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The History and Origins of the Law of Attraction

Tracing the Origins of the Law of Attraction

By The Art Of ManifestationPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
The History and Origins of the Law of Attraction
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The Law of Attraction is a concept that has captured the imaginations of millions worldwide, promising the ability to manifest desires and shape one’s destiny.

Often associated with the phrase “like attracts like,” this principle suggests that our thoughts and intentions have the power to attract similar energy from the universe.

While the Law of Attraction has gained significant popularity in recent years, its origins can be traced back to a rich history of philosophical and metaphysical teachings.

Ancient Beginnings

The roots of the Law of Attraction can be found in ancient civilizations and philosophical traditions.

One of the earliest mentions of this concept dates back to ancient Egypt, where the idea of the power of the mind and intention was closely tied to religious and mystical beliefs.

The ancient Egyptians believed that thoughts and intentions could influence one’s fate and the world around them.

Similarly, in ancient Greece, philosophers like Plato and Pythagoras explored the idea that the mind could shape reality.

Plato’s concept of “Ideas” or “Forms” suggested that the mental realm held the blueprints for physical reality, and individuals could tap into this mental realm to influence their circumstances.

New Thought Movement

The modern emergence of the Law of Attraction can be attributed to the New Thought movement of the 19th century.

This movement, which gained momentum in the United States, emphasized the power of positive thinking, spirituality, and the mind’s influence on health and prosperity.

One of the pivotal figures in this movement was Phineas Quimby, a healer and philosopher who believed in the connection between thoughts and well-being.

He laid the groundwork for the idea that the mind could heal the body and create positive life outcomes.

The Influence of “The Science of Getting Rich”

Another significant milestone in the popularization of the Law of Attraction was Wallace D. Wattles’ book, “The Science of Getting Rich,” published in 1910.

This book outlined the principles of attracting wealth and success through a positive mental attitude and visualization.

Wattles’ work emphasized the importance of gratitude, visualization, and unwavering faith in achieving one’s goals.

The “New Age” Movement

In the mid-20th century, the Law of Attraction experienced a resurgence within the “New Age” movement.

This movement combined elements of Eastern spirituality, metaphysics, and alternative healing practices.

Authors like Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, and Norman Vincent Peale contributed to the growing popularity of positive thinking and visualization techniques.

The Role of “The Secret”

The Law of Attraction gained widespread attention in the early 21st century with the release of the documentary film and subsequent book titled “The Secret,” by Rhonda Byrne.

This multimedia sensation introduced the Law of Attraction to a global audience, featuring insights from spiritual teachers, philosophers, and authors.

“The Secret” emphasized the importance of positive thoughts, visualization, and belief in attracting one’s desires.

Criticism and Skepticism

Despite its popularity, the Law of Attraction has faced criticism and skepticism.

Some argue that it oversimplifies complex life situations and may promote unrealistic expectations.

Skeptics contend that the Law of Attraction lacks scientific evidence and that outcomes are often influenced by a range of factors beyond mere positive thinking.

Contemporary Applications

Today, the Law of Attraction continues to be a subject of fascination and debate.

Many individuals and organizations offer workshops, books, and online courses on manifestation techniques, positive thinking, and personal development.

Some proponents claim that the Law of Attraction has played a pivotal role in achieving their goals and improving their lives.


The history and origins of the Law of Attraction reveal a fascinating journey from ancient civilizations to modern self-help movements.

While its principles have been embraced by many and have transformed lives, it remains a subject of ongoing exploration and discussion.

Whether seen as a universal law or a psychological tool, the Law of Attraction underscores the potential power of our thoughts and intentions in shaping the reality we experience.

Regardless of one’s beliefs, it serves as a reminder of the profound influence that a positive mindset and focused intention can have on our lives.


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