact page on my

first try

i read that verse to him and after

telling him that everything was going to

work out i handed him back his copy of

the new testament he thanked us again

and said that we had really helped him


after i had walked about seven steps

away from the man i got this rush of

energy that i can only describe as what

happens on that old television series

the highlander when duncan macleod goes

through a quickening

i could feel my whole body tingling the

way it did the day mary from habitat

hugged me

all i know is that whole experience was

strange to say the least

i also remember wondering if that was

somehow a test to see if i was serious

about having a company called benefactor

realty and about giving to charity

not long after that i opened up

benefactor realty and began to work as a

real estate broker part-time when i was

not at my temp job

fortunately most people who have jobs do

most of their looking at properties on

the weekend

one sunday afternoon on our way back

from looking at a restaurant site on the

east coast

i received two calls saying that offers

we had put in for a buyer had gotten

accepted which was great news as we had

another property go under contract on


i was now looking at making more money

in three days than i could in six months

on the temp job

my wife looked at me and said pete you

can't afford to work there anymore

we drove home and i wondered if i should

really quit my day job and embark on

this real estate thing

about ten years earlier i had tried

leaving corporate to open a small

business which didn't make it because it

was under capitalized and i was worried

about it happening again

the following morning i went into my

office to try to figure out what to do

i will never forget the call that

changed my life

it was around 10 am on monday morning

when my office phone rang

it was my good friend bill

i had worked with him and we had been

downsized together by our former now

bankrupt employer

when i answered bill asked me what are

you doing

i thought this was weird so i said

bill you called me at work what do you

think i'm doing

bill then said that's not what i meant

what i meant was

what are you thinking are you thinking

about doing something

i told him that i was thinking about

leaving the hospital and selling real


he said

the money is there the money is there

bill then told me that he had been

meditating at the lake by his house when

a message came beaming in from the

universe which said that he needed to

call me and give me the message that the

money is there

you can't make this kind of stuff up

as if getting three deals under contract

was not enough now i had the universe

calling me on the telephone

not being one to question the universe i

immediately sent an email to my director

to tell him i was going to be resigning

a few minutes later he called me to tell

me that he was happy for me and that he

knew it was only a matter of time before

i left to do something with real estate

i then went to meet with my original

investors and asked them if they would

be interested in investing with me again

this time it was going to be as a

private line of credit for my new

company they were excited about the new

opportunity and wrote me a check on the


bill's words were now echoing again

and the money really was there

driving back home on my normal route

that week i looked off to the side and

saw a pearl white lexus ls 400 with

chrome trim and the gold package with

the for sale sign on it

i pulled into the parking lot and walked

over to the car

it was the car that had kept popping up

in my visualizations

it was not a car that looked like the


it was the exact car

without hesitation i called the number

on the sign and bought the car

i then got a call from a wonderful

tenant we had in a rental property

she called to ask me if i would help her

find a house to purchase as she did not

want to get priced out of the market

i said sure and then i asked her if she

wanted to buy the one she was in

she wasn't sure if she could afford it

but i told her i would help her with

closing costs etcetera

what i hadn't realized was that this

property had appreciated by almost

thirty five thousand dollars over a two

year period since we bought it

in less than a sixty day period i had

opened a new company and left my job

sold three properties as a broker sold

the rental house for a windfall profit

and paid off all my consumer debt

including the two cars

all the credit cards and my student

loans this was totally out of the blue

and totally blew me away

my life had completely changed for the


when i wrote those dozen goals i never

saw any of this coming

i had no idea how it was going to happen

all i knew was that it was my job to

keep believing it was going to happen

and let the universe handle the details

that same year my wife and i went on our

ski vacation to breckenridge colorado

and 12 months later we bought a

waterfront home close to the beach

with help from the universe we blew the

crazy goals out of the water

there was more to come the following

year and this is going to blow you away

chapter 2

winning the lottery

after an unbelievable year during which

all of my goals and dreams came true i

started to think about what else there

was that i truly wanted to experience in

my life

my life had become almost magical it was

clear that there was nothing that i

could not be do or have if i practiced

faith and used my visualization


being a triathlete and having

successfully completed five iron

distance races i started to contemplate

the idea of racing in the iron man world

championship in kailua kona hawaii which

is often referred to as iron man hawaii

or as it is known in the triathlon world


anyone who has ever competed in an iron

distance triathlon will tell you that

being fortunate enough to compete in the

hawaii iron man is like winning

wimbledon the masters and the super bowl

all in one day

before i get into my next iron man

experience let me give you some

background behind the event

the history behind the iron man


the iron man in hawaii is a legendary


it came into being after a group of

athletes were drinking beer at the oahu

perimeter relay post-race party in 1977

they were debating which type of athlete

was the fittest

there was disagreement over who were the

most fit athletes

some said that cyclists were the most


others said runners were the most fit

and still others said that swimmers were

the most fit

to settle the score they decided to put

it to the test so they formed a new race

to combine the three major endurance

events they had on oahu

they combined the 2.4 mile waikiki rough

water swim

the 112 mile around oahu bike race and

to top it off they added the 26.2 mile

honolulu marathon course

they deemed that the winner of this race

would earn the title of iron man

the first iron man triathlon was held in


there were 15 brave and also crazy

participants who competed in the first


the really remarkable thing about it was

that they did not know if anyone could

possibly finish the race

no one up to this point had tried to

swim 2.4 miles then cycle 112 miles and

wrap it up with a full 26.2 mile

marathon there was no cut off time to

any of the events and the finishers

would receive a handmade iron man statue

made out of metal with a cast iron nut

for a head

they felt that a nut was symbolic for

the fact that they had to be nuts to try

to do this

13 of the original 15 which started the

race received the statue

which is absolutely amazing to say the


in 1982 the race was moved from oahu to

the more rural big island of hawaii

today there are a number of ironman

races around the world and it is a

global brand and business

every athlete who has ever competed in

an iron distance triathlon owes a great

deal of thanks to these pioneers of the


back to my story

in the early ironman hawaii races you

could simply pay a fee and get into the


now there are a number of ironman

triathlon races around the world and the

hawaii race is the world championship

for the series

essentially every triathlete in the

world dreams of competing in this race

unfortunately now you need to be one of

the fastest triathletes in the world or

you need to be one of the luckiest to

win a spot at the starting line

not being one of the fastest in the

world meant that if i was going to get

in to kona i was going to have to be one

of the lottery winners

each year the wtc

world triathlon corporation who owns the

rights to the race holds a lottery

whereby two hundred people out of over

ten thousand entries are allowed into

the race and they post the results on

april fifteenth

after thinking about the race for about

a month and with the deadline rapidly

approaching to enter

