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The 6 blogging goals I want to reach in 2021.

by Sejal 2 years ago in goals
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Plus a 30-day self-care freebie!

The 6 blogging goals I want to reach in 2021.
Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

It's January. It's the goal-setting month. I published a post on my 2021 resolutions last week, you can read it here.

But I mentioned that I would write a post just focusing on my blogging goals. By the time I publish this post, 5 months have passed since I started blogging. (I published my first blog post on August 3rd)

So, without further ado here are my blogging goals!

Have 5000 reads in total on Vocal & Earn at least $10

I started writing on Vocal, on December 6th. And so far I've got TK reads in total. I'm far away from the 5000 reads I want to achieve, but I'll get there.

The more reads I have, the more I'll earn, So, thank you for reading :).

Have at least 50 genuine email subscribers.

I haven't been focusing on my email subscriber list a lot, the past few months. But I will be starting in 2021. During the holidays I stopped publishing for Blogmas, and instead focused on my content for 2021. I also did my social marketing calendar during my break.

This way I have minimal stress and can go with the flow easier. I may do a post on content and/or social marketing. So, let me know if that's something you would be interested in.

I also created 2 digital products, a 30-day self-growth calendar printable, and a 'How To Start That Book' checklist/pdf. The latter is based on one of my most popular posts.

More on that later. But I plan to release more premium content for my subscriber list. Don't miss that, and subscribe now!

You'll get a FREE 30-day printable(mentioned above) if you subscribe through this link!

(you'll also help me reach my goal faster, at no cost to you :)

Release 3+ digital products.

As I was saying, I want to release at least 3 digital products, whether it be a course, printables, pdf, etc.

I finished creating my 30-day self-care calendar printable, and I'm doing the finalized touches on my 'How To Start That Book' pdf.

I may release a course somewhere in March, but I'm still planning all of it.

Create my own self-hosted blog.

By Markus Winkler on Unsplash

I wanted to create my self-hosted blog on WordPress, since day 1. After weeks of research, I realized that it would be quite expensive considering that blogging wasn't a sure thing.

I started in June/July when most of us realized that Covid-19 wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.

Now you might be wondering if I published my first blog post in August, what was I doing in the past 1-2 months?

Researching and procrastinating, unfortunately. It took me about 3-4 weeks to write my first blog post "How To Understand That Teenagers Are Done With Your Bullshit". And I was reading a bunch of articles on starting a blog.

I started writing on Medium before I transitioned to Vocal. But hopefully, for my one-year blogiversary(is this how you spell it?), I'll create my own blog.

Gain more traffic and engagements from Pinterest

My Pinterest analytics aren't the best, sure my impressions are pretty high, but my link clicks aren't. I didn't start creating Pins until November, and I'm going to do more Pinterest research and see what works and doesn't.

For some reason, I get very tired after I create and schedule my Pinterest pins. It also takes a huge chunk of time. A lot of bloggers suggest Tailwind, but I'm not earning enough to pay for it.

Hopefully, that'll change soon. ;)

Have at least 150 Twitter followers

Right now I'm at around 75 followers, and I've been taking courses plus implementing the strategies I've learned.

There are a ton of Twitter masterminds, and I follow a bunch of them for any advice they might give.

Here a few:





If you know any more, let me know on Twitter @exiled_vibes.

If you want to be updated about my new posts, and see other amazing posts I retweet, follow me!

1+ blog posts featured on Vocal

Vocal has a featured section, which are posts that are staff-picked and are showcased on their website.

I hope that by 2022, I'll have at least one post featured by Vocal. As the months' pass, my writing will gradually improve and be good enough for the featured section on Vocal.


By S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Those are my 7 blogging goals for 2021.

I'll update if I achieve any of these. I'll probably be making new goals as the year passes.

It's going to be hard, but it'll be worth it.

What are your goals for this year?

Let me know on Twitter!

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If you want a FREE 30-day self-care printable calendar, sign up here.

Plus you'll get access to more premium content.


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