The Secret to Life

by Julia Thornton 2 years ago in advice

Are you ready?

The Secret to Life

I want to tell you a secret.

No, I need to tell you a secret.

Listen close and remember, they do not want me telling you.

They have worked so hard to keep it hidden that even though it is available for those who search, they have you conditioned so well that you will not even try and ask the right questions.

They are brilliant, I cannot deny that; but even brilliance stems from understanding, and the misuse of understanding is what results in disaster when the wrong minds are given authority.

I will tell you who they are, and I will reveal the truth, but I need to know that you trust me.

That you understand that I love you all and I am here, stating in this very moment, in this very piece of writing, that you are worth it.

I am revealing this to you because I believe you deserve the good life, the happiness, the joy, the understanding, and the freedom that it will bring you.

That I pray it will bring you.

Remember, I stem from love, they do not.

The secret is this, my lovelies:

Everything that you feel, that this cannot be it, that life is more than this pain, that there is something you're missing, that goodness is out there, that we've gotten lost a long the way, that we were truly created for a purpose...

is correct.

I am here, telling you with all the certainty in my body, in my heart, in my mind, in my spirit, that YES!

You were created for so much more.

If you don't believe me, then right now I need you to do something. I want you to look down at your fingertips. No seriously, look at them. For a few moments, maybe even minutes, I want you to study them. Follow the lines, the curves, the intricacy, and the perfection.

Did you know that your fingerprint is unique to you? I bet you did, and I bet you underestimate the power of that.

If you were simply a creation of your parents, you would simply be a combination of them. But there's something to you that is undefinable. That's separate from your family. That makes you unique in the sense that you are your own human being, and despite the fact that you were created from humans, there is something within you that is completely its own.

Human beings are the only species alive that have the ability for complex thought, feelings, and creation.


We are the only species that does whatever we desire. Because. We. Can.

We create for joy, entertainment, experience, understanding, and progression. We use all that's been blessed to us in this world, and when we do it right, we seem to generate all kinds of happiness.

Dogs. Yea we got that right.

Art. Yea we got that right.

Movies. Yea those are incredible.


Like us, that is something uniquely its own. I could not tell you where that actually comes from, when it was created, or why, with us, it was created.

But don't you feel that you are at your best, most human, most alive self when you feel love?

I can promise you, that wherever your being comes from, the essence of you and your thoughts and desires and personality, is where love comes from too.

So buckle up buttercups and get ready for some truth. Because I'm tired of the lies, and I'm tired of the pain, and I'm tired of THEM.

I am not them. I am yours. I am your friend, your hype team, your fellow human. I am on this Earth just as you are and I have secrets to share.

Listen closely because if you aren't looking for the answers, you wont find them.

But I have a secret source that soon I'll share with you. I speak on behalf of the creator, and the creator is what drives me to uncover the truth. But until then stay tuned and stay alert. You're worth more than whatever you're going through right now.

I love you.

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