i decided to really put my beliefs to

the test

i got out my credit card and put my name

into the hat for the 2005 ironman world

championship lottery

as a member of the saint pete mad dogs

triathlon club i knew a ton of people

who entered their names in the lottery

for kona multiple times who have never

gotten in

i knew that if i wanted different

results i was going to need to do

something that they were not doing

the difference was visualization

having watched the video coverage of the

race that year in 2004 which had amazing

coverage of the course

i decided to buy the dvd and watch it


with less than four months before the

winners of the lottery were chosen i

knew i had to get serious

i started watching the dvd a few times a

week and i would mentally race the

hawaiian iron man in my mind for around

20 minutes each morning

the dvd had great footage and the way

they filmed it you truly felt as if you

were watching it as a competitor

some of the most memorable shots were of

the swim start where you saw the

competitor's feet kicking underwater

directly in front of you and you heard

the narrator say

you are in hawaii and you are in the

iron man

another one i really liked showed the

race leader biking in the lava fields on

the queen k

with the shadow of the helicopter which

is filming him caught on tape as they

passed over him

this was very helpful for creating

extremely lucid visualizations

i also found a picture in the back of an

issue of triathlete magazine which was

entitled night moves the picture showed

some taller triathletes walking in the

dark on the queen k

and a shorter stocky triathlete running

up behind them

the caption says

as night slips over the last remnants of

a very long day

triathletes continue toward the finish

line at the ironman triathlon world

championship in hawaii

i cut the picture out and put it in my

vision book i am stocky and typically

pass a lot of people in the dark when i


that man in the picture now was me and i

visualized the scene more times than i

can count

before i knew it it was time for the

lottery results to be announced

i went over to my friend brian's office

to meet him for lunch

his secretary said that he stepped out

to get a haircut and that he would be

back shortly i looked down at my watch

and suddenly i realized that it was just

about noon and it was april 15th

lottery time

oh my gosh i was nervous

i sat down behind brian's desk and

hopped on his computer to look up the

results on the internet

i could not believe my eyes

the very first name on the list was pete

adams florida was that me was there

another pete adams the hairs all over my

body stood up and i couldn't believe it

had happened brian walked in the door

about 10 seconds after i saw my name on

the list i said

check this out and point it to the


he thought i was playing a practical

joke on him and that i made up a fake


suddenly my cell phone started ringing

off the hook with numerous triathlete

friends calling to ask me if i knew that

i got into hawaii he then said holy

dude that's awesome

brian was my training partner for a

number of iron mans that we raced

together and he knew what a once in a

lifetime thing this was

we were both stunned with amazement and

we kept repeating how we couldn't

believe it had actually happened

i called my wife to tell her the news

and she could not believe it either

i remember her saying

no way are you serious

oh my god pete that's awesome

and then her cell phone started to ring

with friends calling to tell her the


i cannot tell you the amount of

gratitude i felt when i heard the news

the universe had done it again


you are in hawaii and you are in the

iron man

six months later and just like in the

video there i was standing in the body

marking line carrying my transition bags

and getting the number 813 stamped on my


if you have ever done a triathlon right

before the start of the race your nerves

and emotions are in overdrive

kick that up about a thousand percent

and that is what this race feels like

after body marking we headed over to

drop off my bags and i did a final check

on my bike to make sure the tires

weren't flat now it felt like a mini

eternity as i treaded water and waited

for the start of the race

the cannon went off and the swim portion

of the race was on

as i swam i could see the feet kicking

in front of me and i heard the

narrator's voice in my head saying

you are in hawaii and you are in the

iron man

it was just like i was in the 2004 dvd

i mean really like i was in the dvd

i seriously started to wonder if i was

really here

really in hawaii really in the iron man

or if this was a dream i was having that

just happened to be very real

the swim is my weakest event so after

emerging from the pacific i didn't have

a hard time finding my bike as there

were very few left in transition

i hopped on my bike and the adrenaline

really kicked in

as there were people everywhere cheering

us on

in town there is a loop at the beginning

of the bike course and i passed my wife

and friends who were cheering me on two

times before leaving town

after passing them at hot corner for the

final time i rode up palani road and

then out to the lava fields on the queen

k highway

out on the queen k and heading out past

the airport i finally settled down and

got into a good rhythm on the bike

it was very desolate in the lava fields

and again it looked just like the dvd

you have plenty of time to think on a

112 mile bike ride and i again started

to wonder if i was really here or not

i started to wonder if i might actually

be dead and god was letting me do the

race as part of heaven

i'm not joking when i say this i even

started to wonder if i was in a cycling

accident and maybe i was in a coma or


in this race drafting on the bike is not

allowed so when you pass someone they

are supposed to fall back and keep a

three bike length gap between racers

about 35 miles into the bike course i

found myself in a section of the course

that had a series of rolling hills

i was taking turns passing and being

passed by a female racer on a green

griffon tri bike

she was lighter than me so she typically

passed me on the climbs and being

heavier i passed her on the descents

this went on for about 10 minutes and

then i rode up next to her and she

looked over at me i asked her point


are we really here

her response was


i know what you mean

it's surreal

at least i was not the only person

having these thoughts

i felt better but i still wondered if it

was a dream

i started to make my way up to the

turnaround at the town of javi

and the winds were getting really strong

it was a serious crosswind but at the

time i confused it for a headwind and

started to look forward to the tailwind

i was going to have on the way out of


after stopping at the bike special needs

station and eating my iron man racing

meal of choice boiled ham and white

cheddar cheese on white bread with

yellow mustard i hopped back on the bike

to make my return ride back to kona

heading out of javi i realized there was

no tailwind waiting for me instead it

was headwind part two i was now pedaling

my brains out only going 17 miles per

hour downhill

i should have been going around 40 miles

per hour down a hill like this

now i was starting to worry about making

the bike time cut off

i finally made it back to queen k and

back to the lava fields

when i was making the turn i saw a racer

who had a different style bike hydration

system it looked more like a tank

he hadn't hit the winds on the climb to

javi yet and i felt sorry for him

all i could think was that i was glad i

was not that poor bastard

i didn't know it at the time but his

name was john blaise and he was known as

the blaze man

he was out here doing the iron man while

suffering from an incredible pain from a

deadly advanced stage of incurable als

more commonly known as lou gehrig's


he had a special hydration system

because he could not catch bottles at

the aid stations as the disease had

taken away his ability to grab and hold


john was a spokesman for als and was an

amazing human being

john made it to the finish line that day

in kona unfortunately a few years later

that horrible disease took his life

heading back through the lava fields all

i could think about was how much easier

it was on the way out

as i rode i could hear a helicopter

getting closer and before i knew it it

was above me and the shadow of it passed

directly over me and my bike it was

exactly the way it happened in the 2004


the only difference was that i was not

the race leader

the shadow thing freaked me out and now

i was almost convinced that i was not


after more wind and many more miles of

lava fields i finally got back to town

the first person that i recognized in

