Our Surroundings

What We Can Gather from Them

Our Surroundings

Growing up, I have learned that you can learn anything at any time and in any place. It has been especially amazing to learn that our environment can hold some glorious secrets. If we listen long enough, we will be able to uncover many of those secrets.

One part of our environment is the sky. It changes colors based on the mood of the day. It will be gray when it is gloomy, or it will be blue with white clouds when it is sunny and bright. When the sun rises, it brightens the sky with colors of orange, red, yellow, and gold. When the sun sets, the are colors of red, blue, pink, and purple.

Nature is another part of the environment. You can live in an area surrounded by trees or you can live in an area that is in the middle of a city. Nature is beauty in and of itself. There are strong trees and beautiful flowers that brighten the surrounding. Some trees produce fruit, as well as some bushes or vines. Hidden among the various plants, there are numerous creatures. Birds perch high in the branches of trees while squirrels live within the trees. Deer, foxes, rabbits, etc. live with the woods themselves. They gather plants and other materials in order to make their homes. They also look towards nature for their food. They eat bark, berries, and, sometimes, other animals lower on the food chain than they are.

Nature can offer us many things. It can offer peace and quiet to those wanting to be away from the noise of the city. It can offer food to those living in it. It can offer something to everyone.

All of this can be seen and heard if we sit and listen. Just by observing, we can gather the beauty from the nature around us. We can then take this beauty that we see and try to apply it to our own lives. The nature does not change itself to please humans. We should take this thought and do the same. If a person does not like who we are as a person, then they are not accepting our true beauty. We should not be changing ourselves to be how someone thinks we should be. We need to stay close to our true beauty, just like nature around us.

I hope that someone can take something from this. Nature can show us that we do not need to look like everybody else. We can be ourselves. People may be rude, and they may be harsh, but we need to be strong and accept ourselves for who we are. We should not let other people dictate how we live our lives. We were born to be who we are. The events that come up in our lives guide how we live. Just like nature, we adapt to what is going on around us. The events we face, and the trials we deal with, will only make us stronger.

Whether we are straight or part of the LGBTQ+ community, we are who we are because we were born to be this way. We choose our religion and our beliefs. We should not force these on those who are different than us. Just like changing nature can cause damage to us and our world, changing those around us can cause damage to us being united. The more we accept ourselves and other people, the better chance that we have of being a united group of people. The same goes towards nature. The more we accept the way nature is, the higher chance we have of lessening the extinction of the creatures around us.

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