Tattoo Poetry

A Tattoo and a gift that keeps me grounded a true story of an artist and a poet ...

Tattoo Poetry
A Tattoo that has helps me cope and Stay Grounded

Looking at my right calf you might, over look my bright tattoo that shows my colorfully bright personalityand spirit... Light green and dark leaves intertwined with butterflies and ladybugs for good luck .. Amidst the yellow sunflowers intertwined in a solid golden heart ...Poetry it reads in the middle in cursive letters my first tattoo an enduring spiritual journey, for me and passage I’ll always remember...Many times life has beaten me down people places and things have brought me down, and amidst it all coping with mental illness i admit was an easy challenge ..The tool of writing has kept me a float and able to deal with my problems it has centered me through my pain and hardships... I use poetry and writing as a coping mechanism to deal with my feelings and my emotions .. I never thought my first tattoo would be a insignia of my favorite hobby and my favorite past time... I never thought my gift I was given by my spiritual calling, would be carved into my leg or pain would hurt so much as my first tattoo and I would bleed but it was very much worth the pain... I never thought that the words of poetry would literally bleed out of my skin.. My tattoo was the first sonnet or prose poem of many ...of many more Five tattoos that would be inked on to my skin I would ink a lone wolf on my right shoulder for family that very enduring to me and representing being the leader of the pack and overcoming challenges ... I would mark my two nephews and a cross my Christian faith and Jesus and my nephews had saved me in my life story.. Also a corlful henna seahorse marking my live of ocean , and how a species survives in the wild with a completely exoskeleton , they thought a species would never survive like that almost like my overcoming and survival in my life they said I wouldn’t survive and also a small orange ornate flower over my left ear.. I was an addict to art and telling stories.. I loved to tell poetry through images and picture and life of beauty and tattooing on my living flesh...The hardest part to tattoo is the shin I thought I was going for a calf tattoo, but said let’s be bold and have the experience that marks my passion for life and my coping atheistic poetry right in front of my leg... My gift should be known to the world... As the needle drove in I didn't anticipate how painful my first tattoo would be biting my tongue but word for word I admired the beauty like a published peace I admired the words and truth spoken in format on my skin there was a ton of blood but it didn’t stop from getting more and brave the pain again and again to tell my story .. I don’t regret any of my tattoos or my finished product they were all awesome and proved I was a true poet inside and outage an artist.. Now I had the visible remark how my writing and art took me to unknown worlds, imaginable places.. It led me out of the darkness helped me cope with an illness and was a positive gift.. I could share with rest of world I have been writing and doing art since I was 12 now i'm 32 I have been featured in telegram and gazette blog, the Spencer news leader ,newspaper for my college on Word Gathering an online literary journal In Our USA magazine for overcoming my obstaclesewith disabilities . Never did I think I'd be a published writer and make my dreams come true .. This tattoo etched on my skin is a visual masterpiece of my accomplishments and how poetry has got me out of dark times... Its also a mark that reminds me how I gave my gift back to others through writing poetry.. It will always be an inspiration to me... Now each tattoo I own has a little peace of poetry in it and each has its own set of experiences memories expectations and stories to tell... The tale of a poet and an artist will never stop writing and never stop painting its story ... My story and poems I choose to paint on my skin as my story telling masterpiece I see my skin as a blank canvas ..

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