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Not Everyone Will Like Your Stories, but You Should Write Them Anyway!

'Stories are made to be read, not just inside your head.'

By Carol TownendPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Not Everyone Will Like Your Stories, but You Should Write Them Anyway!
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There is always a story inside our heads, whether we are busy or sitting on the couch bored. There is always one that we creators want to read or write, whether it is sitcoms, romance, adventure, a life story, a steamy novel (hey! look in Dirty, my husband thought I was innocent until he read my stories in there!!) or something boring or full of gossip. Sit in your lounge, or lie in your bed, what happens? Well, I try to go to sleep at night, however, you can guarantee I will end up on Vocal, reading or writing one story, or I'll have my head superglued to my kindle, and what I read...well mmm!... I'll leave that to your imagination. What I write...well that's something that can bore people one minute and shock them the next!

Thinking about writing can cause anxiety and nervous feelings. We spend more time thinking about what we should write than actually writing what we want to. I write on mental health and life stories amongst many things, however, I also read steamy alpha stories and plenty of erotica. Nobody would believe me unless they actually caught me during those secret times at night or looked at my kindle ( god forbid them for that one!) I come across as innocent and sensitive to people who know me personally, but they would have never guessed what kind of wickedly creative mind I have! Actually, I had been planning to get my 'sauce out' and write steamy stories for some time, only I never found the courage to actually do that until now, because I was always too busy thinking about what others would think of me, because of the other work that I do.

More recently I had a thought. There will be many of us out there who probably work in areas where people would cringe about the things we read and write in our un-professional lives. There has to be a balance between professional, personal and, private life, and many of us do have other interests outside our other lives. After all, we are all human, and being able just to be ourselves is important, and allowing ourselves to create our fantasies and put them to work is also important to us as creators

I am a creator, wife, carer and still finding that I sometimes have to parent my grown-up children. However, I still have to have a life of my own too. Not many would agree or like my work, but if it's a story I feel needs writing, then it 'is meant to be read, not inside my head!'

When I first started out as a writer and creator, I was too shy to put my thoughts into words, and maybe a little embarrassed too. Eventually, I plucked up the courage to just do it! My older pieces of work featured mental health and parenting because that, at that time was my main niche, and revolved around life issues and also what I was doing back then, including the opportunity to de-stigmatize the perceptions around my own mental health and events in my life. I am not saying this was a bad thing, it was actually a good thing because it helped me to heal from the trauma and help others, something I still do on a regular basis. However, it seemed the fun part of me was disappearing, and I found I was getting boring and too serious about everything. My life was becoming plain and bland because all I could identify with was my own mission rather than myself. I sadly got to a point where I couldn't even bring myself to focus on writing my book anymore, which I really wanted to do and that is when I realized a part of me was hungry to take my creativity to the next level, and out of the 'safety net' I had created for myself.

I started smashing these walls down, and as I did, I started rediscovering 'Carol's voice.' I read lots here on vocal, took my 'Tasha Black' books back, got out my 'Fifty Shades of Grey' books and I started craving new things, and that was when I discovered that I desperately wanted to write erotic and sexual stories too. When I was reading these articles and books, a little voice inside my head was creating visuals and stories in my own mind. Imagination can be a real motivator, and that can be an incredible drive to push you out of that safety net and it gets you to push boundaries. When you start doing this, writing becomes fun, which is the way it should be! You start creating all kinds of things and using your whole imagination which can lead to more creativity, and you come out of that niche you got trapped in, and start experimenting with different things.

When you reach this point, you might look at your stories and think 'but what if nobody likes them?' This type of thought pattern can restrict your writing, pushing you back into that safety net, so get it on paper or your laptop and type away, because not everybody will like them, but some will love you for it. Write mostly for yourself, because when you 'write without limits, you can create anything.'

If you find this article helpful and you love what you have read, please know tips are good, but hearts show my work is worth it.

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