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The Potentiality of Hope

Maximum people don't know the power of hope

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
The Potentiality of Hope
Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash

Hope is the discrete possibility hidden within the mind. It is a flash of light like the rays of the rising sun. Hope is a multidimensional trait, which can also be referred to as an emotion or quality. Hope is our main helper in people living healthy and living a stable life. Believe me, if you have hope you can do the impossible. Optimists can do the impossible with their faith. Hope is a sacred feeling and has an infinite power to transform. It is by the strength of hope that one survives in the face of ongoing disappointments and inadequacies in one's life.

You'll hear people say, hopefully, a positive outlook on many things, which can be different in each of our lives. We need to stay positive for the future. Different types of dangers appear before us at different times. So we need strength and courage to face the danger so that we don't break down in this danger And an optimistic attitude certainly helps us to gain this strength and courage.

Once I met a young footballer. He is a divisional club-level player. A very talented player He has won several awards and achievements at such a young age. Talking to him I discovered something different. He shared with me stories of challenging past life. He suffered a serious leg injury while playing football before the Divisional level. The condition was so bad that the doctor forbade him to play football. The doctor predicted that it would take at least 8 months for his injury to heal. The boy also told me, 'I was very disappointed. I did not understand what to do. I was just crying and thinking, maybe I won't be able to play football anymore. Despair and darkness surrounded me. But the hope of becoming a footballer still did not end in my mind. I believed in myself. As I gradually recovered, I began to develop a strong desire to play football again. I was very positive about playing football. I continue to slowly recover. I continue to treat my feet with great care. Although the doctor gave me an ultimatum of 8 months, I made a full recovery within 5 months and slowly returned to football. I didn't give up hope. I knew I could play football again. My inner motivation may have helped me slowly back to my previous state.

Self-confidence, motivation, and enthusiasms are personal thoughts or wisdom. When doctors forbade him to play football, he did not give up hope. So it is clear that if you are influenced by others regarding your goals and objectives, you will not achieve the desired success. Your dreams, your needs, or desires should revolve solely around you. Here your wishes are the last and most important.

By Henri Pham on Unsplash

A few days ago I met a familiar gentleman. I met him about seven years ago. But the way I saw him then is not similar to his current appearance. Now he looks much smarter than before. His clothes have changed a lot. Seven years ago he gave a motorbike workshop. He is well versed in the mechanical work of motorbikes. When he started the business, he invested only $500 and hired only one assistant. But when he spoke to me only seven years later, he talked about different aspects of his business. Now he has turned his small workshop into a mid-sized company. Apart from the workshop, he also runs a motorcycle shop. His company generates $2000 worth of business transactions daily. All motorbike parts now adorn his shop. About 90-100 workers are working in his company.

But his business journey to where he is today was not easy at all. He was prevented from starting the shop by his family. His wife forbade him to give the workshop. His wife feared that the workshop might close due to a lack of regular work. But as this gentleman had confidence in himself, he also assured his wife, 'You see, my workshop will be a reputed institution one day. The gentleman kept his word. Because he was skilled in that work and believed that if the service is good then people will come to get the service.


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