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Raw Beauty of a Black Woman Pt.2

Evolution of a Queen

By Taeja WilliamsPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

LOVE... GROW... EVOLVE... My life since I posted "Raw Beauty of a Black Woman" has been all about these three words above. It's been 2 years since I posted "Raw Beauty of a Black Woman" and a lot has happened since then. It's been on my heart and mind to do this post for a while now but for some reason, I chose tonight to write this blog, so here it goes.

I can say Love and Growth go hand in hand for me becuase without loving myself first, Growing can't be my result. So Latley thats just what I been focusing on which is Self-Love and Growth. Loving Myself and focusing on myself was the first thing I did instead of getting into another toxic relationship that was never good for me in the first place. I'm currently still learning how to love me and I enjoy every minute of it. I'm so used to consuming myself with things and people that take up my time such as TV, Music, YouTube Videos, toxic friendships/relationships, Sims 4 (Yes I'm a Sims addict, if you know then you know hahaha) But honestly if i think about it, I never took the time to heal my wounds and focus on being a better woman for the future until I just decided one day I was tired of living a basic, lonely, non-productive life. Have you ever just sat in your room or in a room in your house and just sat on a couch or a bed in silence? I mean no TV, music, Social Media, Friends available to distract you for only 30 minutes? It's relaxing ain't it? Best Feeling Ever once you get used to it, at first it may seem daunting because if your anything like how i was you were probably used to being with someone or doing something that doesn't benefit your life goals. Speaking of life goals, Have you wrote any latley? If you any dreams or life goals, I would love to hear about it in the comments below. So during my self-care journey, I chose to document my experience through writing in my journal because for one I love writing and in fact I'm going to school for Creative Writing in January which I'm so excited for that and number two when I write all my vulnerabilities come out and my heart is fully open to whatever it recieves. One thing I learned from this experience is that I'm a huge procrastinator when it comes to big projects that I want to or need to do such as this book I plan on doing but my inspiration level is on a medium at the moment because I tend to stress myself out when I put myself under pressure. So I just have to remember I have to relax and focus on other things like studying for my investment test or preparing myself for school in January, I'm nervous but I'm also excited to start a new chapter in my life that could potentially lead to a successful career. Currently, I'm just learning myself and growing into the woman I know I can be and I'm not focused on a relationship at the moment. Although I would love to have one but I know right now isn't the time for it.

So now after I finish my dream career goals which is to complete my first novel, get a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing and eventually have a successful career in Freelance Writer, I know I will have a sense of happiness once I complete those things because it's what I would love to do for the rest of my life and it's what I will continue to strive for until I complete it. My life goals are to of course be married, travel and have kids which I will do once I meet someone thats willing to be beside me, helping me accomplish my goals as I would do the same for him. Now that all that is done, I will have evolved into a graceful, consistent, family-oriented woman who didn't give up on her dreams.


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Taeja Williams

Hi, I'm 24 years old and I just loved writing about random stuff ever since I was in middle school. To me, writing shows both my sweet side and my dark side all at the same time. I can be myself in my writing and no one will judge me.

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