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The Marigold Path

YOU are the most important person in YOUR life

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

I haven’t left the house.. I don’t know why, I just can’t . I fill a glass with tap water and take a drink. It’s quiet.

There are marigolds on the front path, I see them as I open the door, I don’t know if someone brought them for me , or just dropped a bunch and they blew here , or some animal spread them here , but they do bring colour on what I feel is a dark day.

There is no reason for me to feel it is a bad day , but the fact I have not left the house , the clouds are dark, it is quiet, there is no sound , this is not conducive to feeling good.

Looking at the strewn marigolds, suddenly I saw a golden path. The marigolds were showing me that I should go out and get back into the world.

I should not withdraw into myself but walk into the world and enjoy the myriad small things that make life enjoyable.

My house is full of books , with radios , a TV , computers , and musical instruments that hep me expand my mind and relax, but walking out in the fresh air to places makes you happy and also is good for you.

You can feel your body benefit from the walking , which may be slow or brisk , but it gets the blood flowing which in turn stimulates your mind, makes you feel better , and make you want to do more.

You can see things , and if they are worth taking, take photographs to remember the times by and enjoy when you are at home and share with others.

I am lucky to have monuments and museums and libraries in walking distance to visit. As well as that there are lots of public places to go and enjoy , and sometimes you just need something to pish you to get out there.

Today I wrote a blog post here about lots of things that were really not making me happy, but I am lucky enough to realise that sometimes you need to lighten up and to make yourself happy.

Remember you are the most important person in your life. That may sound incredibly selfish but if you do not keep yourself in top condition physically and mentally you cannot be there for others when they need support , so it is good to look after yourself.

The Lit & Phil

I spoke to a new neighbour today telling her about how close Hadrian’s Wall was , plus the Roman Temple , Wall Turret’s and back in Newcastle the wonderful Lit and Phil building , and amazing private library open to the public who’s president is Alexander Armstrong.. That would not have happened if I had not left the house.

There does not have to be a reason but the marigold path was the trigger that got me out there. The marigolds have blown away now but I have walked , seen street art , visited a shop or two (but couldn’t find anything to buy but who cares, I talked with people got fresh air and a little exercise and now I am home writing this and feeling definitely on the up.

One of the reasons I have finished the day in such a good mood is that I was listening to Julian Cope throughout the day , so I think I need to share one of his songs and I haven’t heard “Eve’s Volcano” from “Saint Julian” for absolutely ages , so really it has to be the one.

So if you feel you can’t get out , look for the marigold path and let it lead you out there to a better place for you and everyone you know.

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