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Sarita Pittman:

The Changemaker with the "Unicorn Horn"

By Dr. P. GurleyPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

For many, the concept of wealth surrounds money. Those who really understand wealth know that wealth is less about money and more about a positioning of one's life. This is certainly something that Board Certified Master Coach and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Sarita Pittman understood early on.

Since discovering what she has coined as her “Unicorn Horn," Sarita Pittman has become one of the top earners and pioneer thought-leaders on business and personal growth that elevate, inspires, and creates greatness in others. Recognizing her own power has allowed her the ability to give power to others.

In a brief interview with this amazing trailblazer, I got to pick her brain about wealth, her inspiration, and the benefits of being a visionary. Her responses will motivate you to find your "secret sauce."

Dr. G.: What does wealth mean to you and why is important for people to have knowledge on?

Sarita: Wealth is having all of my financial needs met with a remaining surplus. It also means ownership of something that adds great monetary value and can be transferred. Wealth to me is living life as a builder and creator, not a consumer.

Dr. G.: You call yourself a “Unicorn Horn.” What does that mean and how did you come up with that for yourself?

Sarita: The “Unicorn Horn” is your secret sauce. It’s your true genius. It’s the essence of what makes me who I am. I love creating. I love taking what someone already has and taking it to the highest level possible. I’m an introvert. I love being behind the scenes. I love being on the set and never in front of the camera. I love rebranding my clients. I love ghostwriting for them. I 100% love making other people’s stuff blow up…and I am great at it. That’s my unicorn horn. It produces great results and brings me sweatless victories.

Dr. G.: You are a changemaker in the lives of many. How do you look for inspiration and how have they contributed to the success you have become?

Sarita: Believe it or not…I’m my greatest inspiration. I know everything I have had to deal with in life and business. Yet, I am still here and winning. I have the tenacity of a Bulldog. I have a work ethic that is bananas. I’m real. I win with what I have. I make perfume out of stinky situations. I master my skill set. I love myself. I respect myself. I was divinely created. God is my best friend…then It’s my husband. He is a true example of a Boss!!!!

Dr. G: Being a Board Certified Master Coach, why is it important to be a visionary for change? And what should be people look for in a Coach?

Sarita: Man…this is a great question. Change is needed to succeed. The renewing of our minds is needed for success. We have to evolve. We have to show up differently if we want something different. Life is all about change. If we do not embrace that we will break under the pressure of trying to hold on to the familiar and comfortable. I gladly take the position as a visionary for change. One thing you must look for in a Coach is authenticity. Also, you must look for a Coach that has gone before you and achieved the level of success you desire. One more thing, having a Coach that focuses on your goals and 100% understands your vision, story, values, and results are essentials. It should never be all about what the Coach wants.

Dr. G.: In your opinion, what are three life skills people should have?

Sarita: Three life skills I find important are: critical thinking, communication, and emotional intelligence. Being able to problem solve is essential if you want to succeed in life. Life does not always happen like we like want. I learned that early on in my career when I began opening physical locations. Dealing with various contractors and personality types of employees made me grow big time in that area. The second is communication. It is so important to work on knowing how to express your thoughts clearly. It is doubly important to know how to say what you mean in different ways to be relatable on many levels. Lastly, emotional intelligence. Knowing how to rise above your emotions and deal with facts is a lost art for many. We have to learn not to take things so personally and understand the capacity of the individuals we are dealing with. Having misplaced expectations set us up for disappointment. We must bring both our heart and brain to the decision-making table.

Dr. G.: What is next for you? Any courses, classes, seminars?

Sarita: My primary focus now is my Luxury Brand Concierge and programs. I have a new little guy in my life. Being a Mom and Wife is my first job. My schedule is filled with designing, developing, and creating for my clients. I’m very committed to my clients’ visions. I provide Luxury PR services, publishing, and much more. My self-study Life Coach certification is always open for enrollment.

Dr. G.: How can people connect with you?

Sarita: People can connect with me at


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