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The Story of Hopeful People

The pillar of success

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
The Story of Hopeful People
Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Japanese citizen Soichiro Honda is one such soldier who won the battle of life. He who dreams of success after repeated failures, remembers hope. He liked to work with machinery since his childhood. He left home at the age of fifteen. But he had no formal education. He left home and went to Tokyo. There he took a job as a cleaner in a garage and took care of the owner's young children. He wanted to become an engineer at Toyota but his wish was not fulfilled. Yet he did not give up, did not stop. He tried to make a scooter at home.

He didn't make the mistake of trying. He works day and night. In 1946 he was able to make the first motorized bicycle. In continuation of their success, he established 'Honda Motor Company. The world-renowned brand 'Honda Company' was built on self-confidence, hard work, and perseverance. Success embraces him. The mentality of not giving up brought him so much success. Had he been a pessimist, he would not have come this far.

Various studies have also shown that hope helps us reduce stress and depression and overcome depression. Optimists believe that they will be able to stick to their goals, which creates a positive image in their minds. Optimists lead much healthier lives. They regularly eat healthy food, exercise, and do many other good things that increase their expectations.

Optimists are always motivated. They love to take on challenges. They know what they are doing. They are committed to their work. Enthusiasm working in the mind expands insight. A solution mindset is created. As a result, optimism spreads in the mind. Optimism is not a false or strange concept. It cannot be ignored. 'I can't' — optimism plays a leading role in the diagnosis of this sentence. True optimism does not shy away from challenges. It never knows how to make excuses. Don't take the easy road by avoiding danger. Optimism never pretends. Its job is to consider the real situation and find the best ways to overcome the danger. Its job is to instill the belief that something good is about to happen. Optimists know how to work hard. Optimism is always smiling, always alive.

Optimism is a state of mind when you only think about your success. This does not mean that you can ignore the negative moments and move on, rather optimism teaches you to stay positive even in negative moments. A cousin of mine expressed his desire to start a school in an underdeveloped village after completing his graduation 3 years ago. There are many hurdles in the beginning. He did not have enough money to start school. Also, there was a shortage of good quality teachers. Even after all these difficulties, the parents were not getting enough response. Household chores are given more importance than education in rural families. They think that there is no special benefit in studying. However, my brother did not stop. He gradually overcame all obstacles. He went to people's homes and requested them to send their children to school. Now there is a fairly good awareness among parents about the education of small children in that village. Worked hard every day, and accompanied the teachers to the children's homes. I saw a boundless will in my brother. If there is a strong will in the mind, the possibility can be achieved. Believe me, I'm telling the truth.

By Anders Nord on Unsplash

My mother planted several lemon trees in the backyard. One of these trees fell under the flood. The seedling tree was uprooted due to flood water flowing over the tree. My mother told me and my younger brother to replant the tree But we told my two brothers and mother that this tree will not survive. It can no longer spawn. But my mother did not give up hope. He replanted that little lemon tree seedling and told us that the tree might grow. But what an amazing thing! A few months later, I saw that the dead tree was reborn! Not only that, this tree produces more lemons than other lemon trees. My mother was optimistic about the tree so she replanted it. As was the case with the tree, there are moments in our lives when we just give up hope. I was disappointed.


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