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The Victory of The Cross

How do you view the cross

By Jenny KingPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
The Victory of The Cross
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Is the cross a failure? It looks like a failure. It looks very foolish. The Lord seemed unable to do anything for himself. He looked so vulnerable and weak. The cross becomes a stumbling block for many. And the cross may also become a stumbling block for us in our path of faith if we couldn't explain our own suffering and link it with the cross.

Many people may ask "If he is truly the son of God, why he couldn't save himself from the terrible death and torture?" If we couldn't see the love on the cross, we may reason like this. "If I am truly the son of God, why I couldn't live a comfortable life and get rid of all the pains and sufferings? "It seems to be so foolish to believe a God like this. If we use the value of this world to examine everything, we may fail to understand "Why the Lord need to die on the cross?" "Why he suffered himself to serve us this way?" "Why he taught us the ones who serve are the masters in heaven?"

In my family, my mother is the one who serves most. She needs to do many housework and takes care of other family members' need. She always helps my grandparents with the farming work in our yard. She always serves me to buy clothes for me and cook for me. She is always there where there is need. Why she serves like this? It is because she cares the family most. She loves us most. And if I made any mistake, she will try to help me solve every problems. That's how parents take care of their children.

That's how our Lord take care of our problems of sin. He bears the penalty of death himself for us. He didn't avoid all the pain and sufferings. He was willing to carry the heavy burden for us. He gave his life for us to redeem our sins- our arrogance, our enviness, our heatred.

The cross seemed to be desperate for our Lord but he was willing to carry it with love. He viewed the cross as a victory of love. He was determined to carry the cross for us.

The image of Jesus is totally different from the image of Adam and Eve. When Adam sinned, he said it was because of Eve. She gave that fruit to me. He blamed his wife for his sin. But when Jesus was on the cross, when he was at his most painful moment, he didn't blame others. He didn't pray to his father, Oh God, look at these sinners. Their sin was so great. Instead, he asked for forgiveness for those who killed him. And those who killed him thought they were doing the correct things. They were ignorant of what they were doing.

The cross was the most painful death not only physically but also spiritually. It looks so shameful to die on the cross with two others criminals. And according to the law, it is a kind of death that was cursed. The Roman soldiers despised him and teased him.

The seemingly unbearable pain both spiritually and physically didn't crush Jesus. But he winned all of these with love. His love devoured all the hatredness and enviness. He forgave them with love when he was in his most dark, painful, terrible, desparete time. He didn't lose his faith toward the love of God when he was most suffering. All of our sins are exposed in front of the cross. Our heart of unforgiveness was exposed. When our hearts are touched by this love, we can lay down our unblief and hatrednes.

Satan was totally failed in front of the cross. Before the cross, it was the circulation of the history of hatredness and desperation. There were many conflicts and death. But Jesus claimed it is finished on the cross. A new era began. It was the era of love and forgiveness. Satan may feel he won since he killed Jesus. But the true believers were totally changed by the heart of Jesus who walked this path of cross with self emptiness and self denial love. A world of love and harmony can be achieved with the reconciliation of God and man.


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Jenny King

Hi, welcome! May grace and love fill your heart everyday! I would like to share my chrisitian journey, my grace and lessons from God with you here. I am a prayer person. When you pray, you may taste the glory of heaven!

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