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Sixty amazing ideas for your next scavenger hunt

Have fun !

By Christina EpperlyPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Sixty amazing ideas for your next scavenger hunt
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I love scavenger hunts! I don't know why exactly why. I've only been on three scavenger hunts that I can remember, and it has been many years since the last one that I participated in. When I was in my teen years, I loved looking at YouTube videos of scavenger hunts. I have recently started looking at scavenger hunt videos again. There are many different types of scavenger hunts. Some of them involve taking pictures of certain objects, others have questions you have to answer, and then there are ones with tasks that have to be completed and then photographed or recorded for proof. Some scavenger hunts determine a winner by the number of items completed, and other scavenger hunts use a point system to determine a winner. It does not matter what system you are using it can be difficult to come up with ideas to put on your scavenger hunt list. I decided to do my part to help solve that problem by making a list of items that you could include in your next scavenge hunt. I have put the list in categories based on different types of scavenger hunts. I hope your next scavenger hunt is super fun!

Scavenger hunt ideas

Photography scavenger hunts

1.Take a picture of a cat in a window

2.Take a picture of a fast food advertisement

3. Take a picture of a yellow shoe

4.Take a picture of an item that costs less than a dollar

5.Take a picture of a green car

6.Take a picture of five different dogs

7.Take a picture of a cupcake

8.Take a picture of a street sign

9.Take a picture of another picture

10.Take a picture of a garden full of flowers

11.Take a picture of a gum or candy machine

12.Take a picture of a bird

13.Take a picture of coffee in a cup

14.Take a picture of a paint brush

15.Take a picture of a candy cane or lollypop

16.Take a picture of a fruit tree

17.Take a picture of a trash can

18Take a picture of a fish

19.Take a picture of a stack of books

20.Take a picture of a pink backpack

Task based scavenger hunt ideas

1.Take a video of a team member going down a slide

2.Take a group picture in front of a fountain

3.Draw with chalk on a sidewalk, take a picture of your artwork

4.Take a picture of a team member blowing bubbles

5. Take a video of a team member drinking a smoothie

6. Have each team member buy something from the dollar store and take a picture of each team member holding their item

7. Have two team members try on matching outfits and take a picture of their outfits

8. Take a video of a team member doing ten jumping jacks

9. Take a video of a team member telling a joke

10.Have two team members race each other and take a video

11. Take a video of a team ember ridding a bike

12.Give one team member a makeover and take before and after photos

13.Draw a picture of a team member and take a picture of your work

14.Paint a team member's nails and take a picture

15.Take a video of a team member reading a book out loud in a book store or library ice cream for a stranger

17.Have each team member make a bracelet , then take a picture of each team member wearing their bracelet

18.Build a tower out of blocks and take a picture of your tower when it is finished

19 Take a group photo in a closet or other small space

20.Take a video of a team member singing in a public place

Difficult items for point based scavenger hunts .

When it comes to choosing high value items for a scavenger hunt that is based on points, it can be hard to come up with ideas . I have come up with 20 items that would be difficult to complete that could be used to earn a hundred or more points!

1.Have one team member get a real tattoo

2.Take a picture with a celebrity

3.Get a coffee shop to display artwork that was done by one of your team members

4.Buy one item that is worth over 100.000

5.Have team members get a noticeable haircut

6.Have each team member buy and change into a new outfit

7.Post a picture on Instagram and get over 1000 likes

8. Have someone with over 100k followers retweet a team member's tweet

9.Have one team member dye their hair

10. Give candy to a 100 strangers

11. Donate a thousand dollars or more to charity

12. Make a cake from scratch and then decorate it

13. Have a team member run a mile in ten minutes of less

14. Have one team member carry another team member for half a mile

15. Trade shoes with a stranger

16.Throw a dart at a map of your town and travel to the location that the dart lands on

17.Have a team member memorize a song that they have never heard before

18. Have a team member write a story that is at least a thousand words and publish the story online

19. put a video on YouTube and get 500 or more views in an hour

20. Find a stranger whose birthday is that day and sing to them

There, you have it sixty ideas for your next scavenger hunt.

Thanks for reading!

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