hours was my wife who was cheering me on

from the road below the kona brewing


it was so good to see her and she was

cheering me on and saying looking good

for a moment the pain in my back neck

legs and buttocks temporarily lessened

and i headed down to t2 to put on my

running shoes and start running the


i rolled out of transition and headed up

to hot corner where my wife and friends

were cheering me on like i was going to

win this thing

i actually felt pretty good and i shook

off my bike legs in just a few miles

i took a couple of turns and ran up a

leahi drive going past island lava java

which was absolutely packed with

cheering fans

the view of the surf crashing across

from lava java was absolutely awesome

and i felt much gratitude and gave

thanks to god for letting me be in

hawaii and do the iron man after a few

more miles i saw sarah reinardson

running toward me she was like a rock

star out here complete with her own van

with a film crew

everyone knew her name and went crazy

for those of you who don't know who

sarah is she was a lead story in the

2004 iron man dvd

sarah is a challenged athlete who as a

child had a tissue disease and had to

have her leg amputated above the knee

when she was very young

in 2004 she attempted to be the first

above the knee amputee finisher of the

hawaii iron man

if you watch your story on the 2004 dvd

you'd better have some kleenex handy

because it is a real tearjerker

in the 2004 race sarah didn't make the

bike time cut off and was not allowed to

continue on

in 2005 she was back in the race with a

fitted bike from trek with the words

unfinished business painted on the frame

when sarah and i passed for the first

time i knew that she was going to make

it this time she was running strong and

she had a smile on that made everyone

around her feel good sarah knew she had

this one in the bag so it was time for

her to enjoy her journey

i finally caught up with sarah and made

the pass i really didn't want to pass

her because i was having way too much

fun being near her and basking in her


when the people cheered for sarah you

just felt good to be near her and it

took your mind off of the pain

it was almost like a contact high

if she could be out there doing this

grueling event on one good leg you'd

better not start feeling sorry for


after heading out of town and watching a

beautiful sunset over the pacific i

started out toward the airport in the

infamous energy lab

at this time of day the energy lab was

not viciously hot which it is famous for

when the pros come through

on the way out i got to see sarah again

she was pretty hard to miss with the

film crew chasing her with mics and

spotlights in hand

now it was really dark out and i

remembered the photo from triathlete

magazine that i cut out and put in my

vision book

i was really the guy in the picture now

as i was running up on the other racers

who were walking

now all i wanted to do was get back to

town before i got in a wreck with some

overzealous fan on a mountain bike

the course now was pitch black with the

exception of the aid stations which had

lights powered by gas generators

all i had to do was keep running to the

next set of lights where i would be

greeted by the nicest volunteers in the


and i would make it home

the mantra now was just keep moving just

keep moving

i finally made it out of the darkness

and reached the outskirts of town and

back to civilization

with every step i could hear the

announcer and the cheering crowd get

louder and louder

i ran down paulani and through hot

corner and took a left

now i was running parallel to where the

finish line was

and i was close but not there yet

my everything ate with every step of

that run on the final few miles back to

alihi drive

as i got closer i remembered the advice

that a friend of mine gave me when he

heard that i got into kona

he had done the race a few years before

and he said

whatever you do

don't race hard down the finishing shoot

take your time and enjoy it you will

never forget it as long as you live

trust me

the last two miles felt as long as the

previous 24

where was the turn i kept thinking

finally i saw a police officer blocking

traffic and i knew that was where it was

it is about time i thought and i turned

right and ran downhill onto alihi drive

what was to happen next was one of the

most memorable things that has ever

happened to me

i was running down a lee drive and there

were children and adults from the crowd

running up to me and high-fiving me

they wanted to share in this incredible

moment and it felt absolutely amazing to

have them there

i finally arrived at the entrance to the

finishing shoot and i could see the

finishing line in sight

i have been to a lot of races but i have

never seen anything like this

people were jammed in the bleachers

screaming and cheering

the finishing shoot had people lined up

shoulder to shoulder on both sides

screaming and banging noise makers there

was so much energy here that you

probably could have lit up a city with


it is something you have to experience

in person to appreciate

i took my time and ran down the final

steps of the shoot and crossed over the

finish line

i don't have words to describe what that

was like

it was almost like you never wanted that

moment to be over even though you spent

the entire day wishing it would be

after crossing the finish line i was

given a fresh lay of flowers which

smelled amazing a towel and my official

finisher's medal

a moment later i was greeted by robin

and friends at the finish line who

wanted to help me out in any manner


i told them i was all set and that all i

wanted was to head up to the hotel room

so that i could drink a cold beer and

take a hot shower as i made my way

through the crowd of spectators everyone

i passed said great job or


and all i could do was say thank you

thank you to all the fans

thank you to all the volunteers

thank you to the original 15 racers from


thank you to my wife and friends for

their great love and support

thank you to the race gods of the big

island for watching over me

thank you lord for this amazing

experience which i will always remember

with great joy and gratitude

as they say in the iron man world

anything is possible i hope this story

has made you a believer of the same

chapter 3 the vision house

in the spring of 2004 my wife robin and

i watched a story on the travel channel

on breckenridge colorado i had written

in one of my journals one morning on the

beach that one of my goals was a ski

vacation in breckenridge under my places

to travel list

a few months later i was talking to my

new friend doc whom i met through a real

estate course who had lived in colorado

i mentioned that i wanted to check out

breckenridge as i had seen a special on


doc said that he had a time share in

brick and that we could use it as they

didn't think they would get out there

that year

i went home that evening and told robin

about it

suddenly i ran out to the trunk of my

car and found the notebook from the

beach and showed it to robin

we are enjoying our ski trip to


the hairs were standing up on my arms

it was working again we ended up not

taking the timeshare but instead booked

the week we wanted before christmas

we are now having real vacations

we went back out to breckenridge for

vacation again in december of 2006

one morning on our way out to go

snowmobiling we drove past a subdivision

that had beautiful log mansions

overlooking the 10 mile range

after snowmobiling we decided to drive

through the subdivision to take a look

at the homes

by now we understood the power of


and i knew i wanted some new material

for my vision board and vision book

we drove around the subdivision until we

found the house we thought had the best


we took a picture of the house along

with a picture of the view it had

after arriving home i had a friend of

mine print them off in color and i put

the two pictures in my vision book

these pictures to me represented my

ideal scene

because if we lived in a house like this

as our second home we obviously were

very successful

what i would visualize was that i would

be having conference calls with our

asset managers and after these meetings

i took the afternoon off to either go

skiing or play golf depending on the

season many times if i found myself

unable to sleep

this was the visualization i would use

to burn into my subconscious mind before

falling back to sleep

i probably did this visualization over

500 times

in the summer of 2010 we decided to

escape the florida heat and work

remotely from breckenridge colorado we

found a very small furnished cabin to

rent off of craigslist

that was only about a mile from the

subdivision where we took the pictures

in 2006.

