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Story of Three Laughing Monks

by Grecu Daniel Cristian 5 months ago in happiness
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Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 from Pexels

Three old monks lived in ancient China once upon a time. Their names are no longer recalled. Simply because they never told them, or anyone else.

They are simply known as the three laughing monks in China.

They usually traveled together and only did one thing: laugh. They walked into a village or town, stood in the main square, and began laughing.

People who lived and worked there, as well as passers-by, couldn't help themselves and had to start laughing as well. Until a small group of people began to laugh, and the laughter ultimately swept throughout the hamlet or town.

The three old monks went on to the next settlement at that point. Their sole prayer was for them to laugh. Because they never spoke to anyone, they were able to impart all of their knowledge.

They were the ones who put that situation in place. They were adored and revered across China.

Such spiritual masters have never been seen before or since in the history of the people. As if they had discovered some kind of cosmic joke, they seemed to indicate that life should only be viewed as a great opportunity to laugh.

As a result, they journeyed and departed for a long time, spreading love and happiness across China.

Until one day, when visiting a community in the province's north, One of them passed away. People came running from afar, leaving the fields unattended for the day, only to see the other two monks respond to this spectacular event.

They had expected them to be sad or possibly cry. And the entire community flocked to the location of the three monks, two of whom were living and one of whom was dead.

The two surviving monks, on the other hand, are laughing even louder.They couldn't stop laughing, so a few of the wonderful individuals who were assisting at the site approached them and asked why they weren't mourning for their departed comrade and for one time.

The monks did, in fact, answer.

“Because yesterday, on our way to your village, he proposed the bet on who of us would beat the other two and die first. And now he won the old rogue.”

He'd even written a testament. Before placing the corpse on the funeral pyre, it was customary to bathe him and replace his garments. However, the old monk had specifically requested that the old garments be left on him because he had never been unclean for even a single day.

“I never allowed any of the filth of this world to reach me through my laughter.”

According to his testimony. So the elderly man's body was burned, but the clothes he was wearing when he came were not. As soon as the fire was kindled, it began to pour onto his garments.

To everyone's surprise. Suddenly, fireworks of a hundred different colors exploded in all directions, up and down. Finally, the people who had gathered there joined in with the two wise men's laughter.

You see in life, in your life. Maybe the only reason that we are here on this Earth is so we can laugh and laugh.

And never stop experiencing joy and laughter. So next time you face a problem. Look in the mirror. And just laugh the problem away. Because your joy is what makes you alive.

This is a collection of daily motivational stories. Thank you for taking the time to read this. And may you be blessed.

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