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Stability, quietness, and peace

Steady yourself, think quietly and do things in peace.

By Gloria TurnerPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Stability, quietness, and peace
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We will always encounter various things and problems in our lives, large and small, but the real challenge is how do we deal with them properly after we encounter them?

The best way to handle things is to: stabilize your heart, think quietly about things, and handle things with peace of mind.

01 The most important thing out of the matter is: to stabilize the inner

Very often, when encountering problems, the final result of the failure of the matter, most of them is not the matter, but how to deal with the matter and how to control their emotions.

The first thing to do is to stabilize their hearts, not get excited, or angry to deal with the problem, get just vent, this state does not solve the problem, but will make the problem more complicated, and the problem becomes even worse.

One should never be dominated by anger at any time, or else the ultimate self-inflicted evil is also their own. The moment the blood pressure soars, the mind is not clear enough, words and actions are not controlled, and you will inevitably do something you regret. Controlling your temper, restraining yourself, and not letting yourself go to the state of being empty is an ability and wisdom.

Only stupid people encounter things, will be regardless of their temper to speak, and smart people are often the first to suppress their inner anger emotions, and then deal with the problem. Do not rush into things, first calm your heart, only stabilize your heart, things will be in your hands.

02 to do when dealing with matters: quiet

Some people in the encounter of things, the first reaction always want to argue, always want to convince each other to prove that they are right, however, there are many times, not only can not convince but will make themselves angrier, time wasted, energy wasted, the results of the problem is not solved.

Do not think about arguing something first when you encounter something, because the moment you argue, the channel of communication between you is closed, and everyone's situation is different, personal perceptions are different, the view of things naturally is not the same, you think others may not understand your ideas, others think you may not be able to understand, so instead of wasting words, wasting time, why not Quiet down and think about how to solve this problem in the end.

Everyone is in a different environment, is in a different location, and has received a different level of education, since the perception is different, then we do not need to continue to argue, since the values are different, then we do not need to make the other party forcibly accept our values.

When we encounter unreasonable people, we just need to smile in the face, and not fight with them about some meaningless things, the more intelligent people are, the more they will turn themselves into "silent mode", the appropriate shut up is also a kind of wisdom performance.

03 to do when solving things: peace and stability

May face unexpected situations, or problems arise, and sometimes we will inevitably mess up the mind, resulting in the inability to deal with the problem rationally.

But if we encounter things, the more panic, the more we do not do well in this matter, the really smart people, when things, will be very calm.

The most taboo when it comes to things is to panic, we must be at peace when we encounter problems in the future, keep our minds, calm inside, to maintain a rational mind, and a clear head, so that we can wisp the essence of things and make the most correct approach.

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