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Choosing subjects and finding my groove.

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 years ago 4 min read

I started writing on Vocal in late November of 2020. It was just something to do for fun and maybe an extra income. Since then I've written more consistently and have felt more creative. It's also gotten me thinking about writing, something that I've thought about doing over the years. I'm sure, especially after feeling like I needed to write something on more than one occasion, that I've posted some stinkers. After three months, I've learned a few things as I approach the one thousand reads mark.

1. Finding your groove.

Once you find your groove, your niche, or your footing on a platform like this, keep with it. If you're like me, you probably have thought about using one of the many internet platforms to make a few extra bucks. Let's face it, the vocal plus ads do make it look tempting. So, stick to it and continue writing. Don't be afraid to branch out.

2. The Golden Rule.

The golden rule in writing is going to be just like anything else. It's got to have a market. Any product, artwork, or service that someone sells has to have a market for it to be in. What's more marketable than sex? Let's face it, sex sells and it's something that we all think about, see on television and in movies, fantasize over, and enjoy. It's one of the basic needs of humanity. I didn't set out specifically to write erotic stories but they've proven to get the most reads. In my case, as a male writer, my most viewed story has been about two women having a torrid affair that turns into something more substantial. Out of fifty stories I've managed to write, my entire top ten consists of sexually adventurous stories containing lesbian, public nudity, exhibitionism, and taboo themes.

3. Know your communities.

I wrote the first story after the end of the television series supernatural. It was basically my thoughts on the historic show and its end after fifteen long and adventure-filled years. It was an amazing show, starring two beloved characters that were the ultimate tough guys. The show had more twists and turns for its' heroes than any other show I can recall. Each of the protagonists at some point died, went to hell, went to heaven, went to purgatory, went back to hell, or in Dean Winchesters' case, did it all a few hundred times. As I looked back on it later, with the benefit of hindsight, I shouldn't have written it so soon after the series ended. I was far too emotional to do it any justice.

In the communities, there's something for everyone and nearly every subject. There are science and science fiction, politics, horror, DIY, work, and filthy to name a few. We've all got an opinion but I bet there is something we all knew well that we could talk about, share our expertise in, and garner some dedicated readers. So, know your communities and while you settle on a favorite or niche to write in, explore others.

4. Read.

There's an old saying, readers always write and writers always read. I can't think of a single saying that makes more sense if I was going to get advice on how to make it as a writer. With every story I read on Vocal and every chapter in a book I read, I pick up hints and methods that I don't think about all the time. That's because there are writers, people who write professionally and do it daily. There are people like me that want to be writers or have aspired, for some reason, to be a writer. We are the ones that will hack away at that story or novel for years, pushing our fingers to the bone as we struggle to stay awake or sneak in some time before our other life. If you're not yet a professional wordsmith, keep reading and learning. Read what other people wrote on Vocal. Explore their articles, how they put their titles together, their opening photo, what videos they attached, and consider why you clicked on that story.

5. Have fun.

J.K. Rowlings wrote Harry Potter while she was working in a diner, or maybe it was a coffee shop or bar. I can't remember which but we've all heard the story. J.K. Rowlings established an entirely new world in her spare time, no doubt escaping her day-to-day job, enjoying the escape to the wonderful world of magic. It sounds like she was making her own fun and it turned into something more special than I'm sure, J.K. herself, could have imagined. So, pick subjects you're passionate about or have fun thinking about, put together your story, and have fun above all else.

Keep writing folks...


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Jason Ray Morton

I have always enjoyed writing and exploring new ideas, new beliefs, and the dreams that rattle around inside my head. I have enjoyed the current state of science, human progress, fantasy and existence and write about them when I can.

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