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The Consistency Formula

Doing something everyday is easy

By Noah DouglasPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
The Consistency Formula
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So you want to do something for a long time, all you have to do is follow this formula:

consistency = having a strong why + a good environment + constant inspiration

If you have all three of those things, you will never fail.

The strong why pushes you when you feel demotivated. You dig deep as you know what you need to do because you're looking long-term compared to a fleeting surface-level desire. It gives you a hyper-focus. You're on a mission, you can't give up.

A good environment gets rid of distractions. It makes it easier for yourself on days where you just don't want to get out, days you don't want to write, days you just don't feel like doing anything. Make it easier for yourself and create/ get in a good environment.

Constant inspiration keeps you in your childlike awe. It pushes to create when no one else is, to push the boundaries, and to be adventurous. Look around to other people in your field and make sure you are constantly getting excited.

Personally, I sometimes struggle writing every single day.

Even now I'm writing this late at night when I should be in bed. No one will probably read this, but you know why I do it? Because I don't want to drop the ball. I never want to drop the ball- I am scared to be inconsistent. That to me is accepting defeat and mediocrity.

It sounds extreme but it’s because I’ve engrained my habits and the formula into me. I live out these thoughts, I constantly remind myself of them, I know that consistency will equate to success.

My why is so strong. I want to become really great at what I do. For that, I need to stay consistent. Writing every day is the logical avenue towards that. I have chosen a path and am actively taking steps forward.

I have a good environment because ultimately I'm making it as easy as possible for me to write. Although I've had a really, really busy day today this blog is still relatively simple to do. I have technology and tool to help me when I am in a rush; I often dictate my blogs and transfer the words over, I have hundreds of ideas to choose from my idea notepad and I don’t allow myself to be distracted by social media.

Even in a bad physical space, you can make your environment good.

I recognise this need to constantly stay excited with writing- especially if it's every day. I sign up to unique and inspiring newsletters, read lots of books and follow people on similar paths such as Seth Godin who also writes every single day- his consistency over such a long time is super inspiring to me. I see the natural process the people I am inspired by go through and that is consistently posting content. So I do it.

Often it is this simple taking action on a consistent basis where people fall short. It is so frustrating as this one unsexy thing is the thing that actually provides the most results. People come up with ideas, they follow through but they don’t fall in love with the daily practice (or at least make the process easy enough for long enough for them to fall in love with).

So the combination of three parts of the formula makes for this ability to stay so consistent really easily and for me I’ve applied it to enable me to write really solidly for close to a month so far.

People complain when they can't stay consistent with something because they are lacking maybe one or two of these things.

So if you have all three then you're set, you're golden, but you can’t be cocky and burnout- you have to continuously top them up.

So remember the formula and get to work!

consistency = having a strong why + a good environment + constant inspiration


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