that summer we rode our mountain bikes

through the subdivision and took more


we really loved that summer out in

colorado so we decided to look for an

annual rental

after going to a yoga class on one

friday afternoon in july

robin returned home to search the

internet for an annual rental

after an hour or so of searching various

websites and not finding what she was

looking for

i suggested that she check out


on the second page of ads she found a

home that sounded very interesting

she started looking at the pictures and

she said

pete you have got to see this house

i walked over to where she was working

on her computer and when i looked at the

pictures i realized it was the house in

my vision book

the hairs on my arms stood up when i saw

the pictures

i was in complete amazement i asked

robin who the contact person was for the


she told me the name and for some reason

i knew i had heard the name before

i did a search on the name in my email

and i found the name connected to an ad

off craigslist for a garage apartment i

had inquired about back in march of 2009

i asked the owner if she could send me

some pictures of the apartment she did

and once again the hairs went up on my

arms when i looked at a picture taken

out of a window and the view was almost

identical to the one i had in my vision


now i realized that my vision house had

come in not once but twice

i replied to the email from march 2009

and we called the owner and set up a

meeting with her on the following

morning to see the home

she gave us the physical address and we

drove by the property a few minutes

later because we could not wait to see

if it was the same one

five minutes later we knew beyond any

shadow of a doubt that it was the same

house as in my vision book

we couldn't believe what was actually


the next morning we drove back over to

meet with the owner and to get a tour of

the house

the owner was very nice and we spent 90

minutes meeting with her over coffee

learning about their beautiful home

i don't know if i can describe the

feeling of total awe and amazement that

was going through my mind and body as we

toured the house

looking out the windows and seeing the

same view i had been seeing in my

visualizations was almost overwhelming

we talked with the owner regarding what

a strange coincidence it was for us

finding each other twice off craigslist

in two different years on two different


we didn't mention the pictures from 2006

the vision board or the visualizations

of doing conference calls with the asset

managers etc

we were worried that she would think we

were delusional and had stopped taking

our medication or something

we told her that we were interested and

asked her to send us an application

we then drove off to go mountain biking

in colorado springs and the rest of the

day we kept asking ourselves whether or

not that had really happened

it was so unbelievable that it was

almost too much to comprehend

it proved that creative visualization

worked i mean really worked

these experiences were manifested and it

had nothing to do with fate or

coincidences or whatever

we all have the power to create the life

and circumstances in our lives which we


i hope that you have found my

experiences to be an inspiration to you

chapter 4

quantum physics and energy

quantum physics is a very complicated

subject and i honestly cannot say that i

am an expert on the topic

rather than make this a technical

discussion on quantum theory i prefer to

simplify it for you

in short everything in our universe when

broken down into the smallest building

blocks is one thing

and that is energy

everything you see feel taste etc is

composed entirely of energy

you may never have thought of this

before but you are also comprised of


if you looked at your body through a

very powerful microscope you would see

that at the smallest level you are in

fact energy

to take it one step further your spirit

or soul whichever feels more comfortable

to you is also energy

in this case it is divine energy

is it a wave or a particle

quantum physics is the study of

subatomic particles the smallest

building blocks of matter and how they


one of the most fascinating things that

scientists discovered is that when they

measured subatomic particles depending

on the test performed the result was

that the particle could either be a

particle or a wave

it was actually a probability amplitude

whereby it was simultaneously both a

particle and a wave

if that wasn't strange enough

they then did further experiments and

concluded the observer affected the

outcome of the experiment just through


the truly amazing thing this proved was

that the researchers thoughts were

affecting the outcome of the experiments


thoughts were actually real things which

had the energy to shape the outcome

what this told us was that the entire

universe is made of this energy and that

outcomes could be manipulated by our


at this energy level we are connected to

source energy which is also the level of

creation in the universe

chapter five

it is all in your mind

your thoughts are things and they are

creative in nature

unfortunately almost everyone in the

world does not realize that they share

in the creation of their own life

through the thoughts that they think

many people believe that they live in a

predetermined life that is guided by

fate and that they are just along for

the ride

nothing could be further from the truth

to make it a little clearer imagine that

you are both the leading character as

well as the screenwriter in the movie

called your life

the script is written by the thoughts

you think which then attract the scenes

in your personal movie called your life

if you don't presently like the way the

scene your life is playing

rewrite the script to change the scene

most screenwriters unfortunately suffer

from writer's block when it comes to

writing the next scene

as the screenwriter you can create any

movie of your life as long as you

believe that you can

giggle or gigo

is an acronym that stands for garbage in

garbage out

let's bring this into the realm of


if you think negative thoughts on an

ongoing basis you are going to see

negative outcomes happening in your life

it is not by chance but instead by

natural law

one of the most damaging things that our

minds can do if we are not vigilant in

watching over our thoughts

is to create what i call the downward


in the downward spiral thoughts of fear

generate more and more thoughts of fear

and in your mind things are getting

worse and worse

it is almost a total fear fest that is

being choreographed completely in your

mind as a result of wrong thoughts

downward spiral example

an example of this could be a

salesperson who is worried about making

his or her quota

the salesperson starts to think ideas

like this

if i don't make my quota they're going

to fire me and i won't have a job

if i lose my job then i won't be able to

find another one

when i can't find another job i'm going

to lose the house

when i lose the house i will lose my

family and no one will love me anymore

i will then be homeless and die from

fill in the blank


alone now the movie escalates into a

full-blown tragedy and the salesperson

is feeling as if this reality is

actually happening

the stress of these negative thoughts

could then translate into lost sales due

to reduced effectiveness from insomnia

the problem with these spirals is that

they get out of control and will eat you

alive with real stress

if these thoughts are not cancelled out

they can become a self-fulfilling

prophecy through negative outcomes being

attracted to your life experience

whenever your mind starts trying to play

the spiral you immediately need to

forcefully say stop

you are the one who is in control of

what you are going to think

and it is not going to be things like



remember that nothing good can ever come

from thinking negative thoughts

so decide now to purge them from your


thought barriers and misguided beliefs

it is not my intent to give everyone a

prepackaged excuse as to why they are

not living the life of their dreams

through what i am going to say next

the truth is from the time you were born

to where you are right now you have been

subjected to brainwashing

this brainwashing took place when you

did not even realize it was happening

it could have been positive but more

than likely you received negative


most likely the greatest amount of

brainwashing you received came from your

parents and the brainwashing continued

to be administrated by relatives friends

community religion formal education etc

you were bombarded with negative

misinformation which you became

convinced was the truth

as it was being told to you by your

parents who knew everything right

unfortunately young minds are easily

poisoned from the misguided beliefs of a

person they love

the greatest tragedy is that these false

beliefs continue to exist at some level

in your mind

the most common example i hear on a

regular basis is

i can't be

have or do what i truly want because of


question how do you know that if you

have never tried

answer i just know i can't because of


now that you are older it is time for

you to drop the limiting beliefs that

are in your head as a result of your

life up until now

if your parents or whoever instilled in

you the belief that you cannot do be or

have something drop those beliefs now

another common flawed belief many people


is that somehow they are not worthy of

having the life of their dreams

where did that idea come from

it is not serving you

so drop the idea that you are not


you are worthy

you were sent into this experience to

live the life of your dreams and were

given free will to attain it

limiting beliefs oftentimes are so

strong that they keep people from even


what have you told yourself in the past

