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Dr. Ashley Little: The Girl That Got Up and Won

Women's History Month Spotlight

By Dr. P. GurleyPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Dr. Ashley Little

It is Women's HERstory Month, and what better way to celebrate than to recognize women, like Dr. Ashley Little, who are making "HERstoric" differences in the community. A Corporate Executive by day and Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur by night, she is living proof that you can do both, do it successfully, and still pour into people and give back to the community.

Dr. Ashley Little is the CEO/Founder of Ashley Little Enterprises, CEO and Founder of Little Publishing, Media Journalist, 12X Best-Selling Author, Host and Executive Producer of Creating Your Seat At The Table Show, CEO and Founder; as well as Editor-In-Chief of Creating Your Seat At The Table International Magazine, CEO, Founder, and Visionary Author of The HBCU Experience Movement (the first black-owned publishing company to publish Prominent HBCU Alumni Stories throughout the world), and Founder and Owner of T.A.L.K Radio & TV Network.

Choosing to get up and win at life looks different for everyone, and it certainly looks, feels, and is defined differently for Dr. Ashley Little. I had the honor of interviewing this dynamic business mogul and was truly inspired by her outlook on life. I hope you find the same inspiration from what she had to say.

Dr. Gurley: Since it is Women's History Month, who was your source of inspiration that directly or indirectly showed you that you could achieve anything and everything you wanted to do?

Dr. Little: My mother was definitely my first source of inspiration and has always instilled in me the importance of keeping God first, being resilient, doing the work, and never giving up. I have several other amazing women who pour into my life daily. On this journey of success, who you listen to and who you spend your time with will determine your results. All of my mentors are thirty steps ahead of me and are where I want to be.

Dr. Gurley: Looking at where you are today and what you have accomplished, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Dr. Little: From a very early age, I always wanted to be an attorney. However, things changed after I graduated from college. I passed the LSAT and decided not to attend law school. I decided to work in for-profit education in many different leadership positions.

Dr. Gurley: Often, we inspire and mentor others. What about you? Do you have mentors?

Dr. Little: I have several mentors who have all played a part in my journey to success and continue to be apart of that journey. Having a great mentor who has been where you are going will save you a lot of time and money. I also believe that it takes a village no matter the age we are at. That is what inspired “Creating Your Seat At The Table.” I believe we are all responsible and have the power to reach back to pull forward.

Dr. Gurley: You give A LOT of yourself and to so many people. How does Dr. Ashley Little balance life?

Dr. Little: The truth is, I love what I do, so it doesn’t really feel like work. Outside of that, I balance my time by making sure I take care of my mental, spiritual, and physical health. It is important for us to take care of every area of our lives. We can't pour from an empty cup taking care of myself is essential for me to perform at a high level on a daily basis. I love to work out, read, play tennis, social gatherings, play golf, and I love to travel. I also balance my time by using a calendar and a daily to-do list.

Dr. Gurley: When you look back on t the trajectory of your life, there are things or decisions you would do differently. So, if you can write a letter to your 16-year-old self, what four gems would be in it about life and how to create/manifest the dreams you want?

Dr. Little: If I could write a letter to my 16-year old self, the four gems I would say would be:

1. Always keep God First

2. Stay Consistent

3. Always EXECUTE

4. Build genuine relationships and serve.

Dr. Little received her undergraduate degree in English from North Carolina A&T State University, Master’s Degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, and Doctorate in Humanitarian and Leadership.

Connect with her at the following:


Instagram: @_ashleyalittle

Facebook: Dr. Ashley Little

LinkedIn: Dr. Ashley Little

Clubhouse: @drashleylittle

Email Address: info@ashleyalittle and [email protected]


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