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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich

By M. F.PaulPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Think and Grow Rich is a book on entrepreneurship and personal growth focused on people who want to get rich. Napoleon Hill was a writer well known for writing books of this genre, and Think and Grow Rich has become a benchmark of this type.

The author tells us the technique, or as he likes to call it, "the secret" to professional success.

We can find the book divided into several chapters, each one focused on a part of the "secret" to becoming a rich person. At the same time that he explains techniques and ways to apply everything he teaches, he intersperses it with anecdotes, personal experiences, and above all, scientific data that verify what he says at all times.

In Think and Grow Rich I have been able to find the scientific answer to all the points that personal growth books make. For example, many books, such as The Power of Trusting You, talk about how important affirmations are to be able to believe what we think as if they were happening right now. However, he does not give a reason based on science. In the Think and Grow Rich book, apart from explaining the importance of affirmations, we can read that it is due to autosuggestion of our brain to be able to believe that we have what we want, and as a consequence, act in the correct way in order to achieve it.

I also really liked that it includes some "exercises" to make it easier for us to apply everything it tells us. Because it is not an easy book to read, and adding the formal way of writing of this gentleman, it may become a heavy book for some.

However, I think it is such a well explained and written book that I understand why it has become so famous since its release. If you have read the book of The Secret (there is also a documentary available on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video), you have surely realized that magic seems to exist.

Well, in the book Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill tells us in a subtle way that magic does not exist. Everything is in the head, and if we know how to control our mind we will be one step above the rest (it is not about feeling superior, but about being aware of all the weapons we have to achieve what we set out to do).

It has made me realize that there really is no such thing as a secret, but that there are many factors that influence a person to "get rich."

The first thing is to strongly desire what you want. If you ardently desire it, surely there is more possibility of achieving your goal.

Second, it has to be based on faith. Napoleon Hill explains in great detail how important it is to have faith.

Third, having specialized knowledge of something. You cannot possess wealth without having knowledge.

"Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success."

So on until we have absolute control over our mind, showing us what it is capable of achieving if we manage our thoughts well. Think and Grow Rich is a good book to read if you have a goal or want to start a business, start a new adventure, or just try to improve yourself as a person. Although it is a book written in 1937, it will never "go out of style." Because no matter how much the world is updated, the human mind will continue to work the same unless we change it with artificial intelligence.

Many people believe that this book gives you the keys to get rich quickly and easily. And that's why they feel ripped off after reading it. However, I think that it does give you those keys, but you have to do your part to be able to build your future.

Think and grow rich is the basis of every entrepreneur who wants to be successful, because with this "guide" you have an advantage over the rest. The advantage of managing your thoughts and your mind so that it works for you.

"The mental state of wanting something is the starting point for attracting success."

Thought is the only thing we can control, and it is the one that directly decides your destiny. In this book, Napoleon Hill also explains the reasons for the failure of many people, and the reason for the success of others. He gives examples of famous people, like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, which help to believe that we too can achieve that level of success.

Napoleon Hill was a very well-known person, and through his personal brand and his great knowledge he has continued to be present even though he is not physically here. For what it's worth reading Think and Grow Rich and knowing "the secret" to creating your fortune.


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