that you could not do

be honest we have all done this many

times in the past

the past is the past so let's drop this

mental baggage that has been weighing

you down for so many years

and move on

the sooner you do this the sooner your

life is going to get better

you are working with a universe of

infinite possibilities and infinite


you are not living in a world of lack or

limited resources

that may be how it appears to you on the

physical plane but that is not the truth

the truth is the more you have the more

there is

the universe is constantly expanding and

everyone can have everything they want

if they believe they can

and if they are willing to do their part

what should i be thinking

that is a good question and the answer

is straightforward

you should be thinking about what you

want in your life

and not worrying about what you don't

want in your life

i am sure you have heard the common

phrase when it rains it pours

what you may not have realized is that

it is a time-tested example of the law

of attraction in action

as an example let's say your automobile

breaks down resulting in an expensive

repair at the garage

after you pay the mechanic you hop back

in your car

and all you can think about is how broke

you now are ten minutes later your cell

phone rings and it is your spouse

calling to tell you that the air

conditioning stopped working

with dread you start to worry about how

you're going to afford to pay for it

then you realize the traffic ahead of

you is stopped and you notice too late

and plow into the back of the car in

front of you

badly damaging both of your vehicles

the next day your boss asks you why you

need an advance on your paycheck and you

respond with

you know what they say

when it rains it pours

what you think about and focus on is

going to show up

so you need to be sure that what you are

thinking about is a match to what you

want to manifest in your life

if it is more money that you want you

need to get into the feeling that you

already have plenty and are blessed with


if this is the first time you've heard

this it might sound delusional but it is


the feeling in this case is a vibration

that is being sent through your thoughts

out to the universe

a mismatch and vibration will be

corrected over time by the universe

in this case it may be the temporary

appearance of a money shortage

if you refuse to buy into the appearance

and hold steadfast to your belief

by feeling that you have plenty

the universe will bring the

circumstances needed to match your


the universe can do this in an infinite

number of ways

one of which might be you suddenly land

a huge client for your business


out of the blue you receive a check from

uncle bob who just sold his company for

10 million dollars and is feeling


or a million dollar idea comes to you

about an invention you are working on

to people on the outside this will just

look like luck

there is no such thing as good luck or

bad luck there is such a thing as

positive or negative expectations

these expectations that you have whether

positive or negative will attract either

good circumstances or bad circumstances

which will show up in your life

we are going to go through some

exercises in chapter eight that will

help you define what it is that you say

you really want

once we have defined it we can then

build upon that to create the techniques

we will use later in the book

chapter 6

feelings and gratitude

simply put like attracts like

so you need to do a really good job of

monitoring the thoughts you are

currently thinking as they will lead you

to a state of feeling either good or bad

think of your feelings as an early

warning system to what you are thinking

if you feel bad about something and

continue focusing on it you're going to

amplify that bad feeling

through amplifying that bad feeling

you're going to attract into your life

more of what will make you feel bad

that is absolutely not going to be a

favorable thing for you when you get

more and more things to feel lousy about

one of the best examples i have heard

about the law of attraction is this

imagine that the universe is a giant

mail order company

and the way that you place your orders

is through the thoughts you are thinking

on the other side imagine that there is

a shipping clerk filling your order the

shipping clerk does not know if size 8

will fit you all the clerk knows is that

is what you ordered

therefore it must be the size you wanted

sometimes these orders get shipped to us

with bonus extras which could be really

good or really bad for that matter based

on what we are thinking

the good thing about all of the orders

we place is that they can be cancelled

before they are shipped through a change

in our thinking

the best thoughts by far that we should

be thinking are thoughts that give us a

feeling of gratitude

through feeling gratitude we are telling

the universe thank you

when we feel gratitude we are connecting

directly to source energy through love

which is the most powerful force in our


when you express a true feeling of

gratitude to the universe you are doing

a lot more than giving thanks for your

current blessings

you are also setting the stage for more

good things to be brought in to your

time space experience

so that you have more and more to be

grateful for

when you express gratitude for the

things that have not yet shown up in

your experience

that is even more powerful as you have

now taken a goal or an intention and

converted it into a form of prayer

one of my favorite passages from the

bible that addresses this is from the

book of mark chapter 12 verses 23 and 24

when jesus says

for verily i say unto you that whosoever

shall say unto this mountain be thou

removed and be thou cast into the sea

and shall not doubt in his heart but

shall believe that those things which he

saith shall come to pass

he shall have whatsoever he saith

therefore i say unto you

what things soever ye desire when ye

pray believe that ye receive them and ye

shall receive them

that is one of the most powerful

statements ever told about how to create

whatever it is that you wish to

experience jesus is telling us point

blank how to create miracles in our


many people equate the word miracle to

something that is incredibly large such

as taking a few fish and a couple of

loaves of bread and feeding thousands of


that is not what i am saying at all

a miracle could be that you are in a

terrible car accident and walk away from

it without a scratch

another could be that a medical lab test

comes back negative

or that money from an unexpected source

shows up precisely when you need it

these are all miracles just on a smaller

scale than say parting the red sea

the process i described above as giving

thanks and having gratitude for the

miracles that have yet to appear in your


puts these miracles in motion

one of the biggest things we need to

address here is that you don't get

caught up in the house

you don't need to know how the miracle

will manifest all you need to do is

believe that it will

and be grateful for it now if you start

thinking or worrying about how it is

going to happen

or what if it doesn't happen

you are watering down your faith that it


and you are providing resistance to the

event manifesting in your experience

the hows are to be left to the universe

to solve not you

the universe connects all the

circumstances that lead to the

fulfillment of your miracle

so stay out of the way and let the

universe do its job

by the way you are going to love the


chapter 7

ask and it is given

and your role as a

co-creator there have been numerous

books this one included and recently a

movie all about the law of attraction

and the process of creation

ask believe and receive

was told to us over two thousand years

ago by jesus and was recorded in the

bible in the book of matthew chapter

seven verses seven and eight

ask and it shall be given you

seek and ye shall find

knock and it shall be opened up unto you

for every one that asketh receiveth and

he that seeketh findeth and to him that

knocketh it shall be opened

a question that you may want to ask

yourself is why after all this time do

we still not get it

my personal belief is that a lot of

people have been told by various

religions that somehow god is separate

from them and they are not worthy and if

you don't follow our dogma you are going

to spend the rest of your days in a hot

place and they don't call it florida

in fact nothing could be further from

the truth there is a piece of the

creator inside you and you do have the

power to create miracles in your life

i wrote this book to convey that message

to you and to share the techniques i

have used successfully to create the

miracles in my life

one of the things i think most books

fail to get across is that you need to

take action

this is what i define as the co-creator


in your role as co-creator there are a

number of job duties that come with the

position such as the following

decide what it is that you want why you

want it and be able to create desire for


believe that you do have the power

within you to create anything

you need to get into the feeling of

already having it

you need to have gratitude and believe

that it is already on its way to you

you need to avoid anyone who says that

for whatever reason you cannot be do or

have what it is that you say you want

you need to practice the techniques i am

going to share with you on a daily basis

until you receive what it is that you


if there is something you need as a

skill to do whatever you say you want

you need to take specific action and

acquire those skills

you need to make a permanent commitment

to remove procrastination from your life

you need to stay out of the house and

leave that job up to the universe

the universe reorders itself to make

