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The Unbecoming

by Marissa Luna ☽❁ 11 months ago in advice

An inward journey

The Unbecoming
“ Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, in order to become who you were meant to be in the first place.” ~ Paulo Cohelo

How old were you when you first woke up to the fact that you’d been living your life for everyone else but yourself? How long had the world been telling you exactly who you needed to be? Have you even met your true self yet? This is me really asking in my best smoky Absolem the caterpillar voice, “WHO ARE YOU?”



Swirling all around us everyday are images and ads suggesting that we need to look, dress, act, even live in certain ways in order to be socially accepted and successful. Anything less is considered wild or deviant. Well I am here to tell you that no amount of altering your appearance or your life in order to fit in will make you feel complete. Why? Because I’ve tried all that and speaking from experience... nothing feels more freeing than coming out from beneath the giant pile of labels and embracing who you really are. In that moment you begin to shine in a way that no one else can. ————————————————————

Change for yourself~

It all started with a haircut. I remember that morning how frustration filled my mind. I ran my fingers through my long flowing hair, gazing into the dorm room mirror trying to decide what I wanted to do with it. What I’d once considered beautiful had now become a burden to care for. “No one’s arms should hurt after styling their’s just ridiculous unnecessary pain,” I thought and off I drove to the salon. I’d always loved picking out the different smells in a hair salons... and how all of the scents to me symbolized the process of a beautiful fresh start. Coco Chanel’s famous hair quote was posted on the wall next to the chair I sat down in, I did want to change my life I thought as the stylist began to work her magic. My chameleon soul was tired of being ignored. Post chop I felt ten thousand times lighter, happy and confident. “Now this is something I can actually work with,” I thought as I looked in the mirror. I felt more myself already!! But as the day went on I was met with mixed reviews and comments like, “You are always beautiful but I liked your long hair better,” and “Omg why would you cut your hair?!?” My then very impressionable self went from being ecstatic to diminished over the idea that maybe I wasn’t meant to have short hair and that I needed to grow it out again in order to be considered beautiful... a notion my now self chuckles at daily. Another laughable irony is that I am actually thankful for those experiences, no matter how difficult or painful. Had I not been met with such resistance when I chose to express my individuality I would’ve never stumbled across my own personal power or embraced such radical self love. I proudly write in this now moment, that the me of today gives absolutely zero f***’s what you, your mom, the media or the world thinks about me or who I should be. I change for me and and that’s a pretty blissful place to be in life. ————————————————————-

Unbecome to Become~

Writing these words down I asked myself: How many times did I allow myself to be changed or discouraged for no reason other than wanting to be accepted and loved? How many times did I walk on eggshells or hide pieces of my soul in order to make others more comfortable? When would it stop? How many others out there know this feeling and need to hear they aren’t alone? I want to challenge anyone reading this to do some inner reflection, as all lasting change begins within. Ask yourself what in your own life have you been suppressing and what you can do to change that for the better along your journey?? Isn’t it about time you threw the label bag in the trash?? Maybe even love yourself exactly as you are? Why not ask your soul what it wants? What preprogrammed ideas have been holding you back from your full potential? Imagine the most beautiful, magical version of yourself possible and hear me when I say: that is exactly who you will become as you shed the weight of all those layers of negativity!! If you were waiting for a sign that it’s time to cancel all your self- limiting subscriptions, this is it!! The time is now...Unburden, Unlabel, Unbecome.

Marissa Luna ☽❁
Marissa Luna ☽❁
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