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She's Different

by Theresa Evans 9 months ago in happiness

I know that I am different because I am supposed to be that way.

She's Different
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“One morning, she woke up different. Done with trying to figure out who was with her, against her, or walking down the middle with her because they didn’t have the guts to pick aside. She was done with anything that didn’t bring her peace. She realized that opinions were a dime a dozen, validations are for coupons, and loyalty wasn’t a word but a lifestyle. It was on this day that her life changed. And not because of a man or woman or a job, but because she realized that life is way too short to leave the keys to your happiness in someone else’s hands.”

Black Women Empowered Incorporated.

One morning, I woke up different. I am done trying to figure out who is with me, against me, or walking down the middle with me because they didn't have the guts to pick a side. I know that I pick the side of positivity over negativity any day. I also know that if others want to continue to be negative, that is not me, so I try my best to stay clear. I am done with anything that doesn't bring me peace. I realized that opinions are a dime a dozen, validations are for coupons, and loyalty isn't a word but a lifestyle. On this day, I was born and chosen to change my life for the better. Not because of a man, woman, or a job, but because I realized that life is way too short for leaving the keys of my happiness in someone else's hands.

I chose to write and use this quote to help other women struggling with self-esteem issues and the mental craziness that the world tends to throw our way. I am not perfect; I am just taking the time to show the world that you can and will overcome anything that stops you from being the best version of yourself. I only look to myself and my team for help and guidance for the things that I face. No one has the right to take your inner power from you unless you give them the tools to take it from you. You also have the right to take your power back from that person, and this is not being mean, fake, sneaky, or evil; this is me doing what I have to do for myself. If you are for me, you will ride the journey with me to the next level, but you will get dropped off at the nearest bus station if you are not for me. I do not care if this hurts others feelings because the way I see things now is like this, if you didn't care enough to change the actions that you had given to me when you were the one doing the hurting, then I have no feelings with hurting you mentally in the process.

Life is about progression and uplifting others to get either where you are or get them to pass you to their next journey. We all need each other, and for those who think it is okay to go around and destroy someone else's happiness just because they are not doing what you are is not cool at all. This piece is not just for women; it is for men too because there are plenty of wonderful men in this world that also need to get positive feedback from women. Men need love and support just like women do. Who will you uplift today in a positive way not expecting anything back in return?

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Theresa Evans

I am a woman on fire for the love of life and being able to reach one life at a time through my words. If I can reach one then I can teach one the art of healing one's self from the inside out all mentaly

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Theresa Evans
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