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How to Play and Win the Game of Modern Life

By Nour BoustaniPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

I was a big believer in the “less is more” movement, and the more we minimize and simplify our lives, the better our life will be; I was wrong; I misunderstood this concept entirely.

The concept of less is more maybe applies to productivity and a few other things, but not to money, life, and success.

High-intelligent and street-smart people realize early on that life offers two ways of living.

A simplified version of life, it’s when people choose to live with the simplest form of energy, simple food, simple shelter, and simple needs; after all, life at its basic level is simple.

The Himalayan people adopted this type of life to its maximum; they chose not to take part in a complicated lifestyle and live happily with less. I admire them for that decision.

However, this type of living isn’t practical for people who live in New York, Shanghai, London, and other developed or developing global cities. It’s just not that simple.

For this group of people, they must enjoy life at its maximum or struggle or suffer.

People in power designed modern systems and a way of living that is harsh on the weak and encourages the strong and competitive.

It’s an upgraded version of early life we lived 30,000 years ago, but with a different game, different rules, players, and rewards.

With this modern lifestyle, less is less, not more.

The less you desire wealth, the more you get to the bottom of the rank and end up suffering.

The less you desire success and accomplishment, the more you end up broke and hungry.

The less you desire to take part, the more you become leftover and get yourself eliminated from the system.

The less you desire, the less you get until you become nothing but an empty body left in the middle of a crowded street of desperate souls.

The people who understand this modern system try to master playing this game and learn how to leverage it.

The super-rich or high achievers don’t have some superpower or are evil; they understand the game and play it well to make the most of it.

They know that the more they have, the more respect, freedom, security, and enjoyment they get, and the more attractive and influential they become. The more attention and opportunities they bring to themselves.

In our modern society, there are three groups of people:

1. The poor: this group of people is the most innocent, fragile, or ignorant.

They never understand the system’s game and lack the interest to understand it; they accept their fate and probably will stay poor for the rest of their lives.

They believe that the more labor they put in, the better life they can achieve, but both of us know that’s not true.

2. The low, middle class: these people are the ones who live in the comfort zone bubble; corporates lie to these groups and build the illusion of freedom and wealth around them.

They seldom get rich or achieve anything impactful in life. They lie to impress each other for lack of security. Without this group of people, the rich have nothing to feed on and make money.

They believe if they invest a little here, do some lazy management work there, speculate a bit in crypto, and create a small passive income, they can make it into prosperity; however, that’s only an illusion.

You hear them saying: “I’m so close to getting rich, but somehow I can’t grab that money; I don’t know why.”

It’s because you surround yourself with the illusion of wealth, not wealth itself. The people who create that illusion make the most money, not you; you are only a pawn in the game, my friend.

3. The rich: this group of people understood the system’s game at its best; they worked hard to create businesses that gave the middle class the illusion of happiness, wealth, and health while making the most money.

That’s not evil; that’s the system’s game; the middle class begs to play it.

Life for the rich is a game to win; they have to do whatever it takes to get the most out of it.

This mindset doesn’t mean you have to scam others or sell horrible stuff. That’s a stupid checkmate move against yourself, and it’s suicide.

As a high accomplisher, your goal is to stay in the game, and you do that when you create things that make people feel better about themselves and build an attractive image that makes them buy your stuff for their pleasure and prestige.

Think of Hollywood movies or fiction books. Prominent writers and directors make you believe in the story and sometimes reflect yourself into it, but both of us know that these are made-up words and scenes.

Also, think of Apple, Versace, Ferarri, and other luxury brands and the image they created around owning their products.

People don’t like to spend money unless it feeds their self-interest and image, and the rich leverage that to make the most money. It’s a game!

When you live in a system and a game like that, choose between leaving the game and living a simple life or taking part fully and heading to the top; you must understand the game and leverage it for yourself to make the most of this lifestyle.

However, don’t be in the middle, fooled by the illusion of freedom and wealth. You become fussy about your decisions, unable to enjoy life to its fullest, and always on the edge of getting closer to the bottom.

The rich want more; they want more money, more influence, and more access; it’s not because they crave power or control, some might, but not all; it’s because they enjoy the pleasure of winning, and the systems force them to compete on that level to survive and make the most of this lifestyle.

Unlike the Himalayan monks, who gave up on everything complicated and devoted their lives to simplicity, the rich and high accomplishers in modern society compete and fight like starving lions.

You might be broke, you might lack confidence in your money skills, and you might struggle daily to pay the bills or put food on the table, and the reason for that is that your ignorance or lack of competitiveness is standing in your way.

In this system, you strive for more; you go out and do better than anyone else, bringing back the biggest reward you can grab.

You don’t accept less; you don’t accept to fail or to lose; you don’t play small and dare to lack confidence.

If you want a simple life, choose a simpler life as a system, not only as a mindset that doesn’t match your environment. Don’t think less when you need more for survival.

Don’t play it safe or be fussy like the people in the middle, fooling yourself that if you wear some brands or eat at some restaurants or express a few ideas here and there, you are rich or free to do whatever you want, that’s a middle-class illusion, get out of it.

The high accomplishers don’t care about all that nonsense; they play big on the playground; they desire to be the story’s heroes, making them the most attractive.

They think of themselves as gladiators, devoting their lives and battling for greatness in the bloodiest arena in the world while everyone else watches.

Dare to live big, dare to achieve more, or play a simpler game but don’t get stuck in the middle — your life, your choice! It’s yours to decide.

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