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Overcome Self-limiting Beliefs in Less Than 10 Minutes

by Empress Silena 2 years ago in self help

Learn quick easy ways to overcome limiting beliefs to become successful in life.

Do you have self doubt that has blocked certain blessings from your life that you want to change?

In particular, we all have certain beliefs in our mind that hold us back from living our best lives. No one is really excluded. Certain beliefs about love, money, career, and marriage shape our adulthood. To keep things simple let’s call all of these things ‘limiting beliefs.’

Your limiting beliefs could be thoughts that interfere with your confidence such as: “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t deserve that type of happiness”, or “She/he's way out of my league.”

As a result, these limiting beliefs are often positioned in our minds by our family, friends, our upbringing and even social media. Although it is 100 percent your responsibility to take the necessary action to remove these beliefs, it is 100 percent not your fault that these beliefs are present within your mind.

Where most people fall short in dealing with their limiting beliefs is by taking the steps to become aware of them, but they do nothing to replace or remove them. We must get serious about wanting change and self improvement and hold ourselves accountable!

" The only limits you have are the limits you believe". ~ Wayne Dyer

Overcome Doubt And Free Yourself.

What Is Self Doubt?

Self-doubt is generally a lack of confidence in yourself and in your abilities.

Doubts are just an inevitable part of life. Nine out of ten times when I feel paralyzed, it’s because I doubt myself.

One of the biggest things besides fear that hinders our success is doubt. Sometimes the biggest thing holding you back from greater success is something you might not even be aware of. Here's a few doubts that plague the mind from time to time...

  • Stop worrying about what others think.
  • Set immediate goals.
  • Know you're not alone. First, acknowledge that everyone has doubts.
  • Surround yourself with the right people
  • Remind yourself of prior successes.

Today, I’m going to go through the exact construct that will guide you step by step to remove any and all limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind once and for all.

Disbelief creates limited beliefs.

Our beliefs began to form when you were a child, so they could be pretty well-embedded and hard to shake. But once you realize them, even for brief periods, you need to acknowledge them. Once you’ve owned those childhood beliefs ,ask yourself how you can do the thing that you want to do but feel you can’t.

“If you often say, "How do I?" your brain will eventually find all the information that would back that up, and that would put you in the position of where you can"t do something instead of giving you resources to get whatever it is that you are doubting done by finding a solution to whatever it is you’re facing.

Wherever you feel “stuck” in your life this is considered a roadblock. Where do you overreact emotionally?

By exploring the areas with which you are dissatisfied and looking at why you don’t make changes can be a good way to identify self-limiting beliefs.

Self Doubt typically falls into three categories...

Write down ten different thoughts that contribute to any roadblocks that are hindering your success. “I am afraid that…” and finish the sentence.

The sentences that come out in this stage are your limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Ex. “I am afraid that… I will always struggle in school or I am afraid that I will fail in my dating life.”

If you can’t think of ten different beliefs try thinking about multiple areas of your life… financial, romantic, social, happiness, self-worth, career fulfillment etc.

How upbringing sways your beliefs and create limitations

In this day and age there are definitely things to overcome from our past that contributed to self limiting beliefs!!!

Complete these steps every time you feel that something internal is holding you back, then write your new empowered belief.

As you think of each of your limited beliefs jot down a few reasons stating exactly why it is that you fear those things. Underneath each of your limiting beliefs, create a list of as many points of evidence as you can. Try to think of everything in your life, it doesn't matter how big or small they appear to be.

You can briefly reference the old belief and then in a realistic but compelling manner, state the new empowered belief for each of your ten limiting beliefs.

Example Limited belief: “I am afraid that I will always struggle romantically because my parents argued a lot when I was a kid and I think I will end up like them and I want to avoid that pain.”

New Belief: "I am an increasingly valuable partner that women respond well to for a reason."

Ex. “Although I sometimes stress about women, I know that it is unavoidable that I will be successful in my love life. Whenever I have put mind to it, I have been able to get into a relationship with ease.”

Whenever people say phrases such as “the way things are…”, “you should…”, or “the only way to…”, then you can be fairly certain that a limiting belief is being tossed your way. Learn to recognize these statements for what they are… someone putting their limiting belief on you.

Some beliefs are rooted more deeply than others. Although one session is often enough to give you massive clarity, you may find it helpful to repeat this process multiple times over the course of a month to really uproot your old limiting beliefs.

Remember to watch out for new limiting beliefs that are thrown at you by others. Having a certain level of skepticism towards any advice that is thrown your way is a necessary step in your process.

I can guarantee there’s nothing quite like removing an unconscious belief that has held you back for years, to feel the true freedom and ease that a free mind enables you with.

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Empress Silena
Empress Silena
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