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By J. Delaney-HowePublished 9 months ago 3 min read
Partners In Writing
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I first learned about Vocal Media two years ago, when one of my friends sent me a post on Facebook about a writing contest. I joined, submitted an entry, and was hooked from the start. It wasn’t long before I found a couple of Facebook groups dedicated to Vocal Media creators.

Building a Community

I quickly discovered that some of the groups fostered a great sense of community. It wasn’t just about posting links to get reads. It was about interaction. Supporting one another. Celebrating top stories and contest winners. Some groups got very large, and it became hard to get your work seen before it is buried in other posts. The general unspoken rule in most groups is if you post one, read one. Whether or not that is successful, I think, remains to be seen.

“Writing is more fun when you have a partner, so find friends who share your research interests. Two authors can write faster, can complement expertise, can help with hard decisions, and understand the context of decisions made.”

Paul J. Silvia

There was a post in one of the groups in those early days, (forgive me, I do not remember which group it was), that wanted to pair up new creators with creators who were familiar with Vocal, familiar with the groups, and had some writing chops. I was fortunate enough to be paired up with Judey Kalchik. We talked over video messenger every other week or so. She helped me with getting to know Vocal. We bounced ideas off of each other, and for me, she was a great encourager. She taught me about reciprocity and supporting other creators. She taught me the value of not just being in the Facebook groups for Vocal, but also the value of simple interactions. That experience changed my trajectory on Vocal, and I have been lucky enough to land eight top stories and a runner-up in one contest. I would like to do the same in the group I admin for, which can be found below. (If you are not in this group, we would love to have you!)

What is the goal?

I would love to have anyone new to vocal be matched up with someone who knows Vocal.

I would love to match new creators with experienced creators for guidance, answers to their questions, and encouragement.

I would love to match people looking for accountability and critiques with other people looking for the same thing.

I would love to see brainstorming partners, collaborations, and sharing each other’s works.

We will call them writing buddies.

“You have to be able to take your gloves off with your writing partner. It’s a safe room in the sense that you can say anything. At the end of the day you’re hopefully writing more dynamic scenes because of the back and forth.”

Max Yaney and Luke Goltz

How will this work?

First, if you haven’t joined Vocal + Assist, use the link above to join. We have several ways to get your work seen. The alphabet game, where you post a story that begins with whatever this week’s letter is. Every day we feature a creator from our group. Every week we have a Top Story post to celebrate top stories. You can post your links in the group as well.

After you have joined, comment on the following post with what you are looking for as far as a writing buddy:

Then reach out to someone in the comments who are looking for similar things in a writing buddy

You and your writing buddy can discuss time available, how to meet (i.e. messenger, video chats, email, zoom, etc…), and goals that you are hoping to accomplish while working together.

Write about your experiences with writing buddies and publish it on Vocal.

I hope this experience is as great for you as it was for me. Happy writing!

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

Anais Nin

Thank you for reading my work! If you would like to support me, you can leave a heart, drop a comment, and if you are so moved, pledge support so I can keep writing!

If you would like to read more of my work, it can be found here.

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J. Delaney-Howe

Bipolar poet. Father. Grandfather. Husband. Gay man. I write poetry, prose, some fiction and a good bit about family. Thank you for stopping by.

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  • Bozhan Bozhkov9 months ago

    Thank you for these pieces of advice. I've just joined Vocal+Assist group, and your article is a great 'travel guide' for this area.

  • Great idea, very good article. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Oneg In The Arctic9 months ago

    Super grateful for my writing bud James :)

  • Nice! Thank you Jim!

  • Judey Kalchik 9 months ago

    You made me smile as I was reading. I’m so glad that it had been a positive experience for you. Looking forward to seeing this grow and nurture other writers!

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