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Quality over Quantity

My Author Aspirations for 2024

By Sarah GlassPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Quality over Quantity
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After a conversation with my husband about video games and video game developers, I finally came up with mine. Yes, that sounds strange at first, but I'll explain.

Since the beginning of this month and since this challenge started, I've been mulling over what aspirations and resolutions I want to make for myself this year as a writer and author.

None of the typical ones resonated with me so I took my time thinking about it before I came to a decision. But as it drew closer and closer to the end of the challenge, I began to worry if I'd come up with anything at all.

I say as I write this mere hours before the deadline.

About a week ago, my husband and I had a conversation about the advancement of technology. It's getting to the point that a single person could make their own anime or cartoons, so it's completely possible for someone to be able to develop their own game from home, too, right?

Of course, one person, or even just a few people, working on a game may take years to develop into something truly fun and immersive.

My personal favorites are games like WOW, Palia, and Final Fantasy (especially FFX). Their stories have you get to know the characters in the game, the world, languages spoken, traditions, and cultures. All this makes you feel as if you're truly a part of their world as well.

And as authors, as you know, that is our specialty. Even if you don't write fictional stories, when you write about a real-world topic or something that happened in the past, you're pulling the reader into your perspective or someone else's.

And while there have been many stories written, I think many of you can agree that the ones that truly stand the test of time are the ones that took years to create.

Think of Tolkien. It took him 12 years to write LOTR and another 5 before getting it published. His work will always be a classic no matter how many generations pass due to the amount of detail (quite literally actually) that he put into the story.

The fact that he developed a whole language is both baffling and inspiring.

So, instead of saying, "My aspirations as an author are to write more," I want to write slowly, deliberately, skillfully, and chaotically whilst keeping my mind open to new ideas, styles, and point-of-views.

For me, writing and publishing is a never-ending journey, not a race.

Currently, I'm working on my very first book. It's a steampunk fantasy with adventure, quirky inventions, forbidden magic, and a hidden world. The goal is to self-publish it by this year! Without rushing myself, of course. It's been in the works for the past 8 years, as some of you know, thanks to a story I posted that got Top Story here on Vocal.

I can't promise I won't run into perfectionism or imposter syndrome, but if I focus on letting myself take as long as I need to finish the books I plan to write and publish, in time, I will overcome the majority of my anxieties and need for perfection.

Likewise, as I continue to use Vocal, each piece I create will be written with purpose and without rush. No more will I compare myself to many of you who have written so many stories. After all, I only just arrived last year in May! I still have so much to learn from you.

I encourage the rest of my fellow writers to go at their own pace as well. Take as long as it needs to produce a piece you are both happy and proud of, regardless of whether it makes the Top Stories or wins first place in a challenge.

Write what you love. Write and inspire others!

Happy New Year Everyone!


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Sarah Glass

It started with FFX fanfiction stories and my love for creating a world to escape to when reality's teeth sank in too deep. I'm an artist, a dreamer, and I have an original story I've been working on for 8yrs. Time to get it published!

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  • Alivia Varvel4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this! This was a much needed reminder for me. Tolkien is such a great example of taking time to create quality work rather than rushing to meet some kind of deadline. I’ve been in a very similar space of trying to finish a large project just because I feel like I’m not meeting my own requirements. But you’re right. Focusing on producing quality work and viewing the process as a never-ending journey and not a race is a very healthy perspective. I wish you luck with self-publishing!

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