your miracles come true

you don't need to know how

you need to develop the skill of

endurance as this is a lifelong journey

and there will be times when you may

doubt that everything is working

if you fulfill your duties as co-creator

you will have whatever it is that you

say you want

the universe will see to it

chapter eight

defining your dream life

three not so simple questions

ask yourself

what would i be if there was nothing

that i could not be

what would i do

if there was nothing that i could not do

what would i have if there was nothing

that i could not have

these are not philosophical questions

these are very important very deep and

very personal questions

these are not questions that you can

answer quickly

unless you have already been asked and

answered them before

the answers to these questions will tell

you what you really should be doing with

your life

this is no time to be thinking small

so i want you to come up with answers to

these questions that are so huge

that if they happened you would be so

completely blown away beyond your

wildest dreams

when you are working on the answers to

these questions

don't let your mind say things to you

like you can't do that or you'll never

have that

your mind is just talking trash so tell

it to be quiet

the whys

take your time answering these questions

and feel free to supersize your order

if you can imagine it you can have it

once you have your major life goals

written down

i want you to write each one down on the

top of a separate piece of paper

below that i want you to write out all

the reasons why this goal is so

important to you

and next to each of those reasons i want

you to write out the feeling you have

associated with this reason

your feelings are the real underlying

reasons why you want to achieve these


this is a good thing

because if you dig down deep enough you

will find that the answer in its

simplest form is love

with love comes passion and that is a

very powerful force of attraction in our


ideal scene

once you have your list completed i want

you to take a few minutes and imagine

that it is now five years in the future

and everything on your list came

perfectly true

and that it is now your present reality

see yourself in the movie that is

playing on the screen of your mind with

all of these things being true

when you are ready grab a notebook and

write out precisely in detail what this

scene looks like and how it feels

i mean really feels to you

soak up all those awesome feelings

associated with these things being true

in your experience

does that feel great or what

congratulations you have just defined

your ideal scene which is also known as

your end result

now you not only have a destination for

your journey

but you already know what it is going to

feel like when you get there

now that you have this it is time for

you to learn the techniques which will

bring your ideal scene

into your reality along with all those

good feelings that come with it

chapter nine

goal setting

the importance of having goals cannot be

overstated on the journey to living the

life of your dreams

when i talk about goals i am not

referring to new year's resolutions

where people resolve to lose weight and

they go to the gym for two weeks

i like to think about goals as being

similar to mile markers on the road to

your destination

in this case that destination is your

ideal scene or your dream life

one of the best things about setting and

achieving your goals is that it puts you

in as an active participant in creating

whatever it is that you say you want

if you want to have the life of your

dreams you are going to need to take


dreams with deadlines

another way to think about goals is to

think about them as being dreams with


many people are actually afraid of

setting goals as they immediately start

to have thoughts such as

what if it doesn't happen how bad will i

feel then

if this sounds familiar to you you're

going to need to make those feelings

about goals to be something that is now

in your past

another error many people make is that

they will set a goal but they fail to

set a date for its achievement

when i am ready is not a deadline it is

a delay tactic for avoiding taking the

actions required

let's say your goal is to one day

complete that college degree that you

started but never finished for whatever


the first thing you need to do is drop

that one day nonsense and set a deadline

for achieving that degree

you also will need to take immediate

action such as ordering your transcripts

filling out the application and

registering for classes

as soon as you do this you are moving in

the direction of your dreams and

achieving your goals along the way

deeds not words

i have an excellent example of this from

my personal experience which i would

like to share with you

in december of 1988 i was a construction

worker in the laborers union working in

boston on an excavation site the weather

this particular day was lousy half

raining and half snowing at the same


i was in my twenties and i was working

with another laborer who was in his

fifties the two of us were shoveling

gravel with yellow rain gear on and it

was pure misery the gravel was wet and

heavy and by the morning coffee break my

lower back was already hurting

after the short break it was back to the

rock pile to try to survive until lunch

i will never forget this day as long as

i live

we were taking turns shoveling the

gravel when suddenly i looked up in a

horror and realized that i was looking

at myself in thirty years

it hit me like a sledgehammer what the

hell am i doing i've got to do something

about this and i've got to do it now

the rest of the day i worked on my

action plan while i shoveled away

it was time to go back to school

i had attended a community college

briefly four years earlier and left

before the end of the semester to go

make big bucks in construction

i decided to take the next day off from

work so that i could visit the college

and see if they would let me back in

they said no problem and gave me an

application and the spring course


i then called one of my friends to get

the number of one of his friends who was

a shift manager at a hazardous waste

plant to see if there were any night


my timing could not have been better he

said he was looking for a couple of

people and hired me on the spot

that spring i started taking classes

part-time as a freshman at the community


at the same time one of my friends was a

first semester junior doing a

cooperative learning assignment at a

stock brokerage firm

five years later i earned my bachelor's

degree and two years after that i had my

master of science degree

after those same seven years my friend

was still only a junior and talking

about taking classes to complete his


and i had graduated twice

the major difference was that i took

immediate action instead of just sitting

around talking about it when you make

the commitment and take action

the universe will bend over backwards to

help you achieve your goals words not


your goals need to be written and you

need to review them on a daily basis

simply put if they aren't written you

don't have them

writing them down forces you to define

clearly what it is you are going for

for your subconscious mind to assist you

with achieving these goals they need to

be clear

through writing them down you are able

to give your subconscious mind clear


i personally suggest having a laminated

card which you can carry in your pocket

at all times

so that your goals are with you at all


what i found helpful and which added

power to my goals

is that i added some short prayers to

the opposite side

another technique that i have used in

the past is to rewrite my goals every


when you do this it feels as if you are

reinforcing your commitment to their


can you believe them

your goals also need to be believable to


don't confuse this with the idea of

knowing how they are going to come to


that is not what i am saying

what i am saying though

is if you create a really big goal

one which is beyond what you can get

your mind to believe can happen

it is too big for you at this time

what will happen is that you won't be

able to achieve the feeling that it has

come true

as you set goals and achieve them you

are going to gain momentum and set

bigger and bigger goals

one of the ways you can work on ramping

up the size of your goals is to work on

your faith

if you can truly believe with utmost

certainty that your goals are already

accomplished you can pretty much ask for

anything because you will be unstoppable

the why is as important as the what

when you create your goals

make sure you know why you want to

achieve them

the reasons why you want to achieve

these goals need to be powerful

if they are not powerful you will not be

able to generate a burning desire to

have them fulfilled which is necessary

this burning desire is also known as


if you don't have passion for what it is

that you say you want

simply put it won't happen because the

energy is not there

with passion for their fulfillment you

will be able to generate very strong

feelings of gratitude for their coming

into your experience ahead of time

this is a crucial step in the process of


in the present

lastly when you write out your goals you

must write them in the present tense

what i mean by that is when you write

them down write them as if they have

already manifested

let's say one of your goals is to finish

college you would write that goal down


i am a college graduate rather than i am

going to finish my degree

the difference between the two

statements may seem subtle but it is


the first one puts it in the present as

already being done

while the latter places it as a

possibility in the future

all of your goals need to be written in

the now

and as already being a reality

