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The Problem of Pessimistic People

They only think about their failure

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
The Problem of Pessimistic People
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Talent alone cannot improve the quality of life. It requires effort. If you are the head of an organization or have many employees under you, keep knocking on the door of success. Keep working hard in such a way that your subordinates are inspired by you. Convince yourself that you care enough to bring forth the tide of work in all. Remember, there is no substitute for hard work to achieve a big dream.

Pessimistic people always have a reluctance to work. They don't work hard. They think success will take care of itself. But when they can sense that failure is imminent, they suffer from depression. If they fail to achieve success due to a lack of hard work, they tend to blame fate.

Another factor that causes depression is not being active from the start. Small jobs or big jobs, whatever you do? The desired success requires proper planning and gradual implementation. By working according to plan, the work of time can be completed on time. Professional life is an important part of our life. So always think about your work or your actions and stay positive. If you show reluctance to work, it is your loss. You have to get rid of your bad habits gradually.

Time never waits for anyone. It runs at its own pace. So try to use the time properly. If the work of time is not completed on time, those works are accumulated. It is not possible to complete the work within the specified time. As a result, depression is created in the mind. You are bound to get into trouble if you keep things that must be done unnecessarily. Wise people never stop working. Pessimists push past idle times to get things done. Later on, the work that is kept is a curse for them. They suffer from stress and depression.

Blaming fate is a great example of human instinct. Pessimists, who have no hope of success on their own, blame everything on fate. If they fail, they blame fate. There is no scrutinizing, reviewing, or rational thinking among them.

I have an acquaintance with a businessman. He has been providing such services including computer training, printing, and typing for about 15 years. But even after doing business for 15 years, he could not expand his business scope. His earnings have increased but the scope has not. What is the cause of his condition? Although he was very skilled in these tasks, he did not make any visionary decisions or plans. He could not change himself with the change of time. He could not update himself with modern machinery or other machinery. As a result, his position remains the same. He often blames fate now. He feels that luck has never been in his favor. So he could not improve. But luck was not the only cause of his misfortune. He blames fate for not taking the necessary measures to improve himself.

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A friend of mine wanted to work in a bank. But now he blames fate for not getting a bank job. He says, "Many people are getting bank jobs. But why am I not getting bank jobs?" But I don't agree with him. He was not qualified to work in a bank. He doesn't study properly. He did not have all the skills required to get a job in a bank. So naturally, he did not get a job in the bank.

So it is not right to blame fate only if it fails. Successful people check themselves once they fail. They find the reasons for their failure and try to improve on them. It observes whether they have the necessary qualifications to succeed. But pessimists blame fate when they fail. They mock fate to cover their failure. Stay away from such people.


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