The Problem with Society

by Abigail Hoy 2 years ago in happiness

It's a terrible thing.

The Problem with Society

At one time, you've probably heard a friend or someone else say something like this:

"I'm so ugly."

You may have told them no, you're gorgeous! Spoiler alert, everyone reading this, you are. You're incredible, and each and every one of you is amazing and unique.

The only problem, is that in modern society, it's cool, ahem, to have low self-esteem. Yeah, shocker, I know. It's horrible. Thinking you’re terrible at everything is somehow okay, and nobody blinks an eye when someone says:

"Ugh, I'm AN IDIOT! I can't do anything right."

Or even:

"I'm total trash."

If you keep thinking like that and if you keep telling yourself that, you are going to start believing it, until your self esteem is at an all time low. (After reading this, DO NOT start saying to yourself: "lol, whoever this person is, obviously doesn't know me, because I AM worthless." Don't. Just don't.)

The world is going to try to tear you apart, and let me tell you the secret to life.

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE OR THINK YOU ARE WORTHLESS. Life is cruel, but you have to realize you, yes you, are wonderful, fierce and an actual legend. You're alive every day and THAT is actually succeeding. Nobody is worthless. Start telling yourself you're awesome, because you are. You deserve the world, and everyone matters.

On the flip side, people who have high self esteem are often judged as being full of themselves (just ask Shannel from Season One of RuPaul's Drag Race).

Here's the thing. This is life trying to tear you down for having high self esteem. If you believe you are amazing and special, you are, and if you believe you are awful and gross, you are still incredible and special! It takes so long to have the littlest bit of self esteem. I commend those who have high self esteem. They're not full of themselves or self absorbed. They believe in themselves. it's hard to do that when the outside world is telling you bad things about yourself. Too thin, too fat, too tall, too short, not special, not deserving.

THAT IS NOT TRUE. DON'T SAY YOU ARE ANY OF THOSE. If love is a battlefield, life is a full on war, life vs. you. While it seems like everyone is against you, just knowing you ARE a champion and talented is the best gift you can ever give yourself.

Only, you've probably judged people based on their self esteem. I mean, I've done it too. You might not have wanted to hang out with someone who had high self esteem, because you might have thought they were stuck-up and delusional even. Trying to bring their self esteem down sucks. Again, having self esteem helps you in life!

The magazines with airbrushed people don't help, and neither do the crazy skinny models. If you can't help but feel jealous of their life, tell yourself I don't look like them, I look like me, and I am beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Life is hard, but luckily, we can make it better. We have the power to change our whole life. Instead of telling yourself bad things, tell yourself you are deserving, wonderful and beautiful, even if you don't believe it. While you may think having high self esteem means you're full of yourself, it just means you realize yourself for the person you truly are. Society can be problematic, ie the fact it's okay to think any less of yourself, and if you do you are seen as stuck up. Nobody should get any hate for thinking they are incredible, because they are! It's never, never okay to judge based on self esteem. If you have low self esteem, you ARE amazing, and if you believe that, that's what matters.

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