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That Brick Wall

Things That Stop Us , And How We Can ReStart

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Thick as a Brick Wall

I get a reasonable amount of reads on Vocal although when I put up something serious up it gets maybe two or three reads which is upsetting , but once I have shared it on Facebook and Twitter that is about it.

People decided I could write poetry but I think that has almost died a death too, there may be no more poems from me , though we know that will never happen Vocal and my Muse and my Vocal friends have turned me into a permanent poet.

One of my problems is that my top read posts are also static. I have shared them on Facebook and Twitter and and a few appear in Google but the reads never move up. If my friends on Facebook reread it wont show up as a new read which is correct otherwise people could cheat a lot.

But I am at a loss what to do next. People only read my new stuff and that is it, if I stop producing I will be forgotten. That is a definite outcome. I would not be missed.

Facebook stops me from posting anything with numbers in , it has me marked down as a spammer. I am not allowed to properly dispute this. So a comment like “That is a brilliant first post” would get stopped. I can get round it by copying the post , doing a new short one , editing it then pasting the original one in, but it is a grind to do.

I cannot process too many things at once so for Social Media: Facebook , Twitter and Instagram are my limit and Vocal and Seven Days In are my publishing platforms. Any more would be a step too far for me.

So it looks like my only answer is to write , write and write some more. This I will keep doing until I find a way to push my back catalog of Vocal writings.

I find it odd that my blog can sometimes get lots of page hits although it’s seldom my current writing (which these days is very sparse on there) so obviously my back posts are being picked up by robots and the odd reader , and am experimenting with putting links to my Vocal posts in my blog pages in the hope that will turn into Vocal reads.

So I myself am not remaining static although a lot of my Vocal posts are, as in many things I always think there must be a better way of doing this so how can I do it. I really want to knock down that brick wall, I am not sure how to do it , but I will do it.

In our lives we come across situations where we think that we can’t get past where we are, but we may need to research , call in friends or if the option exists , experts. We may need to rethink our whole strategy, and sometimes may need to tear some things down and start again (I have had to do that many times but in my life have only suffered two redundancies , one of which I engineered myself) and I am still going.

So I will keep thinking how I can get more people to read while keeping my social media presence fairly tight. I have identified some areas where I can post but will have to see if they start to work. Jason Morton suggested targeting large groups who may be interested in a particular genre of posts and one has just come to mind because I post a lot about music.

Just writing this has given me ideas to start rechipping at that brick wall, I will let you know if I have a break through.

I will lead in with the opening to "Thick as a Brick" by Jethro Tull


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