doing it this way you will be able to

generate the belief and the feeling of

gratitude for it already being done

chapter 10

vision books and boards

if you have read the earlier chapters of

this book i am sure you are going to be

interested in what i have to say about

vision boards and books

my personal experience has been nothing

short of miraculous

when i look back to what i have put in

my vision book and which has manifested

into my reality

in case this is your first exposure to

vision boards and books i will give you

a quick explanation on how to create one

i will then tell you how i used one to

successfully help me manifest things

into my physical reality

let's create one

the first thing you need to do is create

the list of goals for which you have


once you have done this the next step is

to gather pictures of what the

attainment of these goals looks like

as an example

let's say your goal is to take your

family on a vacation to disney world

what you could do then is to get some

marketing brochures from disney which

are filled with photos of families

having a great time at the park

and cut out the pictures of the families

having fun

more than one picture is preferable as

it will give you more material to work


once you have these photos you can

fasten them to either a book or a board

or both

take your time doing this and make sure

you find the best pictures you can

remember this is your life we are

talking about

and okay is not going to cut it

so make sure you find pictures that you

can look at and generate the feeling of

truly having what the picture represents

to you

where faith and belief is such a crucial

part of the manifestation process

i highly recommend finding some

spiritual verses that resonate with you

and adding them in as well

in my vision book i have some powerful

verses from the bible which i typed on

my computer and printed out

i then inserted them into transparent

sleeves and then placed them in a three

ring binder

what i found to work best with me was to

alternate the pages of verses with the

pages of the pictures

feel free to customize your book to what

works for you

inside your book you will also have your

written goals which must be written in

the present tense

one really good way to do this is to

write them as affirmations or as

i am


let's assume that you are single and

your goal is to be in a loving


you could write your goal out as

i am so happy to be in a loving


the important thing to stress again is

that the statement must give you the

ability to have the feeling that it is


below that statement you could have a

picture of a smiling couple who looked

to be having a wonderful time together

when you are done your vision book

should look like a representation of the

life of your dreams

as the pictures in your book become your

actual reality and i promise you they


move those pages to the back of your


that way when you see them in the future

it will thoroughly reinforce the fact

that you are a co-creator and that you

have the power to manifest things into

your reality

now that you have created your vision

book it is time to use it

the vision book is really a tool for you

to use to create the feeling of already

having the life of your dreams

at this stage you have already defined

what it is that you want to have in your

life you know why you want it and you

have true passion for it showing up in

your life

having pictures of what it looks like

now is very powerful

i cannot explain to you exactly how it


all i can tell you is that when you

combine this with visualization you are

going to be blown away by the results

chapter 11

creative visualization and manifestation

before i get into how massively powerful

i believe the process of visualization

is for manifestation

let me first explain to you what i am

talking about

the process of visualization is to

actively use your imagination to create

the movie in your mind of what your

dream life looks and truly feels like

when done effectively you will be able

to create a visualization which will

seem as real to you as the dreams you

experience when you sleep

i am going to go through the techniques

i practice

and if you want to learn more i suggest

reading an excellent book entitled

creative visualization by shakti gawain

that's g-a-w-a-i-n

i learned the pink bubble technique

which i will discuss later straight from

shakti's book

the visualization process step by step

one of the things you must be able to

master to have really good


is the ability to quiet your mind

through meditation

if you are new to meditation don't worry

you are not going to have to get on a

plane to tibet to learn

it is a lot simpler than you might think

but i would suggest reading more on the


to begin

you need to be able to relax

turn off your outside thoughts

and bring your brain waves down to a

state known as alpha

at alpha you are completely relaxed but

you are still awake

alpha can best be described as the state

which you are in just before you fall

asleep at that level you are very

relaxed but you can still control your


one of the techniques i use to get into

alpha is to sit in a comfortable chair

close my eyes and relax

and then count backwards from fifteen to


i actually see the numbers and i relax

more and more as i count down

finally at one i arrive at alpha

and i am completely relaxed

once you are at alpha you can begin your

visualization process

when i first started to practice

visualization i would get into alpha and

imagine a beam of white light passing

through my body from the heavens to the

center of the earth

and it would flow in and out with each


and after a handful of breaths i would

feel a sense of connection with the


once i was at this level i would begin

my visualization process which would

last between five and ten minutes and i

would step into my dream life

or ideal scene where all of my goals had


an important note i would like to add


is that when you are in your ideal scene

you are not visualizing about how it is

to come about

instead you are enjoying being in the

end result

one of the most important things you

must have when visualizing is the

ability to generate the feeling of joy

and love that it has come true

and to bask in that good feeling

we live in a feeling universe and these

good feelings you experience are going

to attract more experiences for you to

have good feelings about

eventually these good feelings will be

accompanied by the actual manifestation

of the end result into your reality that

you are now visualizing

before you come out of your meditation

imagine the ideal scene now surrounded

by a pink bubble and get into a feeling

of total joy and gratitude to the

universe for bringing this to you

the next thing to do is to see the pink

bubble float higher and higher getting

smaller and smaller as it rises to the

heavens and eventually disappears

now slowly open your eyes and realize

that you have done your part and the

universe will bring it to you

know and feel this to be true without

any doubt

in the pink bubble technique just

described above the color pink is

associated with love which is the most

powerful force in the universe

the bubble floating to the heavens

represents detachment from the outcome

whereby you are not worried about it

coming true because you know that it is


my personal successes

i personally cannot tell you how truly

powerful i believe the power of creative

visualization to be

my personal belief is that when we are

practicing the techniques we are truly

operating as co-creators with the


and operating in the field of infinite

possibilities where anything and

everything can be created

there is going to be a time delay

between practicing your visualization


and when the things you want to show up

in your reality arrive

if you were someone who could operate at

the vibration level of a christ or

buddha the time delay would be much


the most important thing you need to do

is believe with faith that it is done

and on its way to you and that it is

only a matter of time before it shows up

the coolest thing is when it does show

up you will never see it coming ahead of


when you look back though sometimes you

will be able to connect the dots

a great example of this is when what

appear to be challenges in our lives

show up

sometimes the challenges are precisely

part of the universe's plan

and they are actually events needed to

create the circumstances for our dreams

to manifest

we don't realize this because we are not

able to peak behind the curtain to see

how it is all actually happening

don't become disappointed by mistaking

challenges as anything other than

everything working out perfectly

when your dreams manifest and they will

you will see that it was all part of a

master plan

to get you where you say you wanted to


do or have

acting as a co-creator and through using

creative visualization

i have and continue to manifest miracles

in my life

if you regularly practice visualization

the miracles that show up will be yours

and is that going to feel good or what

i do need to make you aware of something

before we close this chapter

sometimes for whatever reason you are

going to have days where you seem unable

to get into the zone and will have

difficulty visualizing

on an occasional basis this happens to

me as well

don't worry about it

when this does happen and it will

just work on one of the other techniques

such as scripting which we will discuss

in the next chapter

this will keep you on track and focused

on your path to the life of your dreams

chapter 12


scripting which is sometimes referred to

as journaling is a great technique i use

regularly to get into the feeling that

my dreams have manifested

it is a really easy exercise to do

and it is great when you are pressed for


