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Remind Yourself One More Time to Pull Yourself Up to The Level of Success Will Go

How to think like a guide

By Henry madmanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Remind Yourself One More Time to Pull Yourself Up to The Level of Success Will Go
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It is the people beside and below you who will push you.

Greater success requires the support and cooperation of others and this support

And to get cooperation, I want leadership skills. Ability to succeed and lead

That is, the ability to do things that others would never do without guidance,

Both complement each other.

The methods of success explained in the previous chapters

A valuable component of developing your leadership skills. Now there are four of us

Want to master specific leadership rules or methods by which the executive suite,

People will work for us in business, social clubs, and homes everywhere.

These four rules or principles of leadership are—

1. Think like the people you want to influence.

2. Think about it: What is the humane way to handle the work?

3. Think of progress, believe in progress, move forward.

4. Set aside time to talk to yourself.

Following these rules will reap benefits. These are the everyday situations

Demystifying the golden word of leadership becomes easy if applied

will go

Let's see how

Leadership Rule Number 1: Be like the people you want to influence

Think about it.

If you own others-friends, colleagues, customers, employees

If you want to manage at will, then one of the magic methods is to follow them.

A study of these two cases will help you understand the reason.

Ted B as a television copywriter and director for a large advertising agency

used to work Once his agency got a big job, the little ones

The shoe manufacturer's job is then to produce several TV commercials

Given to Ted.

A month after starting acting in commercials, it was understood that retail

Advertising had no effect on increasing product sales in stores. Since most of the cities were advertised only through television so TV

Special attention has been given to bullets.

A survey of television viewers revealed that

The viewer's ad seemed fantastic. "A of the best ads ever

It"—4 percent said. The remaining 96 percent had no response to the ad

or that their ads were "awkward". Such comments were often heard

"Wacky ad, sounds like a New Scorpion band up at three in the morning

Listening." "My kids love to watch commercials on TV but whenever they

Shoe ads show people going to the bathroom or getting up to get things from the fridge

Read." "I think it's a nineties kind of ad," "I think someone

Tried to show more cunning.

An interesting finding after analyzing all the interviews together

It caught my eye. The 4 percent who liked the ad had income, education,

Tastes and hobbies, likes and dislikes like Ted. But the remaining 96 percent are completely different

People belonging to "socio-economic" groups.

Ted's ads cost about $20,000 to complete the campaign

Failed, because Ted only thought about his likes and dislikes. And when advertising

It was trying to understand people's thinking about buying shoes

Didn't, just thought of his own choice. Ads that are personal to him

They created what they thought was their own charm, advertising according to the buyer's preferences

He didn't make it.

By Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

If Ted had thought like most people, he would have asked himself two questions: “If I were a parent, what kind of ads would make me want to buy shoes for my children?"If I were a baby or a little boy, what kind of ad would I like so much that I would go to my parents and ask for those shoes?" Then maybe there would have been a different outcome.

Why Zone Failed in Retail Joan is an intelligent, well-educated attractive girl, age 24: Freshly graduated Joan got a job as a buyer-assistant in a ready-made clothing store in a medium and low-priced department store.

His letter of recommendation was enthusiastically praised. "Jon is ambitious, talented, driven. It was written in a letter that he will surely achieve great success in life.” But John did not get that "small success". After only 8 months of work, Jon joined another sales job.


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