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The Love for Movement

why we should create art, not content

By Laura Blu SandíaPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
movement by the ocean by blusandia

We live in an era of content creators. We all want to be like that famous influencer making money with their creations - don't we? The question is, what do you want to share with this world?

I, personally, love to dance. I have since I was not more than a thought in my mother's mind. I was created to the sound of freedom. The first steps I took were inspired by music.

I want to tell my story through dance. I want to express my innermost being through movement. And I am not talking Tik Tok dances here.

For me, movement is transformation, and transformation is healing. I have been dancing all my life because deep down I always knew that movement is my medicine.

movement by the ocean by blusandia

Let me explain this.

Movement is creation. In the Andean tradition, there are many stories about the creation of this world – and all of them include dance. It is said that the ancient gods used to dance to create the earth, sky and sea. Dance is the movement of energies that lead to manifestation. When I dance, I shake up my emotions and thoughts to manifest those energies in movement.

Everything we do, feel or think is movement - writing, walking, breathing, cooking, making love, talking, worrying. Creation is in constant movement – birthing and dying to each moment. Through movement, we transform and heal our body, mind and soul – which ultimately leads to growth. We explore ourselves in motion, find our intuition and how we want to express ourselves in this world.

Movement is communication. You don’t need to learn a language to understand this universal expression. When we move, we bring what’s inside of us to the surface and come into dialogue with the outside world. When we find our own style of movement, our own essence – we flourish. It is a celebration of life. We are in a constant cycle of experiencing, transforming, growing and celebrating.

I think you get what I mean.

We are all looking for our purpose, our passion in life - don't you?

The most beautiful moment of my life was when I finally realized that for me, everything is connected to dance. I always knew that through my movement I have a great gift to give to this world. But then something always seemed to hold me back ...

Because truth is, the one thing you love the most is the most difficult to do.

Why is that?

movement by the ocean by blusandia

Fear of failure, the pressure of perfectionism and the temptation of laziness. There is no greater obstacle than the one we create in our head. And when we are starting to find our path and follow our passion, the first thing that comes to our head are doubts, fears and insecurities. When the light wants to shine, the darkness will do everything to stop it.

The dance world is a tough business. Trust me, I know.

I used to totally emerge myself in the dance world. I was taking classes every day of the week, I took workshops, was part of a professional dance company, performed at different events, spent almost all my free time with my crew - I even started my own group and worked on a charity dance project. So yes, I was 100% involved in the dance world. And I felt great. The truth is you feel awesome, once you are inside. But beware, my friend, if you are outside of this world, and you come to take a peak, you might feel anything but awesome. And this is where I learnt what happens when the ego comes to dance.

Superficiality, competition, judgement, criticism, superiority, insecurity, anxiety, pressure and more.

For me, dancing should be like eating your favourite ice cream, like taking a picture with the person you adore, like unpacking Christmas gifts, like kissing the guy you have been in love with since forever… It just makes you happy.

But the path to that realization was a long one.

movement by the ocean by blusandia

I had to drip over my own feet many, many times. I stopped dancing for many years.

Until I understood that I needed to dance with my heart, not my body.

I always knew my passion for dance was the key to find my wings and fly. But I asked myself — how? And then I realised, that I didn’t need to have it all figured out. I just needed to start. I needed to start dancing, every single day. No matter how I feel, no matter where I am, I need to push myself to move.

And that is what I did. I finally started to create what I came here for.

And in that movement journey, I started to get a glimpse of something I didn’t recognise before. A long-forgotten joy, a deeply hidden power, a creative force. I started to become curious – curious about the world.

This journey of reconnection can best be explained like this:

A dimmed light began to shine through the thick wall,

doubts started to crumble.

No one or no thing can motivate us. Motivation is self-created, as soon as you make the decision to grow.

It wasn’t always easy. Many days I had to force myself to take the first step.

But after I closed my eyes and began to move,

everything changed.

The messages started to become clearer, the movement more intimate.

My creativity sparkled to the surface

and with it, hidden thoughts and longing attitudes,

searching for love in places I have never been.

In all my confusion I raised my hands together and started to pray that the sky may bless my every step to show me the way.

I took the decision to use my time wisely

spending every single day

doing what I love.

God gives us energy every single morning. the question is — how will we use it? To create, celebrate, smile, give and adore — or to waste it away?

I listen inside and I find the answer. I find the path. I find the truth. It has never been far.

Our shadows will always be there, right next to our light,

inspiring us to express ourselves.

To play our part in the grand game of life

which just wants to be enjoyed.

To form your life with your own hands, so I urge you, my friend

be your own artist

be your life’s creator;

it is time, to tell your story.

If we make space for love in our minds, hearts and bodies

we will move with grace and beauty

and coming out of our shell, we will show our dance to the world.

At the end of this journey, I understood one simple thing about myself:

My body wants to dance, my heart too.

movement by the ocean by blusandia

I realised I don’t need to be perfect in order to grow. No one starts out perfect. Even the most professional artists had to start as absolute beginner one day. All that matters is that you take the first step and keep going, not looking back. Appreciate the path you have walked, but keep your eyes on the horizon.

Creating true value for others out of the sheer joy of being who you are. That is the secret.

And when you follow this approach in every aspect of your life, limits won’t exist in your world anymore.

You are free, free to create.

And I want to create for you. For each and every being who wants, deep in their heart, create art, not simply content.

Thank you for seeing me. Discover my art related to movement on Youtube and Instagram.


About the Creator

Laura Blu Sandía

◈ Soul Writer, Body Mover, Food Lover ◈

I believe life writes the best stories.

IG @blusandia_souldancer

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