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by Mike Owczarek about a year ago in happiness
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How To Deal With The Negative

That thought, idea, feeling will always find a way to creep in – known as negativity. The keys now are to know how to: assess it, internalize it, approach it, and transform it.

In this read, I will go over what has worked for me in the past and the mindset that I like to implement when it comes to dealing with negativity. Now, we are all different and have varying things that make us tick. So, maybe during this read (before we hop into the next paragraph), you can think of a recent negativity that has found its way into your life, and implement the strategies mentioned.

First, assessing it.

This should take no longer than 5 minutes. Now who am I to say how long this should take? Not sure anyone has the capability to definitively specify the amount of time needed to be spent on a negative happening. However, this is a length of time that has worked for me and I find it beneficial. After reading this section, I encourage you to take 5 minutes and assess.

We want to really understand the negative aspect that has been brought our way. And more importantly, understand how we react to it and what we think of it. Because ultimately, we may not be able to decipher the whole problem at hand. Here, we think about why it was delivered to us, from whom or what did it come from, have we experienced it before, etc. Essentially, really get acquainted with the negativity.

Go all over the place with this one, but once the 5-minute mark comes up, or any time that you set beforehand, let it go. Time is up. We spent our due diligence on the negativity.

Next up, is internalizing it.

So, we feel some sort of way towards this negative occurrence. Whatever we feel, we should immediately dig within to see if we happen to exude the same sort of negativity. Maybe in fact it us who are being negative. This soul-searching using answers more questions than one initially would be led to believe.

The reason for this is to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Take a step outside of ourselves and see if this same negativity exists within us. This is necessary because we will not be able to address a problem if we cannot first really get to know ourselves by taking a hard look in the mirror. And it may be a hard look yielding an unfavorable reflection. The key then is not to beat yourself up. The same way you would show sympathy towards others is how you should approach it.

This leads into the next key of approaching it.

Seems like you have been able to pinpoint the issue at hand and are able to see if it is external, internal, or both. No matter where it is stemming from, let us approach it with compassion, humility, enthusiasm, all the positive adjectives you can think of, and do this confidently. Why positive? Because this will be the only true way, we can combat the negativity.

Negativity will not go away. It is such a part of our lives that half the time, we end up making it up. So, the approach should be that of the same way you would approach someone having a bad day. Cut yourself some slack for being affected by whatever it may be. Applaud yourself for taking initiative and doing your due diligence to learn and act upon this negativity.

The final implementation is transforming it.

How do we feel when something negative comes our way? If you are like most people, initially, there will be a pent-up hit of energy. Might not be the best of energy, but there is energy. Then comes into play what one does with this energy, and how quickly.

Now that we know of the energy negativity can bring forward, why not use that towards good? Towards a solution. A solution does not have to close the case on the issue, but it is at least working towards it. Ultimately then, our negative energy that we are feeling is being put to great use. So, the next time an issue arises, let us switch our mindset to realizing that we have just been blessed with a boost of energy.

This may not be a “fun’ topic to talk about, but it is something to go over and “get over it”. Therefore, let us quickly assess, internalize, approach, and transform negativity.

Ultimately, we are the judge who deem something to be negative, so here, to making a quick verdict, and moving on.

Have a great day.


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