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The $10 a Day Challenge

Dare to Earn, Dare to Strive, Dare to Live

By Nour BoustaniPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read

Today we put your desire for money to the test and shock your fears of making cash.

Lately, I have given you a lot of tips and insights on how to make money, and I have injected you with tons of confidence boosters; you should be all strong by now.

Reading about making money is fun, but it won’t add cash to your account, but putting things into practice will.

Today, I challenge you to earn $10 a day for the next 30 days, be it selling something you create, such as digital art, print-on-demand product, freelance service, online course, or selling someone’s else products such as affiliate marketing or dropshipping.

One thing to eliminate is a job; I want you to make the $10 through creating or selling, not earn it as a salary.

Don’t look down or underestimate the energy it takes to make $10 a day.

It’s a lot for someone who doesn’t know how to earn $1 a day.

I chose $10 because it’s a good starting point for people who had no sales experience to build confidence over time; I also decided on that number because most creators don’t make over $4 daily online, which should be a bit of a stretch for them.

$10 is still significant for many people in developing or underdeveloped countries, so my point is not the $10, but to set an achievable amount, but not too easy.

Make $10 daily, offline or online, passive or earned, your creation or other people’s stuff, physical or digital product; it doesn’t matter; the only rule is that you should make $10 daily for the next 30 days.

The smarter you get about money, the easier methods you will find to earn that $10.

Do nothing foolish or illegal and get yourself into trouble; keep it good business.

If you make that amount already, you know the rule, stretch it to $20 a day, and if you want to challenge yourself to make it $50.

I’m now at a point where I challenge myself to earn a minimum of $1000 daily; I started online from $10 a day four years ago, and one day you will get way beyond that amount; it’s just a number, nothing more.

One thing to keep in mind is that I don’t want you to skip a single day and make a twenty-dollar the second day; it must become a habit that you earn money every day.

I promise you thirty days later; you will discover unlimited abilities that will surprise you about your skills in making money.

Before you get started, let me give you a few tips:

1. If your mind rejects the idea, takes you out of it, or fear knocks on your door again, that’s 100% normal; shut the door and let it know that you don’t welcome fear or anyone related to it.

Your mind has lived in its comfort zone for ages like a lazy cave-dweller and doesn’t want to go out and hunt. Force it before it starves!

2. If you overcomplicate stuff, pause for a second and remind yourself that it’s only $10; it wouldn’t get people bankrupt or harm anyone else; it’s okay to mess it up sometimes and keep it simple.

3. If you feel overly confident and want to stretch your goal far beyond $10 way too quickly, back up a little, and slow down, the goal is to be consistent, not to reach exhaustion and burnout.

This challenge will build self-confidence about money and selling, forcing you to think and search for different methods to generate a consistent income.

Selling is a habit, and the confidence required to make $10 doesn’t differ much from making $1M.

Money requires quick and persistent actions; today is your day to see if you genuinely desire wealth or are just another wannabe who only dreams but never accomplishes things.

The reward of this challenge will not be a free giveaway or a gift from me; if you are looking for that, hit unfollow immediately.

The reward is your confidence in honoring your future and gifting yourself and the people you love and care about the best life you and they deserve.

You can take a screenshot of your result and write a brief article about it, discussing your experience and challenges.

I would appreciate it if you tag or mention me in the article so I can look at your progress, pat you, praise you for your impressive accomplishment, and crown you as the emperor of the $10 empire.

I also need you to spread this challenge to everyone who needs a kick in the butt for making money.

Let’s help each other; none of us should struggle with money anymore; the end!

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