there is something very powerful about

writing words down on paper

it is especially powerful when you are

writing them down while simultaneously

having a feeling of gratitude

it only takes a few minutes and you can

generate some amazing feelings of truly

having it now

it is important that you find a quiet

place to write without distractions

from there break out your paper and

pencil and start writing about the

miracles that you want to have

materialize in your life and the

associated feelings of joy and gratitude

now that they have become your reality

you should be able to generate the same

level of feelings when you are scripting

as you do when you are having a good day


what i normally do is start off with a

statement such as

i am so happy about


and then i start writing about and

describing how good it feels to have

blank in my reality

sometimes i will focus on practice

scripting on one of my goals

other times i will script for a longer

period of time and write about my entire

ideal scene and the feelings of joy i

have for it manifesting into my life

don't worry about your penmanship or

spelling when you are doing this


what is more important is that you can

get into the flow and just let the words

and feelings come out

never feel as if you are forcing the

words to come out and never think or

write about how it is coming to you

remember you are writing in the present

tense and it has already happened

a brief example

let's say one of your goals is to have a

cabin in the mountains

here's how i might write about it


i cannot believe how much i love

spending time at our new cabin next to

the lake

i love meditating next to the crystal

clear pristine waters every morning

i feel so at peace here

the kids are having such a great time

swimming that i can barely get them to

come out of the water to eat

the sunsets over the lake are absolutely


and i love the cool evenings here

lord i cannot thank you enough for my

beautiful cabin

i love being here so much that i never

want to leave

thank you thank you thank you

if you have done this exercise correctly

when you are done writing you should

really be basking in a feeling of joy

and gratitude

another method of scripting is to

imagine that you are writing a letter to

a very close friend or loved one

and you are telling them all about the

miracles that have happened to you

the more detailed you can be about your

feelings and the experience the better

you can use scripting to improve any

area of your life that you wish to


one of the things that i do when i am

scripting is to add the pink bubble

visualization technique when i am done


thereby releasing it to the universe to

manifest it back to my reality

chapter 13


affirmations are powerful statements

that you repeatedly say aloud back to


the idea behind them is to put your

subconscious mind to work on bringing

these affirmations into your reality

the affirmations are always written or

said in the present tense and they are

always positive

your subconscious mind does not

recognize the words no and not

so do not use them when you create your


let's say one of your goals is to lose

50 pounds and to get back down to your

ideal fit body weight of 130 pounds

rather than creating an affirmation that

says i am no longer fat

a better way would be the following


i feel great maintaining my perfect

weight of 130.

some people have had great experiences

with saying their affirmations while

staring at themselves in the mirror

the technique which resonated best with

me was to add this specific language to

my affirmations

at the beginning i would add the words

in an easy and relaxed manner in a

healthy and positive way i am now

then state my affirmation

and then i would close with

in its own perfect time

for the highest good of all concerned

this or something better is now

manifesting on my behalf

i have to credit mark allen for this

technique which i learned from reading

his book the millionaire course


one of my actual affirmations

in an easy and relaxed manner in a

healthy and positive way

i am now building financial success

which is beyond my wildest dreams

in its own perfect time

for the highest good of all concerned

this or something better is now

manifesting on my behalf

this was one of the affirmations i

created back during the time i was

working on my 12 crazy goals

in closing i think the best method to

practice affirmations

is to create one for each of your goals

and then to repeat them when you first


and again just before sleep

then visualize and see them as all being

true in your mind before drifting off to


chapter 14

as if

think speak and act as if

is a technique whereby you get into the

mindset and feeling of being having and


what you are doing is creating a state

of mind in which you feel as if you have

already achieved your goals and you

create these feelings ahead of the

actual event

you also combine this with action and do

the things you will do when your dream

life manifests as well as acquiring the

knowledge that you will need to be ready

when your goals show up

one of the things you may need to get

over is the concept of make believe as

something only children play

you live in a world that is make believe

and never forget it

wherever you are in life right now

is a result of what you have believed

and made

now that you have been told this it is

time for you to use this knowledge to

your advantage

think of this as being similar to your


except that now you are doing them and

you are fully conscious

to better get this concept across

let me give you an example from my life

the color of money a few years after i

bought that white lexus ls400 which i

wrote about earlier in the book

i found myself wanting the newer model

lexus ls430

i put a lot of miles on the ls 400 and i

love the car

but it was starting to wear out after i

put about a hundred and eighty thousand

miles on the odometer

one of the things i liked best about the

newer ls430

was that they added a wood insert into

the steering wheel and dashboard which

really dressed up the interior

knowing the power of being a co-creator

i drove down to the local lexus dealer

and picked up one of their sales

brochures which had a bunch of great

pictures of both the exterior and

interior of the car

i then cut out the best picture of the

car and put it in my vision book and i

put the brochure in my hour of power bag

which i brought to the beach each day

after a while i really knew what my new

car looked like

when i would walk off the beach and get

back to the ls 400 i would imagine that

i was opening the trunk of my ls430

and i would get into the feeling of how

great it felt to have this beautiful car

with a fantastic interior

another thing i would do

is to visualize and see in my mind's eye

the wood accent interior of the ls430

while driving the ls-400

this technique worked best when i would

drive in the early morning before


another thing i would do to get ready

for the ls430

was research on various internet sites

to figure out what the true market value

was for each year

i would then shop for ls430s

on ebay motors

and i would look at all the pictures

that the sellers posted on their ads

when i saw one that i liked

i would take it one step further and

plug the information into another site

which would give me a valuation based on

the year options and mileage

i really liked my ls400 as it had

reached out and found me so i felt

loyalty to her

one morning i hopped in the car to drive

to an appointment to show a house to a


and the car was completely dead after

messing around with it for 10 minutes

and covered in sweat from the sweltering

florida summer

i finally started the car and made it to

my appointment

when i got home after showing the

appointment i went directly to ebay

motors and found a deal on a beautiful

dark green ls 430 nearby

and i clicked the buy it now button

after a few days i appropriately named

the car the color of money

the feeling i had now when physically

driving the ls430 was exactly the same

as the as if feeling i created when

driving the ls400

now in the morning when i came off of

the beach i was really putting my beach

chair and bag into an ls430

all i could do was smile and feel

gratitude which is precisely how i

prepared for this day

through practicing as if

whatever it is that you want make sure

that you do your homework to prepare


then practice the feeling of as if for

having it now

and feel real gratitude for it is just a

matter of time before it manifests into

your reality

chapter 15

putting it all together

these techniques that i have described

to you in this book are the exact ones i

used successfully to manifest miracles

in my life

if you want to manifest the life of your

dreams you now have all the tools to do

just that

feel free to use them in combination or

as standalone techniques

over time you might want to change them

around so that you stay focused and

fresh the most important thing that

makes these techniques work is your

faith and belief that they are already

done and on their way

i hope that the miracles which i have

manifested successfully using these

techniques have made you into a believer

in the fact that you are a co-creator

and that you have the ability to truly

create the life of your dreams

i hope that you will share this

knowledge with everyone that you love as

they too deserve to live the life of

their dreams

we are all here to help each other and

imagine the joy you will feel when they

tell you that you have totally changed

their lives

i have given you all the knowledge and

tools you will need to be do or have

whatever it is that you want

it is now up to you to take action

i wish you godspeed on your journey all

the best pete

goalssuccessself helpadvice

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