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Seven Steps to Overcome Overthinking

A Journey to Liberation from the Chains of Endless Thought

By Aafreen AliPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

Once upon a time, there was a king who couldn't cease overthinking. His mind was incessantly occupied with worries and doubts concerning his kingdom and neighboring realms. Ultimately, overthinking consumed his life entirely, rendering him unable to eat or sleep, imprisoned by the never-ending turmoil of his own thoughts.

Desperate for a solution, he sought the guidance of a wise Zen master. "Please, Master, help me find peace," begged the king. The Zen Master looked at the king and simply said, "Get stupid quick."

The king was taken aback and felt insulted. "What do you mean?" he asked, his frustration evident. The Zen master smiled patiently and explained, "My good King, consider the Village Idiot. He's the happiest person around because he doesn't have much going on in his head. Sometimes, having less clutter in the mind is a blessing. Similar to you, the king, have you too fallen victim to the relentless beast of overthinking?"

Ever found yourself tossing and turning in bed, lying awake at night, pondering the decisions made earlier that day, or worrying about tomorrow's to-do list? You're not alone. Surprisingly, there's a staggering number of individuals in their prime years battling with chronic overthinking.

That's precisely why, we'll unveil seven simple steps to break free from the habit of overthinking. By watching till the end, you'll unlock the rewards of implementing these simple yet effective strategies.

Breaking the habit of overthinking is tough. Sometimes, we trick ourselves into believing that spending lots of time pondering something will lead to the perfect answer. But usually, that's not true. In reality, the more we dwell on something, the less time and energy we have for actually doing something about it. Constantly replaying scenarios in our minds, questioning our choices, and imagining the worst outcomes can leave us feeling drained and tired.

Overthinking is a barrier to finding inner peace and happiness. Overthinking happens when our minds are too active and can't find stillness. When we spend too much time analyzing, worrying, or dwelling on things, our minds get restless, and we lose touch with what's happening right now. This makes us feel disconnected from reality and overwhelmed. The "monkey mind" concept explains this restless state of mind—it's called the monkey mind because it's like a monkey jumping from one thought to another, never staying still.

The monkey mind, just like overthinking, comes from being too attached to our thoughts and our sense of self. When we cling to our thoughts, we get caught up in a tornado of mental chatter that keeps us from finding peace within ourselves. The mind can be an obedient servant or a dangerous master depending on how you use it. That's why it's important to keep overthinking in check and train your mind to be a loyal helper rather than a troublemaker.

Here are the seven tips to help you kick the overthinking habit:

1. Pay Attention.

2. Let Go of Resistance.

3. Challenge Your Thoughts.

4. Keep Things in Perspective.

5. Make Decisions Within a Time Limit.

6. Take Control of Your Mind.

7. Distract Yourself Purposefully.

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