Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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The day we arrived on the other side

Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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This is it. This is the time we've been waiting for. We all came into isolation without knowing what to expect. It was a new, challenging, uncertain time for all of us. We've worked hard, baked and cooked like there's no tomorrow, lounged, stayed at home, exercised, binge-watched countless series and kept our distance from each other. However, we are ready. Ready to face the outside world and be free from the four walls we've been in the past whatever weeks.

Yes, it may look different than before, but that won't take away the joy I'll have when I step out of my house and embrace this perfect day. In fact, I've tried to put together a plan for this perfect day.


I think the first thing I'll be doing to start this perfect day will be putting on my makeup and my going-out Outfit Of The Day (OOTD). Who else been rotating the same few PJ's and loungewear?

In the beginning of quarantine I read an article about trying to wear work wear at home on your work-from-home hours, but this one is definitely going to feel different, you know? Nothing beats the feeling of getting changed into something that feels good and actually stepping out of the door and walking onto a destination, strutting on the road like it's your own personal catwalk. Of course, I will also dress my husband in something insta-worthy because if it's not on social media - it didn't happen, right?

2. But First, Coffee

We both love cafes so there's nothing better to start the journey if not with buying our first post-iso cafe run! Even though we'll be expecting some sort of potential queues with the social distancing still enforced, but we will be happy queuing together as we look around us and gaze through the streets and the smiles on people's faces. I will be going to this place in the CBD because I love the simplicity and the design of this cafe as well as their amazing coffee - so glad to be sipping this!

3. Take My Breath Away

There's this not-so-hidden spot in one suburb where we could overlook the Harbour Bridge and Opera House at the same time. This place has always been our favourite since we dated hence this place for our proposal and just the go-to place when we're feeling emotional or celebratory or just want to let the view takes our breath away.

Prior to all the quarantine & isolation, we had a chance to drive to this place and since we were already hearing a lot of news about how bad this Coronavirus is globally, we wanted to take a chance to savour this place before we all have to stay home for a while. At that moment, not only the view took my breath away as always, but it also sparked hope inside of my heart to know that when we bounce back from what was about to come, this place will still be here. The view will still be the same and this place will always brings that special memories in my heart.

I got a chance to record a short drive of it and sung "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" over the footage. To be back where it all started for me, it's truly something special. Arriving at the place you've been hoping for will always be a warm encouragement, to know that what you hoped for has come true - and here I am standing in this very same place, letting my breath be taken away one more time... Is this that "somewhere over that rainbow"? It does truly feel like my troubles melt like lemon drops just about now.

3. Lunch By the Water

The video might not do its justice because nothing beats looking at the view in person - but trust me, it's breathtaking! Besides, it's only minutes away from our favourite waterview cafe. When you actually sit yourself in this magnificent seat, you'll definitely find yourself looking at the window most of the time as you wait for your food to come.

4. The Big Screen

Our next stop will have to be the Cinemas. We think we are quite unique because as much as we love cinemas, we actually treasure these cinema trips and often only go on special occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations and special date nights. It will be nice to go to this place to celebrate life post-isolation. We'll probably be watching Mulan. Disney classics re-vamped is always a yes for us!

5. Dinner Date

Last but not least, a nice long dinner is overdue especially since we both had our birthdays AND our anniversary happened during isolation - meaning all the plans had to be postponed! We already had a fine dining place in mind to go for our anniversary earlier this year, so it only makes sense if we go to that same place we had in mind.

It will feel so good to be sitting through few courses of finely designed dishes, chatting, laughing, adoring and gazing upon each other while we wait that little bit longer in between meals. Believe it or not when we first met, my husband wasn't so into fine dining but after doing it for 8 years on our anniversaries, he's been looking forward to it more than I do! He would even ask the waitresses out of curiosity and enjoyment about details of every dish.

6. Better Days

Going home after the dinner will feel so special. It will be our first time in a long time of truly "going home" after being somewhere doing something. It will be such a truly unforgettable day and one we will treasure forever.

As I will be getting ready for bed I will look at the photos I've taken of the day and I will capture this moment in my heart where I realise that we are ON that other side we've talked about for months.

I recall people said, "We will come out on the other side better and stronger". It brings me hope and comfort that our hope for the better days to come will come true just like how we hoped for this day to come has come true.

I stand with you to hope and believe that truly one day, you will arrive at your "somewhere over the rainbow".

Abby Beth
Abby Beth
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